Discover the Best Scenery of China! by Janie Portman


We just got back from our China tour within 13 days. Since we did explore a lot of breathtaking nature scenery, met lot of local tour guides, and experienced a lot more than I imagined before so I just will tell you customized our tour to a short part of it. Since a long time ago, I do already love Yunnan region of China. Saw a lot about its tourism and plenty of nature spots around the region. That is why I choose this 13 days China tour. Seems a little bit long for you maybe, but one you step out travel then all really went so fast, especially if you love the tour.

YangshuoYangshuo, Famous For its Karsts Hill

First destination that we did visit during our tour was Guilin, a region which famous for its breathtaking karts landscapes and winding clear river, Li River. We did visit plenty of natural spots in and out Guilin such as, Yangshuo, Longji Paddies Field, Elephant Trunk Hill, Moon Hill and many others. As one of the favorite tourism destinations in China, in Guilin we still saw other tourists besides us. Of course, all attractions in Guilin have its own characteristic that made us amazed because its beauty.

After Guilin, we move to Yunnan Province to visit Stone Forest near Kunming, the capital. Besides the amazing stone forest, a journey to see the mother nature and ancient towns in China surely be come to Yunnan. To Erhai Lake and Dali Ancient Town, a small ancient Chinese town wedged between a set of snow covered mountains on one side and a very large lake. It was so different then rest of the China; people are laid-back. With the magnificent view of Cangshan range and Erhai Lake, the atmosphere is the biggest selling point of Dali.

Lijiang Ancient TownStroll Around Lijiang Ancient Town

Apart from Dali, another town nearby called Lijiang was our next destination. Lijiang has famous for its Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Lijiang Ancient Town. On the drive from Dali to Lijiang, we were struck by the amazing views. It is really mountainous in this part of Lijiang and the countryside is phenomenal. We went past some beautiful places but sadly we didn't know how to get back to them. Everything from the scenery, experience, all was so priceless and we cannot get them all without travel agency help. We still had a lot of interesting stories could be shared, maybe in next time. Amazing experience!

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Impressive 12 Days Long Holiday around China! by Helena


For almost 2 weeks, we did explore China famous tourism cities include Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin and Hong Kong with this tour. My family and I were so excited the day before we started our trip. That was a long trip, 12 days explored all the attractive historical and cultural relics around China. Next time if we would like to come to China, Lhasa is our next destination.

Terracotta WarriorsMagnificent View of Terracotta Warriors in Xian

About the trip, my family and I, in total of 6 people of us, 4 adults and 2 kids, we were so satisfied with all the itineraries. The trip is ideal for everyone who wants to explore the most famous tourist attractions around the country. With this tour we were able to visit Great Wall, Terracotta Army, The Bund, Guilin, and many other World Heritage Sites and even Hong Kong as our last destination.

I love all the cities that we could visit during the tour. Everything was so Chinese. I know the basic history, some culture as well as the modern aspects in each city. That was my first time come to China, and I am happy with the tour that I joined. Among all the favorite cities, I think Guilin was my favorite among the best. It might because Guilin offers more nature landscapes than other attractions. Yangshuo and Li River were ideal attractions to relaxing and vacation. The atmosphere, air and landscapes were just so supportive between each other.

YangshuoBeautiful Mountain and Water Scenery in Yangshuo

Might be Guilin is my favorite for vacation but not for live, that was my first thought about that beautiful city. So, why I love Guilin at most? There is no other answer because I love the atmosphere. It was so calm, peaceful with bunch of fresh air, near from nature, and everything was so real and natural.

A trip to Yangshuo, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave was so memorable and interesting. From this tour, I also could know that I prefer nature better than history. I choose nature more than ancient place, water, mountain and tress more than significant historical places. A lot of things we did see and learn after joined the tour. We had a memorable trip with family that was so organized and was not disappointing. Thank you for the trip and everything.

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