Military Formation of Terracotta Army by Rose


For the magnificent layout and delicate soldier figures made out, every one of us held curious feeling to Terracotta Warriors. In addition to the lifelike appearances, delicate dressing styles and profound history, it stored deep meaning in the military formation. Now, let us walk into the limitary formation of Terracotta Army.

Terracotta Warriors
Origin of Terracotta Army
It is said that during the Spring and Autumn period and the period of the Warring States, China is divided into six or seven states. Among them, war is always frequent appeared. So, these states thought up all ideas to fight against with each other. During the life, warfare is the first way. Many treaties have been written on the warfare, such as Master Sun's Art of War, Master Wu's Art of War and Sun Bin's Art of War, each being in-depth studies of warfare which remain virtual Bibles of the battlefield even to this day. For the discovery of Emperor Qin Shi Huang helped to resolve some rules in the tactic book which has been hitherto unclear.

Master Sun's Art of War
It is the very famous and earliest known treaties about war and military science. For the Terracotta Army, it is the most important reason that the military formation. It is also called the Sun-TZU or Sun Zi which is the reputed author of Chinese classic Art of War. It is said that in ancient time, the war book is traditionally attributed to Sun Tzu who is a military strategist and general served the state of Wu near the end of the Spring and Autumn Period. However, it is more likely written early in the Warring States Period. From this book, the Qin officers got various manoeuvres and effect of terrain on the outcome of battles. It paid much attention on the enemy's forces, deployment and movements. From some aspects, it stressed the essence of how to seize the great chance to gain a successful war.

Formation of Terracotta Army
The magnificent pits offered an incredible amount of information of the army's forces, dispositions such as the distribution and formation of ranks, the use of the weapons and the application of military tactics. The essence of the combatant paid much attention on the energy not much from the individuals. During Qin Dynasty, the relative general will choose the right men and utilize their combined energy. Just during the war, the energy man looks like unto rolling logs or stones.

Just for the Sun Zi Art War, the Terracotta Army reflected strong war art!

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Terracotta Warriors from Rudiment to Masterpiece by Jack


So majestic project! How they were done like modern days? What is the material? So many questions have been added into the hot topic about the formation of Terracotta Warriors. Now, I will lead you walk into this historical mystery.

Terracotta Warriors

Building Material
For the long year researching and discovering, experts have found that the material used to mould the terracotta warriors and horses is the yellow earth. This kind of material is sourced from the mausoleum. During the Qin Dynasty when building this majesty project, this yellow earth is very easy to obtain. It is certainly that it is the ideal material for the adhesive quality and plasticity. For the earth underwent, people would remove the impurity keeping them fine and pure. In addition to this, a certain amount of white grit including the sand, mica and feldspar was added. The temporary workers added the grit to the earth to strengthen mechanical properties allowing the terracotta warriors and the horses to be easily shaped.

Lifelike Figure Creation
Recent years, the experts have reconstructed the techniques for making the warriors by repeatedly observing, comparing and researching the figures. For the process of the head making of Terracotta Warriors, the head making process is the hardest project. First, workers should build the general layout of the head and then applied several layers of mud to get different shapes facial shapes. At last, they will create the eyeballs, noses and face appearances, etc. For the body making of Terracotta Warriors, worker would mold from the top to the bottom. First they would pay attention on the foot molding the square shape. Then they paid attention on the legs and the short pants. In order to make the muscles lifelike, the workers would do some detailer repair.

Firing of Terracotta Warriors
After the figures finished, they would be put into the fire. They are all fired in kilns. During that time, in order to be well ventilated, Qin workers will leave the holes in the figures in ideal position. Just like this, these small parts could be fired appropriately. Apart from this, experts found that figures were out head over heels during firing. They are done by this for the upper pat is heavier than and lower part.

For the formation of masterpiece, there are too many smart behaviors and ideas added. AS the world reputable heritage, they have mixed too much treasure!

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Typical Exquisite Weaponry of Terracotta Warriors by Tina


As the world wonder, Terracotta Warriors have received loads of praise in with profound history, deep traditional cultural connotation and unexpected elegant project. However, from the Terracotta Warriors, there are many exquisite large amounts of bronze weapons unearthed. Although they have been buried for long years, they still glittered and as sharp as the new bought. From this, you could guess the high level of metallurgical technology of Qin Dynasty.

Weapons in Teracotta Warriors

Typical Sword in Terracotta Warriors
There are many researches explaining the strong military of Qin Dynasty. Reasons explained including the strict military systems and the disciplined army as well as the wise tactics in the fighting. One of the most important essences is the high advanced military equipments. The first will be the sword. In Chinese, the military weapon is called Jian. In the Chinese short weapons, sword is regarded as the king. In the traditional fighting, sword is always used for stab the enemy. In pit 1 and pit 2, there are over 20 kinds of swords unearthed with smooth and sharp features. Most of them are yellow gray colors. The body of swords is finely filed and polished making them as bright as the new.

Delicate Spear in Terracotta Warriors
In China, it was called Mao. Spears unearthed in the Terracotta Warriors are sharp and exquisite. Compared to the spears in other dynasties, Qin Spears paid much attention on the combat. Simple, wide and flat shape as well as the sharp blade decides the successful dynasty. The strong military and strict disciplines are all originated from the simple weapons.

Crossbow and Arrowhead in Terracotta Warriors
In China, Crossbow is called Nu. Compared with the bow, the crossbow takes more tension and has a long effective range. It was used to shoot at long-range targets. In Qin Dynasty, the crossbow housed a standard shape and structure. The Qin bronze mechanical devices paid much attention on the bows. In addition to the crossbow, the arrowhead in the Terracotta Warriors is important in the military. In China, it was called the Jian. It is used with the crossbow. In the terracotta warriors, there are about 40,000 arrowheads unearthed. Among them, there are two iron arrowheads. The bronze heads are prismatic gaining much recognition in the modern research.

These dazzling weapons are the wise crystallize of traditional human being. It will contribute much in the country developing.

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