Family Vacation to China from Kuala Lumpur by Jessie


We are back from our amazing trip to China. What a trip of a lifetime! It was fantastic, great places to see and best experience. Although the weather was a little bit cool but we enjoyed all the itinerary of this Yangtze River cruise. Thanks to our guide which were really informative and spoke great in English. All the experiences that we got are priceless and memorable.

Yangtze River View of Yangtze River from Deck

So that was not my first time visit China. I did visit China plenty times till now and last vacation, that was my chance for explore Yangtze River with my small family. In total of 5 people of us, we booked online tour reservation for this Yangtze River Cruise tour. Before the tour, trip advisor did send me email about everything that should be needed during the cruise. We asked some questions for clear then they gave us the details of it. Our tour becomes easier also because the accompanied of the tour guide.

On the ship, visitors could have a wide ranges of interesting activities depend on the ship, but generally the ships will have the most activities. You may wish to lounge on deck by the pool with a good book, take a Taichi or dance class, attend a lecture, take one or 2 shore excursions at day time and enjoy the evening performs at night. Do not worry too much about how we would spend on the ship because there are lots of options.

Yangtze River Shore Excursion

During the cruise, we did also could have some shore excursions to Fengdu Ghost city, cruise through Qutang, Wu, Xiling Gorges, Shibaozhai Pagoda, Shennong Stream, the Three Gorges, and cruise through the famous new dam and visit the museum there. Different from mostly cruises, there is no dress request on the cruise. Dress is casual and comfortable onboard and ashore, Jeans can be worn in the restaurant, but the captain's welcome dinner and/or farewell dinner provide an excuse for passengers to dress up a bit.

We did experience China stunning landscapes, with luxury cruise. It was a great vacation, very relaxing with beautiful sceneries in surroundings and rich recreation activities. The staffs were friendly and speak fluently in English. Absolutely no worries! At the end, thank you so much for all of your work to make it such a great experience for us. Really appreciate and very impressed with the experience that we got.

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