Short Break to the Summer Palace in Winter by Ronny Steward


What is like a trip to Beijing without visit Great Wall right? So, everybody should visit Great Wall while travelling the capital right. But, how about Summer Palace? This royal garden palace is the most favorite place we did visit among all historical sites in town. So, why I love Summer Palace architecture, layout, history and most of all its stunning sceneries? It might with some experience I did experience there are the reason of all.

Summer PalaceOne Spot at Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is A Must do, this garden is huge! So if you want to explore all interesting spots inside make sure to be ready to spend a couple of hours wandering about. Then visit Summer Palace when winter was interesting though. Also during the winter when the Kunming lake freezes over you have the option to go on these miniature sled looking things – it was great fun!

Summer Palace used to be the place where the olden Chinese Qing dynasty emperor spends his summer time, but nowadays it has become a major tourist attraction in Beijing. Finding myself travel Beijing during winter when temperatures below 7 degree celcius, I thought there would be fewer visitors but it seems that I was wrong.

Summer PalaceStrolling around Frozen Kunming Lake

There have other few tour groups wandering around with their tour guides same like us. At one area there was also a group of people doing tai-chi, a type of Chinese internal martial arts which is normally practices for health benefits. We walked around the interesting area for about half day accompanied by tour guide. She explained everything she knew about the royal garden to us. And that made our experience a bit more value, imagine how the condition at past.

2 hours explore the garden didn't cover all the area because it was too large and also with the cold weather and limited time, we rather not too. Overall the view was spectacular and I bet it would more awesome during spring and summer where you could choose to get a boat ride around the lake area and enjoy green lush garden view.

Overall, I like this 1 day Beijing tour, covers everything I want to see in Beijing after Great Wall. Everything as organized and our travel after Hong Kong trip was worth it. Right after Beijing, headed back home, leaved China for this time.

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Next Top Destination after Great Wall in Beijing by Fedora


Forbidden City was used as the imperial palace in two big dynasties period of China, Ming and Qing Dynasty. Has known as the largest palace complex in the world with best-preserved collection of wooden buildings, Forbidden City now is one of the must visit place for everyone visit Beijing, the capital of China. So beside Great Wall which is popular for its gigantic features and impressive history, there is Forbidden City.

My trip to Hong Kong continued to the mainland of China by visit Beijing. A first day my family and I arrived in Beijing, after checked to the hotel in Wangfujing area, we just go ahead to palace. Because this is my second time visit Beijing, so I did skip Great Wall this time. This trip with family I just roaming around inside the downtown. Since, I knew about Chinese and Forbidden City, so this is my job for guided them to the palace.

Tiananmen TowerFront Gate of Forbidden City

So after entered the palace, we just continued our way to the Three Great Halls (the glorious heart of the Forbidden City) in the Outer Court of Forbidden City. What is Outer Court? Is there any Inner Court, maybe? Yes, there is the Inner Court of Forbidden City, but now let me tell you about the Outer Court first. The Outer Court is the place where emperors handled court business. As you should know, there are a total of 24 emperors ruled the country from here over a span of nearly 500 years.

Forbidden CityMagnificent Ancient Building inside Forbidden City

First, in the front area, we could see the Hall of Supreme Harmony which is the most important and largest structure in the Forbidden City (one of the Three Great Halls). Built in the 15th century and restored in the 17th century, it was used for ceremonial occasions, such as the emperor's birthday, the nomination of military leaders and coronations. Behind the Hall of Supreme Harmony is the smaller Hall of Middle Harmony where at past emperors make his last-minute preparations, rehearse speeches and receive close ministers. The third of the Great Halls is the Hall of Preserving Harmony which was used for banquets and later for imperial examinations at ancient times. What is the most unique fact is the hall has no support pillars. You can admire it directly by visit Forbidden City on your vacation.

And the next we move to the Inner Court of Forbidden City. Inner Court was used as the resident of emperor and his family. The magnificent buildings and halls can be seen all around from where we stand. It has its deepest history behind and impressive ancient architecture of China to be proud of.

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