Organized Pick up Service and Mutianyu Great Wall Trip by Jamie


For you who transit in Xingang Port Transfer then a tour to Beijing should be really be recommendation. Based on my experience, since I did visit Beijing last time with my family, a reservation pick up service from the port was very efficient and recommended. So, we got a short trip to Great Wall and the pick-up service from China local travel agency in Beijing. The staff told us everything about what important, the itinerary, price of the tour etc in detail. It was a nice service for me I think.

Mutianyu Great WallEntrance Gate on Mutianyu Great Wall

So, when I arrived at the port in Tianjin, a city very close from Beijing, our driver and guide, they were waiting for us at the exit, the place where we had decided before on time. And because our arrival about being late for half hour, so they should wait for us there. Our guide was very informative, helpful and friendly. During our way, she answered our questions in detail and told us much about the city and some tips when we were there.

Took about 2-3 hours drive from Tianjin to Beijing, we could have a relaxing rest on the way. The van was comfortable and well maintained, the most important is clean and looks new. Arrived at Beijing, tour guide transferred us to the restaurant to have lunch. Then after lunch, move directly to Mutianyu Great Wall. The Wall at Mutianyu was really quite, less crowded. Although in the entrance ticket, we meet lots of foreigners but after took the cable car, above the Wall the atmosphere was nice, not crowded after all. Thanks for the recommendation, by the way.

Mutianyu Great WallGreat Photo That We Took on the Wall

For save energy and time, we decided to buy the additional cable car, of course not including from the tour price, but by the way very worth it. On Mutianyu, we had about 2 hours to explore and took some pictures. Enough time we got for discovering some interesting spots took some photos as memories. Fortunately, that day is weekday, so we only saw few locals on the Wall. What a perfect day to hike the magnificent Great Wall in China! Clear sky, fresh air, few people on the Wall made our trip better and comfortable.

Overall, thank you for all the service, although we a bit tired after a long trip but all of family members were happy. It was tiring no doubt, but I will always cherish the memories.

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An Efficient Transfer to South Railway Station by Sisca


The whole tour we join in Beijing we got from this local travel agency including a transfer service from downtown to the railway station. After a travel in Beijing, since we got much time rest then we decided not only visit one city in China but also Shanghai. We did also interest with taking the high speed train from Beijing to Shanghai. So because of that, we just booked this transfer service. Since we got the tour before from this travel agency, then I did not have any problems or questions.

Beijing South Railway StationWaiting Room of Beijing South Railway Station

On the day, driver has picked us up in front of our hotel on time then helped us with our baggage. Even he cannot speak English but he was really helpful and reliable. Our communication and schedule we did tell our trip advisor. She helped us to arrange this transfer service, rechecking for our train departure time and make sure we did not miss our train.

For the van itself, it is great. Because we travelled in total of 5 people of us, so it kind troublesome if took the taxi to the train station. A van with big space enough for us and our baggage. The seat was comfortable. And our short transfer went smoothly overall. Our driver seems knew about the traffic in Beijing and we arrived on time. Nothing to be worried about, but it was such a pity about the driver that could not speak English. We did feel a little boring on the way and could not ask anything important about China.

Beijing South Railway StationInside Platform after Checking Ticket

Overall, all the service was organized and very efficient. The most important of all, we got to the Beijing South Railway station safely and on time, even we had some more time to have breakfast first. Very worthwhile for everything, oh and at the end we also gave some tips to the driver who helped us so much. Thank you so much for the arrangements. Our Shanghai trip was memorable and fun and now we just back home from our China travel. It was a priceless experience.

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Short Private Excursion to Mutianyu Great Wall by Larry


Since it is my first time visit Beijing, the capital of China then basically I did not really understand about the traffic and condition there. After a short work in Beijing, my family and I, we did interest on visiting Great Wall on the weekend. Our destination is Mutianyu section of Great Wall. This is the recommendation section of Great Wall from the tour advisor as well as my collages and friends. We booked a private car from local travel agency from Beijing and just come travelled Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great WallMutianyu Great Wall in Autumn

At that day, driver and tour guide were waiting for us right in front of our hotel. They greet us friendly and told us everything about the details of the tour. Tour guide asked about our suggestions and demands about the whole itinerary. She is very informative and spoke good English. Thank you for her we could know about history and some conditions of Beijing.

The small van itself is comfortable and well prepared. In total of 6 people of us felt comfortable. The driver transferred us safety and fast to the Wall. Arrived at the Wall, tour guide just directly guided us to the entrance ticket to the Wall and helped us bought the cable car ticket there. We took the cable car for about less than 5 minutes and arrived at the top part of the Great Wall. Walk through plenty watch towers and saw stunning in surroundings. It was autumn, the weather was cooler than the downtown of Beijing. It could not stop us for continuing our way explored the rest way of the Wall.

Mutianyu Great WallCable Car on Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu is a section of Great Wall, bit far from Beijing but less crowded and has stunning sceneries. Along the way, we took so many pictures as memories. We could breathe fresh air and saw breathtaking views far from the city. Good memories that we could got from the tour. Thank you for all the organized tour that you arranged for us. My family and I, we could not resist for explore other attractions in Beijing next time. The transfer service was worth for the price that we paid. A short excursion to the area outside Beijing and we do not need think about the transportation. A wonderful day trip!

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