Top Things to Do in Picturesque Guilin by Catherine


Guilin and Yangshuo (small town nearby) offers some of the most dramatic natural scenery on earth. Located in Guangxi Province, China, Guilin provided visitors both from home or abroad plenty adventures on land and on the water. Guilin is full of great places to visit and beautiful sights to see. If you make it to Guilin, here are 3 things to do in town that should definitely be on your itinerary!

1. An Excursion to Yangshuo
YangshuoAn Excursion to Yangshuo

Away from the noise and pollution of the city life, Guilin tour will bring you to a tranquil, quiet, and serene place in southeast of Guilin called Yangshuo. Most travelers especially foreigners reach Yangshuo by the boat which travel through Li River and at the same time they can witness the mesmerizing scenic view on the way. Arrive at Yangshuo, there is more that visitors can enjoy. Some interesting activities such as kayaking, swimming (in summer), rock climbing and hiking the karst peaks or riding bicycles on the streets of Yangshuo will make an adventure back to the mother nature, escape from the city life.

2. Short Trip to the Landmark
As the symbol of Guilin, Elephant Trunk Hill is an important tourist site that cannot be missed. Elephant Trunk Hill or called Xiangbishan by locals is popular for its unique karsts formation which is resemblance to an elephant dipping its trunk in the river. People are also able to hike to the top of the hill and have sightseeing to surroundings. As the symbol of Guilin, the hill is the main scenic spot of the Elephant Trunk Hill Park, which also includes Yunfeng Monastery (a building with ancient style), Aiqing Dao (Love Island) and so on.

3. Walk across Scenic Terraces Paddies Fields
Longji TerracesWandering Longji Terraced Fields

A trip to Longsheng near Guilin which famous for its rice terraces is suitable for visitors who want explore more about Guilin and surroundings view. The rice terraces of Longji (Dragon's Backbone) were built by the Zhuang minority group beginning in the late thirteenth century. The terraces are actually a product of the Zhuang people who were forced to live in the hills over 500 years ago. Depending on when you visit, the sight will be completely different, all beautiful in the whole year. Experience hike along a paved path to the summit of the Dragon's Backbone and walk among rural and traditional villages which still house ethnic minority groups such as the Zhuang and Yao people.

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