Short Excursion to Mutianyu Great Wall by Stanton Williams


Since I heard from my friends who worked in Beijing about Badaling Great Wall seems too touristic so we head to Mutianyu section of Great Wall instead! My short trip to Mutianyu began from the time about at 7.30 am in the morning our guide picked us up in front of our hotel. The temperature that day was around 3' celcius, a little bit cold outside. Great Wall which located outside downtown Beijing as everyone already know regarded as one of the world wonders, have a long history behind and sounds the biggest military project on earth. Then come to Beijing, why not visit Great Wall, right?

Ming TombsMing Tombs Underground Palace (Look at Those Money)

Group tour to Mutianyu Great Wall first stop at Ming Tombs, a large complex of Ming dynasty emperors tomb. Do you know how many emperors buried there? There are 13 emperors buried there and all were the emperors of Ming reign. Our guide brought us to the underground palace, of course with other travelers who travelled with us. Underground Palace and surely located underground, is the only one Underground palace exploited in the Ming Tombs. Very sacred and mysterious one. We had a short stop at Ming Tombs before visit Mutianyu Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great WallVery Quiet Mutianyu Great Wall

After lunch, we finally arrived at Mutianyu Great Wall. We took the cable car round way for save time and energy. So because of that, we could spend more time on the Wall, took some photos, explored and hike more. Took the cable car 80 RMB for round trip was much easier and amazed me how gorgeous the Great Wall Mutianyu views from above. We spent the whole afternoon at the Great Wall Mutianyu. The view was simply breathtaking and it wasn't that cold up there. It might because we hiked and walk a lot (I think). Quiet, peaceful, really relaxing atmosphere for hike the Wall and enjoy its beauty. We left the Great Wall about 3.00pm, back to the foot of Great Wall and met our guide before go back to downtown Beijing.

Overall we had a good day at the Great Wall Mutianyu. Yes, a little tired and cold but the little adventure we've been through since this morning was very worth it. Thank you for this one day Beijing tour gave us a great chance to explore Great Wall with good service, lunch and informative tour guide. Thanks for all the help, this tour was really worth it and a must thing to do when visit Beijing. I recommend Mutianyu Great Wall to all!

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Highlight of our Trip in Beijing! by Elisa


My trip in Beijing with my family went smoothly and memorable especially when we joined the tour. All of the things including tour guide, transportation, attractions tickets, and others necessities that we should think were ready. Join this bus tour, we also could get new friends from different countries. Cheap price but expensive experience!

Why I choose this trip? Of course because of the itinerary, Great Wall and Summer Palace, both place that I must visit when I was in Beijing. My time in Beijing was limited, in total I only had 3 days there, so I should used my short time efficiently. A short excursion to Great Wall from Beijing was incredible relaxing. Fortunately we went to Badaling on the weekdays, because I heard from our guide, Badaling would be really crowded on the weekend.

On Badaling for save our energy and time, we did take the cable car which brought us to enjoy different views in Great Wall surroundings from above. The views around Great Wall from above were breathtaking. Poorly, the time on the cable car was so short, only 10 minutes then I reached the stop. From there, we could see more clearly view of the Wall even it has located far from us. The view was the only one in the world, magnificent huge Wall, a historical relics of China that every Chinese people should proud of.

Great WallView from Cable Car on Badaling

Next, not only Badaling did success make me amazed, the view and architecture of Summer Palace also admirable. This Qing imperial garden not only surrounded by several cultural relics but also offers its unbeatable scenery. The landscape inside this royal garden makes the best garden views and architecture that I did find till now. Everything was so classic and beautiful at the same time. It was nice if I could spent longer time there. Our guide brought us explore some cultural relics, big manmade lake, long hall and many important spots inside and told us the history behind each spot which was interesting to know.

Summer PalaceMarble Boat and Beautiful Lake of Summer Palace

Loved both attractions we did visit with this one day private tour. Just perfect in everything. Rest of my time in Beijing I did spend explored some fun and shopping entertainment spots such as Wangfujing and Sanlitun. No more historical places just Great Wall and Summer Palace.

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Explore the Real Life of Chinese in Hutong! by Renata


After our stay in Beijing for about one week travel lots of historical places in town, we finally decided to join this tour and visit Hutong. Since, we did not know where the hutong it is then this tour was an ideal option for us. Besides Hutong, with this tour, we also able to visit Lama Temple, Panda House and Olympic Stadium, but our tour especially focused explored the ancient old lane of Beijing.

Hutong RickshawBeijing Hutong Rickshaw Tour

Because the price of the tour was also reasonable, so personally I think the tour was well worth of money. When we were in Hutong, my family and I, we did take an interesting and fun rickshaw or pedicab ride which famous only in Hutong complex. Rickshaw could not be seen in other area around Beijing. The ride is especially available for visitors who interest roam around the old courtyard of Beijing in Hutong. My husband and I, we took the same rickshaw, two persons in one ride. We passed through a lot of old landmarks and buildings in Beijing and saw its unique remarkable architecture and style of them. Furthermore, we also learnt little about Chinese culture.

At the end of the ride, we gave some tips for local Beijing people who pulled us along the way. He did very good job, very friendly and gladly help us took some photos of us at the end of the ride. Interesting experience after all! Besides our trip to Hutong which was so memorable, our short visit to Panda House was interesting.

Panda ZooLovely Panda in Beijing Zoo

Panda House in Beijing zoo called as one of the places where visitors could directly see the panda, national treasure of China. Beijing Zoo is also called as the place where successful in breeding Chinese giant pandas. So, I was really excited to visit it, same excited with my daughter. Chinese giant pandas surely adorable and cute. Poorly, we only had limited short time for visit the zoo. But after all, we kept enjoyed the itinerary of this tour. The service from beginning till the end was more than our expectations. Our guide gave us a clear explanation in each attraction and spoke great English. Everything was well organized even we had this tour together with other visitors, we still felt comfortable, nothing different. Thank you for all the experience that your travel agency gave to us! Thanks a lot!

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