From Modern Shanghai to Picturesque Guilin by Debora Hale


My travel in China from Shanghai continued to Guilin, one city of China which famous for its landscapes especially for its karsts mountain views. Then we had 2 days in Guilin, first day we spent in downtown and the second day we decided to join 1 day tour to Yangshuo, a little town south of Guilin and popular because of its fantastic nature landscapes.

Of course with this tour, we were picked up by a tour guide on time, transferred to the Zhujiang wharf which located 32 km from Guilin city center. In total of 40 minutes, tour guide explained everything about the tour. She was very knowledgeable in the history, culture and background of Guilin. As not a local people of Guilin, I think it was a nice introduction.

West Street YangshuoWest Street of Yangshuo

The sightseeing trips were well planned and interesting. We cruised through the Li River, and our guide find a spot along Li River which is become an inspiration picture of Chinese money 20 RMB. The trip goes down the Li River through a fantastic landscape, with weird peaks along the way. But again, come visit in spring time or summer, I am sure it is way more beautiful than now.

Arrived at Yangshuo, our guide showed us some popular spots around the small town which is very touristy. Lots of tourists come to the place and some of locals can speak English in basic. I think it is okay for us to come here next time by our self. Yangshuo has one street, the famous one called West Street. On both side of the street filled with souvenir shops, restaurants and bars. It is a great place to have relaxed in fact, since the view was outstanding and the air is really fresh.

YangshuoGuilin to Yangshuo Scenic View

My guide said if we rent a bike, there are a few bike paths that you we can explore. These go along the river, through really beautiful landscapes and remote villages. But again because of this cold weather, so it did not feel like a nice biking. The best way explore this small town also by bike, and I personally think that is true. By renting a bike and cycling by our own, we can discover detail and untouched views in some remote places.

After our time was over in Guilin then we headed back to Guilin. We saw it again beautiful and incredible scenery of hills and spectacular landscape as well as clear water of the river along our way back.

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Tips How to Spend a Vacation in Yangshuo Guilin by Paula


Like me and my family, this year summer we could spend a long vacation in China especially visit Guilin. A trip to Guilin is surely recommended for visitors who love nature, river and mountain landscapes. Our vacation centered in Yangshuo, a small county not far from Guilin. So from our experience including from what we got, what we cannot miss and what must things to do in Yangshuo, we could share it to all the travelers who want admire China impressive landscapes.

1. Just Wandering around Yangshuo by Bike or Walk
Since the town is really small then a walk explore it should be nice enough. If you want to save your time then rent a bike is a best option. By bike, visitors could easier to get through some areas less practical as the paths through the paddy fields. Visitors also could get tour guide who speak excellent English for accompany you touring the village.

YangshuoBiking around Yangshuo

2. Yulong River Bamboo Rafting
Yulong River is about five kilometers away from Yangshuo and is a favorite for bamboo rafting. The bamboo raft came into being when the locals set up chairs on a bamboo raft and enough space made for a boatman to sit on the raft.
The bamboo raft is pushed in to the river by the bamboo pole. One can also see the reflection of the raft and oneself in the clear water of Yulong River. It is a peaceful experience as one can lie down on the chair and smell the fragrance of rice, cool breeze, bright sky and clear water.

3. Best Performance of Impression Liu San Jie Show
It is a very spectacular outdoor night show with Li River and its karts mountain as its background. It is directed by movie director Zhang Yimou and is performed by almost 600 local villagers and fishermen, particularly local minority groups as Zhuang and Yao. The show focuses on the lives of the people living around the Li River and projects their culture, music and dresses.
Apart for its natural backdrop, the seasonal lighting like mist, cloudy weather, and moonlit nights gives way to natural lighting. Travelers are highly recommended not to miss this spectacular show.

Li River Impression Liu San Jie Night Show with Li River as Backdrop

4. Short Visit to the Busy West Street
The west street is the busiest and the most happening street in Yangshuo as majority of the hostels, hotels, cafes and bars owned locally or by foreign residents are located here. Have a vacation in Yangshuo far away from the noise and pollution of the city life.

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