Learn Deep Huge Archeological Finding to Xian by Kitty Pearson


You might know about Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors right? 2 famous attractions of China that always become must visit destination for every traveler who come to China. This time because I already visit Beijing last time then I would like to travel to Xian this time. 2 days Xian tour from Shanghai we got from local china travel agency which based in Beijing, same as the last time we used before.

After enjoy modern metropolis city of China in Shanghai, then it is the time for us to learn deep about China history through Xian. Xian is an old capital of China which famous for its glorious Tang Dynasty. The city has over 3,000 years of recorded history and compared to Beijing, most is still intact with little that has been leveled to the ground to be replaced by a 'newer' and more tourist friendly version.

Muslim QuarterMuslim Quarter Xian

Xian is a friendly city, ideal for Western backpacker with low budget, the accommodation not too expensive. There are many hostels available, cheap and delicious street food and plenty of history and sites to see. A trip to Xian as everyone knows could not be complete without a visit to Terracotta Army. So, here we go with this tour we also did visit this famous site.

The Terracotta Warriors were only discovered in 1974, when 3 farmers were digging a well! While exploring the site, tour guide explained story behind the army is that basically, the Terracotta army was built for Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, in 210BC so when he died, he was buried with the army to protect him in his afterlife.

Terracotta ArmyFrom Where Local Farmers Found The Site

At first, I did not really like Terracotta Army, it might be just so-so like my experience at Great Wall. But in fact, that was different. The site was huge enough, less crowded might because the weather and was amazing. Our guide in Xian, told us that there are thousands of warriors and each face is different representing each soldier in Qin Shi Huang army. Qin Shi Huang was also responsible for the building of the Great Wall of China.

Our guide was a great and professional guide. She is a local people of Xian who have lots of knowledge about the town and its history. Although that was a short trip in Xian but we at least visit what must visit place there. It was a great memory, grateful because we can make it!

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Top Places to Visit in Xian for First Visitors by Diane


I traveled China last year with my friends, in Shanghai for a business trip, and couple of us had decided to stay a bit longer and visit Beijing and Xian. Xian is ancient city of China which home for lots famous tourist attractions, one that everyone must know is Terracotta Warriors. So a visit to Xian, it is a must if you have a short trip to this ancient tomb. But apart from that, Xian is a great city with a lot more to see than the Terracotta Warriors.

1. A Must List for Terracotta Warriors Visit
Xian is such a famous cultural and historical city with so many popular tourist attractions, one of the famous is Terracotta Warriors. Get the opportunity to explore the site, where 7,000 of these life-sized figures were constructed to guard Emperor Qin Shihuang's tomb.
Discover thousands of life-sized Terracotta Warriors near Xian which date from 210 BC and were meant to guard the first emperor of China in the afterlife. Make a trip to Xian complete by visiting this UNESCO World Heritage-listed Terracotta Warriors.

Terracotta WarriorsLife Sized Terracotta Warriors

2. Visit the Drum and Bell Tower
The Drum Tower or Gulou was built during the Ming Dynasty, just a few years before the neighboring Bell Tower. From here sunset was marked by the beat of the drum, sunrise having been announced in the Bell Tower. There is a smaller drum which you can beat three times for good luck (for a fee). Whereas the Bell Tower has contains several large bronze-cast bells from the Tang Dynasty. Now, Bell Tower has known for its location right in the center of the city.

3. Walk or Bike along Xian City Wall
Xian City Wall was built between 1374 and 1378, dating back 600 years ago, Xian City Wall is the oldest and most well preserved ancient city wall in all of China. Walking on the City Wall, you will have spectacular views of the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, and the ancient center of the city.  Walking on the City Wall, you will have spectacular views of the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, and the ancient center of the city. On the wall you can stroll along or rent a bicycle. It is a fast and efficient way for visitor to get a memorable experience on the Wall.

Ancient City WallBike along Ancient City Wall

Apart from those attractions which are remarkable in Xian, for personally I think there are lots of other interesting attractions, such as, Huaqing Hot Spring, Banpo Museum, Hanyangling Museum, and Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Nightly water and light show in front of the Big Goose Pagoda also a beautiful performance that you might enjoy.

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