Short Trip to Enjoy Picturesque Guilin Highlights by Chamara Peiris


From this bus tour, we could have an interesting way to enjoy the best Guilin has offered. Guilin is famous for its breathtaking nature scenery, a home for plenty stunning iconic tourist attractions. We did mostly all travelers (tourists) come to Guilin must do. Explore Guilin famous destinations with one day group tour took us to visit Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill and Reed Flute Cave. Not without a reason Guilin is perceived as one of the most beautiful places in China. Right after Beijing, it is the second most visited travel destination and we can assure you that this picturesque region will take your breath away.

As Guilin has been famous for its tourism industry, the city offers wide ranges of accommodation with less crowded and nice atmosphere. First, Elephant Trunk Hill located in a park is the most representative icon of the city. A short trip to this site gave us a whole view of this huge karsts formation, shape like an elephant drinking water with its trunk. The arch that separates the trunk from the legs of the elephant is known as the Moon Water Cave, visitors can rent a boat visit it. In site, you can find several people offering you boat rides, pictures with traditional clothes, food, etc.

Elephant Trunk HillView of Elephant Trunk Hill from the Best Spot

Besides Elephant Trunk Hill, next in this Guilin day tour we also could visit another representative hill called Fubo Hill. There is a garden at the south foot of the Fubo Hill. The garden is a quite interesting place with full of bamboos, palm trees and flower. At the foot of Fubo Hill, we did visit a cave where we could see the Thousand Buddha Cave which boasts over 200 Buddha’s statues made during the Tang Dynasty.

Reed Flute CaveThis reflective pool in the heart of the cave makes for a breathtaking spectacle.

Then after Fubo Hill and Elephant Trunk Hill, here I keep the best at last. Reed Flue Cave is a brilliant and magnificent cave offers spectacular world of various stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations. Walking through along this 240-meter-long cave, you will amazed by its scenery. Illuminated by colored lighting, the fantastic spectacle is found in many variations of stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations in weird and wonderful shapes with different sizes. Tour guide took us to explore the cave for almost one hour. Pictures were hard to take but we keep give our best to capture it. All in all, it was great to see Guilin highlights within short time. It was very worthwhile for visit and best for its nature scenery.

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Spend the Night on Cruise and the Bund Shanghai by Ehtesham Abdi


As everyone should do, a visit to Shanghai one must thing to do for every visitors is join a cruise trip on Huangpu River. I was lucky enough for had a great chance to sail through Huangpu River, called as the mother river of Shanghai. Before booked the tour, we finally decided would cruise in the evening. Shanghai is beautiful and modern during day, but this metropolis city truly comes alive at night.

The BundCruise along Huangpu River, Mother River of Shanghai

From Huangpu River cruise, we could see the old and new of Shanghai, it is best way to see the sparkling lights of this vibrant city. We go to on Shanghai night cruise tour during my last night in Shanghai. Despite that I went on a short cruise during winter time, I remember the exciting views more than the chilly night. We could choose to sit at tables inside the boat which looked out over the east or west bank or we could brave the cold and stand outside on the top portion of the boat.

The BundThe Bund in the Evening

Since it was winter, the boat was not at full capacity. There were camera flashes going off everywhere on the boat: some towards the buildings and some towards the people on the cruise. Everyone including me, we were tried our best to take the best caption along the river. Everyone had a great time including me and my family too. We could have a best view of Shanghai by taking this cruise. Travelers literally from plenty different countries around the world were coming together to enjoy what Shanghai offered.

From my experience or tour in Shanghai, the Bund surely stands as the symbol of Shanghai. I realized this most clearly when I was on the boat cruise. How the modern and old of China culture meet up in the middle of the river that we could see from our boat. After about 45 minutes cruise trip on Huangpu River, our guide took us to the Bund. A close look by wandered it was different from what we saw from our boat. Lots of magnificent scenes we could see along our way. Here, we also took some of pictures on the way. Although the weather was cold but it was not enough stopped us from got our best memory while travelling Shanghai. Arrived at our last stop at Nanjing Road, we decided to explore longer in this famous pedestrian street. As that was our last day in Shanghai, so we want to make that night to maximal.

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Discover World Heritage of China to Terracotta Army by Layal Habbal


Start my tour to Xian from the early morning from Beijing, the capital city of China flight to Xian. I felt a little bit sleepy for sure but still have to continue our tour together. With my family, in total of 5 persons of us, we departed from our hotel to the airport in Beijing then took a short flight to Xian. Having served as the capital city of 13 different dynasties, Xian is listed as one of the four main capitals in China, and also marks the eastern end of the legendary Silk Road. And the city has its famous world heritage called Terracotta Warriors and that is our biggest destination for that day.

Terracotta WarriorsPit 1 of Terracotta Army

Arrived at Xian, our guide picked us up at the airport then directly transferred us to the huge tomb, Terracotta Warriors. Commissioned by the despotic Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, Terracotta Warriors was start its construction not long after the first emperor of China (Qin emperor) ascended to throne. More over 7000 Terracotta statues were constructed over 36 years by up to 700 000 unpaid workers. Terracotta Warriors built aimed to protect the emperor afterlife. Our guide even said that the Emperor was cruel to his workers and especially unpopular with farmers. I also heard, at last the emperor killed all the workers by buried in together with this project so they would not reveal any secrets. Such a mysterious story right!

Terracotta WarriorsIndividual Horse Drawn Carriages

By visit Terracotta Army, we could enjoy personally that amazing large tomb and took lots of photos as much as we want. When you look at the detail of all terracotta, then you will realize they have different facial expression with other, no one look alike. Just do not imagine how it built at past and how the emperor buried all workers down. Unimaginable fact!

Continue explore the complex, we did saw over hundreds terracotta sculptures in battle formation all along the way. It was great to see them all in close up. I loved everything about the warriors and how they were displayed. It is a big archaeological finding ever! Thanks for this Beijing Xian flight tour that gave us a chance to directly visit it. We seriously appreciate it and all was so worth it! Thank you for the service too!

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