Celebrate Holidays in Beijing China by Cynthia


There may be no place like home for the holidays, but the truth is that December is traditionally one of the best times for a special family vacation. No matter how you celebrate the holidays, there is always something to do and places to go. Celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve in Beijing could be interesting, lots of historical places to go as well as winter activities that everyone could do. Here some tips about plenty activities to do in Beijing.

1. Go Skiing
Beijing not only boasts lots of historical and cultural relics, it is also an ideal place for visitors spend their winter vacation. Lots of advanced ski resorts located around the city. There are Nanshan Ski Resort, International Huabei Ski Resort, Badaling Ski Resort, etc. Bring your family there for having safe, fun and memorable ski experience during your vacation in Beijing.

2. Great Wall Hiking
No matter how cold it is in Beijing, all the four (Badaling, Mutianyu, Juyongguan and Jinshanling) sections of the Great Wall are open to the public. Hiking Great Wall in winter is a huge treat since on the Wall there less visitors, virtually have the whole section to our selves. But because Great Wall has located in the suburb nearby Beijing then the weather should be colder than downtown. Wear for winter coat with layers and find different side of Great Wall in winter. Willing to see Great Wall covers by snow? There is also a chance in Beijing winter. In fact, winter is a great time to visit Beijing.

Great WallHiking Great Wall

3. Fun Park Activities
Go outside, play and enjoy winter atmosphere in Beijing. When the winter comes, all of the lakes in the parks will freeze over, so there are many fun activities on the lakes, including ice skating. Beijing's many lakes include Houhai Lake offers great ice skating arena during the winter. Visitors can purchase skate rentals or metal skating chairs that can be pushed around with ski poles.

Beijing HouhaiFun Park Activities on Houhai Lake

4. Excursion to Ice Lantern Festival in Long Qing Gorge
Located not far from Beijing, Long Qing Gorge annually offers its popular Ice Lantern Festival. In winter, Long Qing Gorge is famed for its outdoor gallery of massive blocks of ice carved into animals and figures of all shapes and sizes. The festival starts from mid January till mid of February displays over 400 ice sculptures made by both Chinese and foreign artists.

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