A Short Excursion to Dali Ancient Town by Catherine


Dali Ancient Town is located on the foot of Cangshan Mountain, about 13 kilometers to the new city of Dali. It was built in Ming dynasty in 1382, and named as the one of the first historical and cultural cities. Lying in the edge of Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain as background, Dali Ancient Town offers a picturesque setting of nature landscapes.

Overview about Dali Ancient Town
Dali Ancient TownEntrance Gate of Dali Old Town

Dali Ancient Town is the home of the Bai ethnic minority where remains its old classical architecture with narrow cobbled streets and traditional stone architecture within original city walls. It is located in the center of Yunnan Province, one of China's southwestern provinces filled with ethnic and geographic diversity.

Dali is an ancient but pleasant town with well-preserved traditional houses of the Bai ethnic minority. Among all ancient towns of China, Dali Ancient Town has become unique because of its own characteristic for Bai ethnic group traditional houses. In additional for its nature beauty, Dali also has a rich history. As an important gateway of cultural exchange and trade with Southeast Asian countries and a former stop on the Silk Road of the South, Dali remains rich in natural scenery, cultural relics, ethnic customs, and tourism today.

Things to Do around Dali Ancient Town
Dali Ancient TownStunning Views of Dali Ancient Town

Dali is a popular stop over for backpackers and Chinese tourists during Yunnan tour. There are many interesting and worth things to do around the ancient town. With abundance of nature landscapes, it will bring visitor escape from the crowded city back to the nature. Walking in the city, tourists will enjoy the minority flavored historical relics, ancient buildings and rich minority customs, such as the Foreigners Street, the ancient Yuxi School, antique shops, tea houses, Chinese and Western restaurants. In Foreign Street, visitors can get the authentic flavor of snacks from the Bai ethnic community and also the famous Three Cups of Tea which will bring you pleasant experience.

As marble known as the Dali Stone in Chinese because its produced in Dali, then in both sides of the street along Dali Ancient Town houses plenty of shops and booths selling things made from marble. The marble has exquisite texture and unique veins. There, visitors can get all kinds of craftworks made from marbles.

More than that, because the ancient town lies on the edge of Erhai Lake, visitors are also able to have a short trip to this lake. Take plenty of pictures as memories for the charming Erhai Lake.

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