New Adventure to Mongolia from Beijing by Brian


So here my experience for travelling Mongolia last vacation. Since I worked in Beijing and during my stay in Beijing I would like to visit Mongolia. Mongolia is one of the places that I've always wanted to visit and I am planning to go ahead with the trip. But my idea kind of sacred my friends off, it might because I want travel alone. So I decided to ask some help from local travel agency to arrange our tour to Mongolia.

Since we unfamiliar with the place, booked the tour was the best deal that I could make. Save energy and time otherwise we visit it by ourselves. Mongolia is a remote region, less people but rich of treasure and history. Arrived in Ulanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia), our guide took us to explore the palaces and monasteries of Ulaanbaatar. More than that, we also did visit the National Museum of Mongolian History, trace the history of Genghis Khan (founder of the Mongolian empire). From a short stay in Ulanbator, we even could learn about Mongolian culture and Mongolian cuisine.

Sukhbaatar Square Sukhbaatar Square in the center of Ulaanbaatar

We did visit Sukhbaatar Square which is the center of Ulaanbaatar. This national square was built to commemorate a local hero who liberated Mongolia from Chinese occupation and a White Russian army (Sukhbaatar). A statue of Sukhbaatar sits in the center of the square. And same with Tiananmen Square in Beijing, around Sukhbaatar Square also surroundings by lots of important attractions including the Parliament, the World's smallest Stock Exchange, the National Theater, the Cultural Palace, etc. In front of Parliament House in Sukhbaatar Square, we also could enjoy the impressive monument honor Genghis Khan.

Mongolian GerFuture Mongolian ger

It was such a pity, we only could stayed in Mongolia for short time. Next time, I would like to explore more about new things that I never imagined to see with come by to this region again. I would like to watch a famous horseback riding demonstration in the grasslands, sleep in a traditional Mongolian ger, learns traditional crafts and skills from nomadic hosts, and other activities that more related with nature and local people.

Mongolia still remains a fabulous and unique destination for all those who love wilderness, unspoiled nature and, most importantly, simple human contacts with nomadic herders. A trip to Mongolia is the ideal way for you who love adventure and fresh experience of everything new.

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