A Day Trip from Hong Kong to Macau by Gisella


A visit to Hong Kong will be complete with a short excursion to Macau, once the oldest European settlement in the Orient. Just by an hour ferry from Hong Kong, in Macau we could enjoyed different atmosphere of China. Its China orient culture blend with European Portuguese culture offer unique charm to every visitor who comes.

For you who love gamble or just want visit a big and modern casino then in Macau, you will find it. Try your luck at the gambling tables of the world-famous Macau Casino. A visit to Macau could not be perfect without a visit to St. Ruins Paul, one of the World Heritage Sites in town. As the famous landmark of Macau, St. Ruins Paul is still impressive and inspiring despite this destruction. Admire the still-remarkable details, including intricate 16th-century stone carvings and sculptures. Around the complex, it also has built St Paul's Museum where you can view exhibitions representing the history of this former Portuguese territory. See history and ways of life of some communities that inhabited in Macau through vast number of historical and cultural object demonstrated there.

St. Ruins Paul of MacauSt. Ruins Paul of Macau

More than that, we also did visit Macau Tower where we could enjoy stunning views of the Pearl River Delta from its main observation lounge at 731 feet from the ground. There has an observation deck which houses a restaurant, theaters, shopping malls and the Skywalk X, a thrilling walking tour around the outer rim. Saw Macau panoramic views from that observation deck was my priceless experience. In additional, the Tower houses the world highest bungee jump, adventure sky jump, sky walk, and tower climb. From a platform 233m above the ground, visitors could experience the ultimate free fall experience before slowing down 30 meters from the ground. I was so excited and want to challenge all of that activities especially the bungee jump. But because of our time was limited, so very unfortunate my wish did not come true.

Macau TowerEvening Macau Tower

For me, two modern cities Hong Kong and Macau really gave me impressive and fun vacation. I love two cities atmosphere, entertainment choices, environment, snacks, and its attractions. English is also can be used on both cities that make our vacation easier, not complicated when we were in mainland China.

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