Expedition to Badaling Great Wall by Paul Walker


 Time flies! It has been two weeks since I visited the Great Wall at Badaling section on my trip to Beijing. Over the last couple of years, I have left my footprints on many continents, but I never been to China before, so I really wanted to make the most of my trip there! And after a series of preparations, I set out from my hotel and hit the road to Badaling Great Wall.

Badaling Great Wall

It did not take me long to reach the wall and the wall was not packed yet when I got there – I thought to myself maybe it was because I got there way earlier than the others. Having taking care of the entrance, I hopped on a cable car to get to the flat portion of the wall. As soon as I landed on the solid steps, I started to hike up. As it was not packed with crowds I got to explore the wall at my own pace, and behind my back the crowd started to gather. The spectacular scenery was all there for me to take in, and great pictures were everywhere! I also took my time to get a good look at the structure of the wall, including the watch towers and the crenels. I got to say it was really hard to imagine that the snaking wall was built upon the rugged mountains. I guess something is better left unexplained and that is part of its beauty.

Badaling Great Wall

By the way, I had to catch breath from time to time while hiking up the wall because the trek was really consuming, but it was fun and rewarding when I finally got to see the fantastic sight of the winding wall meandering into the horizon afar. I got to say it was really a great chance to get away from the fast-pace of the city of Beijing and just enjoy what comes your way! Moreover I also paid a visit to the Ming Tombs on my way back. It was also worth my time! I enjoyed a relaxing walk around and visited an underground palace – kind of creepy though lit-up by lights! Anyway it was some wonderful time I spent!

Anyway I had so much fun exploring the outdoors of Beijing! I definitely want to come back for more! Great outdoor experience! Great memories!

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World Heritage - Badaling Great Wall in Beijing by Jack


World-wide renowned and enjoying a high prestige in China as one of the top attractions, Badaling Great Wall is worth while exploring with a trip to China.

Brief info about Beijing Badaling Great Wall
Badaling Great Wall

There are several sections of the Great Wall, but Badaling boasts as the most representative and best restored section which enchants all the visitors from home and abroad. It zigzags upon the mountain for about 7.6 kilometers and the construction of it dates back to a long time ago. And it has served as one of the most important military stronghold for the protection of the capital back in ancient times. It has stood proudly around Beijing city for over thousands of years; nowadays it serves as one of the top attraction to visit in China. It also is home to a large number of historical and cultural relics as well as a series of supporting facilities which provide the visitors with ultimate Great Wall experience.

Features of Beijing Badaling Great Wall
Badaling Great Wall

Looking from afar, Badaling is made of two sections which snake along upon the mountains. The scenery is quite spectacular and mind-blowing looking on the wall. The wall is very solid with the stone steps connecting the watch towers on the wall. The best way to explore the Great Wall is go for a hike on the wall. From the foot of the hill to the highest point, the landscape is unfolding before your eyes, very magnificent and awe-inspiring. There are numerous angles for taking pictures on the wall. The Great Wall aside, there is the Great Wall Museum worth exploring too. The museum will give you an insight into the history and origin of the wall and help you to see soothing behind the wall. In the museum, there are a large number of antiques and documents available. In addition, there is a movie theater near the wall, which will give you a Great Wall experience from another perspective. For exploring the Great Wall, there are a few items worth carrying like a pair of walking shoes and sunglasses.

All in all, Badaling Great Wall is worth a whole day to explore or combine with other tourist attractions like the Forbidden City and the Ming Tombs. As one of the few World Heritages in Beijing, Badaling Great Wall will provide you with an insight into the essence of Chinese engineering feats.

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Brief Introduction of Beijing Badaling Great Wall by Sarah


Badaling has known as the most visit section of the Wall among many famous sections. Located close to Beijing (closest), Badaling attracts so many local people and foreigners every day.

Profile about Badaling Great Wall
Badaling Great WallBadaling Great Wall in Winter

Badaling Great Wall is situated in Yanqing County, about 45 miles (72 kilometers) north of Beijing. It was built in Ming Dynasty of China aiming for the military purpose, a defensive project against the northern enemies. Because of that, the strategic location is very important. It took 8 years to finish it with the highest point is Beibalou, approximately 1,015 metres (3,330 ft) above sea level.

Cable Car Facility on Badaling Great Wall
Badaling Great WallCable Car on Badaling Great Wall

Badaling is the first section of the Wall that opened to the tourists. Today, Badaling equipped with complete facilities include cable car which will bring you up to the middle part of the Wall with only 5 minutes. For you who want save more energy and time, the cable car option is surely be the best choice! So many people will climb the east section and choose to take the cable car up. If you decide to take a cable car up the Great Wall, you have to go to the cable station which available at the foot of the east part of the east "front mountain".

Cable car in Badaling Great Wall is a little bit old but it is under regular and strict check. One cable car holds four people. Cable car fee from single way cost 40 CNY and 60 CNY for the round trip.  Great Wall is symbol and proud of China. There is a Great Wall Museum and Badaling Wildlife Zoo which located near from Badaling.

How to Reach Badaling Badaling Great Wall? 
The transportation to reach Badaling is also very convenient. From Badaling Expressway, visitors could connect Badaling with central Beijing. Visitors could also take the fast train to Badaling which leaves from Beijing North Railway Station (at 07:26 am, 09:33 am, 11:08 am, 13:19 pm, 15:01 pm, 19:32 pm). There also the cheapest way to reach Badaling by taking the local bus service, bus No. 919 which you could find near the Deshengmen Gate tower & the Jishuitan subway.

If you only have limited time in Beijing and do not want to spend much time on the way then Badaling section will offer the excellent location close to the downtown Beijing. Get the efficient and easy way to reach Badaling Great Wall with our service.

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