Why Visit Guilin after Trip from Hong Kong in China? by Sarah


Maybe everyone should ask why Guilin, not Beijing or Shanghai? Guilin is one of the area in China which popular for its nature karsts landscapes. A cruise trip from Li River to Yangshuo, a small tourist town near Guilin recently becomes so famous among foreigners. Then because of that, now Guilin has also improves and develop their tourism facilities and service for visitor. Here, I could tell you 3 top reasons why Guilin is a best place to visit in China.

1. Its Charm Beauty of Nature Landscapes
As the best known China nature landscapes, Guilin which located in Guangxi Province is offer breathtaking Li River and the characteristic karsts landscape. Some best and representative tourist attractions such as, Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Li River, Yangshuo, etc will not fail to impress you. Visitors could rafting in Yulong River, enjoy stunning multicolored nature stalagmites in Reed Flute Cave, enjoy impressive night show of Liu Sanjie etc.

Li RiverFun Li River Rafting

2. Seek for Chinese Ethnic Minorities around Guilin
Apart from its stunning mountain scenes and its winding river, travelers also could discover the characteristic ethnic diversity, the colorful local culture and the charming rural leisure around Guilin. Some best places to admire Chinese ethnic minorities nearby are in Sanjiang and Longsheng. Longsheng where the Zhuang and Yao ethnic people have lived there over the centuries has also famous for its rice terraces. As well as in Sanjiang, visitors will have a chance to visit local Miao families, and even taste their traditional food and enjoy local singing and dancing show. Visitors also will see the traditional Miao people architecture by a visit to Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge and its Drum Tower. If you have long time to spend then you can even explore a lot of Miao village which famous for its suspended houses in Xijiang which built using construction techniques that are around 7,000 years old.

Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge in SanjiangChengyang Wind & Rain Bridge in Sanjiang

3. A Taste of Traditional Chinese Rural Life
Especially in Guilin, travelers could have a taste of the rural life and take a close -up exploration to local villages. People here still travel the river on low bamboo rafts and locals use trained cormorants to catch fish from Li River. It can be said that average Guilin local people live a quiet rural life, a life that is not without its challenges and poverty-related issues. It is also a life that far from crowded, pollution and traffic that is so often seen in the larger cities including Hong Kong.

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