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Hushan (Tiger Mountain) Great Wall is the most easterly known part of the Great Wall of China. After renovation in 1992, it has opened to public and forming a popular tourist attraction.

Introduction of Hu Shan Great Wall
Hu Shan Great WallOne Spot of Hushan Great Wall

Situated over Tiger Mountain, Hu Shan Great Wall remains the real section of 600 meters ruins and has been excavated in 1989. After renovation to restore this section in 1992, now visitors are able to enjoy the renovated Hu Shan Great Wall includes 12 platforms and three beacon towers, runs a total of 1,200 metres. The wall starts 15 km northeast of Dandong city (Liaoning Province), directly beside the China–North Korea border, with the Yalu River to the south and the Yuan River to the west.

Historically, the easternmost section of the Great Wall of China here was constructed at Hu Shan to protect against Korea invaders during the late Ming and early Qing dynasty. A brief hike along the Wall provides beautiful views of surrounding cornfields, and the return path takes you right up against the small stream that separates Chinese and North Korean territory. Climb to the top of the Wall, you will have a chance to admire magnificent view of China and North Korea. The admission fee to Hu Shan Great Wall costs 40 RMB.

How to Get Hu Shan Great Wall
Hu Shan Great WallAutumn in Hushan Great Wall

Flights are available from Dandong airport to most parts of the country.
From Beijing there's an overnight train (K27) to Dandong that takes about 13 hours. Hard sleeper class tickets start at US$37. Dandong can also be reached by bus from the seaside city of Dalian. The trip takes 4.5 hours. Tickets cost US$15. Busses depart from Victory Square in downtown Dalian.

From Dandong, Hu Shan Great Wall also can be reached by bus. Take bus No.215B at Dandong Railway Station, and get off the final station. The bus leaves from Dandong Railway Station at 06:30am and 15:30pm, and starts from Hu Shan Great Wall at 07:40am and 16:40pm. The bus ticket costs 2 RMB.

Dandong is a pedestrian friendly. Taxi rides start at RMB 5. Taxi is the most convenient way to the Hu Shan Great Wall. Metered rides cost about RMB 20 and take about 20 minutes.

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