Great Trip to Leshan Giant Buddha from Chengdu by Timothy


Everyone should know about adorable Chinese panda in Chengdu right? Yes, Chengdu is the best destination for tourists who want get a whole and complete experience view this adorable creature. Same reason of me come to China visited Chengdu famous Breeding Center and saw the life habit of pandas. And after that, our tour in China did not end there. We also decided got this 5 days China giant panda tour which also included the itinerary to Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei as well as the downtown of Chengdu.

Leshan Giant BuddhaGiant Buddha of Leshan Close Look

Overall, all my experiences visited those places were so priceless and memorable. Took so many photos as memories as well as saw lots of interesting things along the journey. My journey to the Leshan Buddha for example, we did visit this Giant Buddha statue which located at Leshan town, about 2 hours driving from Chengdu. Leshan Giant Buddha can be said as the largest Buddha statues on earth, so that was unimaginable. Actually, there are two ways of viewing the Big Buddha at Leshan. The first option is going into the Buddha site and walking the stairways around the monument or another option by taking a boat, from the town side of the river, and viewing the whole statue from the water. The biggest differences with the two methods of viewing are quality of view, time span, and convenience.

Leshan Giant BuddhaView From The Ship

For some recommendation, avoid visit the Giant Buddha at weekend or National holidays. It will be very crowded with visitors. Have a close look to the statue from the park surroundings was a nice experience. Climbed up the steep stairs till the top where we could see a great view of the river and surroundings views. It was a fantastic experience and really worth to try.

When sailing, we could have close enough view to see all the details but far enough to easily see the detail of the Buddha statue. Although the cruise was very short - the whole boat ride only takes about 20 minutes with around 10 minutes directly in front of the Buddha but that was amazing to see the whole figure of that Buddha statue. The guardian statues that flank Big Buddha also can only be seen from the river. Overall, I love a trip to the great Leshan Giant Buddha. Seriously wonderful!

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