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Beijing is an amazing city with splendid tourism resource, profound culture and a long history. Beijing attracts millions of tourists each year and to better prepare your Beijing tour, tourists should get more information about Beijing in advance, including the city transportation.

By Subway
Beijing SubwaySubway Station in Beijing

Beijing Subway is a rapid transit rail network that serves the urban and suburban districts of Beijing. Beijing Subway's flat fare costs 2 RMB per ride with free transfers on all lines except for the Airport Express which costs 25 RMB. Its serving time is from 5:00am in the morning till 10:30pm (some lines may even later) in the evening. The ticket office is available at the station entry. For short visit in Beijing, travelers are recommended to purchase a single ride ticket which only valid on the same day from the station they were purchased. It can be bought from the cashier or from the new electronic ticketing machines that have service in English.

By Bus
Beijing Public BusBeijing Bus

Buses are the best way for tourists to get close with locals. Bus fare is cheap, 1 RMB a ride (0.4 RMB with an IC Card), while air-conditioned buses charge 2 RMB and up. Buses run 5am to 11pm daily or thereabouts, and stops are few and far between. Travel by bus is not recommended for tourists who unfamiliar with Beijing and Chinese. There not available some English direction at all so because of that it will be very confuse for tourists.

By Taxi
Beijing currently has 66,646 taxis in operation for about 700 million trips in a city. Taxis are plentiful, clean and cheap in Beijing. As the most comfortable ride for wandering around the city, Beijing taxi offers a variety of models and colors (most commonly green, brown or blue). Fares are charged according to the running kilometers. Every taxi are metered, do not accept the taxi which do not use any meters on it. Beijing taxi fares are more expensive at midnight (11:00 pm – 05:00am). On the day time (5:00am - 23:00pm), the base fare of Beijing taxi start 13 RMB (first 3 kilometers) and per each additional kilometer cost 2.3 RMB after 3 kilometers. For a trip after 15 kilometers, per each additional kilometer cost 3.45 RMB.

By Bike
A bicycle is the best way to explore the city's hutong alleyways. It is also the nice way to avoid traffic which become badly on busiest time. Small and mid-sized hotels usually have a bike rental service, and rental shops can be found on almost every street. Before you rent the bike, check the bike's condition carefully, especially the brakes and tires. Travel Beijing in different way by bike!

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