Quick Knowledge about History and Culture of Xian by Abdul


During 4 days tour to Xian, my vacation from Dubai to Xian actually not complete. The time that we spent in ancient capital city was short enough and the time goes too fast. From my short experience, we can discover real unique views of all customs, traditions, culture as well as the people life style there. Besides famous attractions in town such as, Terracotta Warriors, Xian City Wall, some museums, Bell and Drum Tower etc, we also could taste authentic food and snacks in Xian.

Apart from a great and unforgettable visit to Terracotta Warriors, a short trip toXian City Wall in the afternoon was nice and relaxing. Above the Wall, there offer so many things to do and love. Climb up and down the stairs to the watch towers. Rent a bicycle and circumnavigate the wall. Have sightseeing above the Wall to surroundings.

Xian City WallOld Building of Xian City Wall

With one day Xian City wall and Terracotta Warriors tour, we did know about the basic introduction of both famous attractions in Xian. Our guide who accompanied us was friendly and informative. She answered all my questions about Xian clearly. A short tour with organized itinerary and transportation guaranteed. It did make us spent less of time visit both places.

Actually, we had other mission in Xian, it is more important than the Terracotta Warriors on my itinerary. In fact we picked our hotel based on its proximity to the Muslim Quarter in order to have brunch and dinner there every day. As one of the largest Muslim community in China, Xian offers its wide ranges of Muslim snacks and authentic dishes.

Muslim QuarterTasting Snack of Chinese Muslim Flavor

In Muslim quarter, visitors can have a wide look for authentic flavors of Muslim dishes as well as lot of Muslim clothes, religion and unique atmosphere The Muslim Quarter is different from the rest of Xian because there offer unique atmosphere and one of my favorite places in Xian. Xian's Muslim Quarter is widely known among Chinese travelers as a foodie mecca, where 1,500 years of cultural fusion with the Middle East has produced some of China's greatest peasant dishes and street snacks.

The Muslim Quarter was a very lively environment. There were so many different people, fabrics, toys, clothes and other things from different parts of Asia. It was fun walking through the markets to see different things that we could find. I found the culture that really interesting to see, Chinese cultures but also influenced by Muslim culture. All in all, I think visiting Xian was totally worth it.

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