Beijing Travel within 3 Days by Caroline Marrero


Do you think it is impossible for travelling Beijing within 3 days? Beijing is a home for lots impressive historic sites and if you have a chance visit it then you can understand deeper about Chinese history and culture by explore it in ideal way. With our Beijing 3 days tour, we begin to learn about all of China including its culture and ancient architecture. Moreover, 3 days tour gave us really excellent experience starting to know about the country.

Here is our tour itinerary, the first day we did visit Great Wall and Ming Tombs (located outside Beijing), so it is more convenient and has benefit on its transportation. On the second day, we did visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. Visiting the Great Wall and the Forbidden City which served as the Chinese imperial palace, home to the emperors and their extensive households for almost 500 years was great opportunity to understand more about China ancient time history.

Forbidden CityGate of Forbidden City

During a tour to Forbidden City, we got an excellent tour guide named Tina who told us about the goings-on behind the palace walls during ancient times. The fact that no one could enter or leave the palace without emperor permission, make us imagine how lived inside this huge palace (more than a city I think). More than a lot of story that we heard, we did also found plenty of impressive and beautiful architectural details.

Hutong Beijing with its Traditional Architecture

On the third day of our tour, we had the opportunity to explore Hutongs Beijing in depth. What is Hutong? Before we talked about Hutong, we would like to tell you that overall our tour went smoothly. Time goes by and we could not be more appreciates it. Hutongs is the place where visitors could see life style of traditional Beijing people. It is a small line which houses many old residents of local people. I even got nice experience for taking a traditional vehicle called rickshaw for exploring this old complex of Beijing. So, if you say there is no more traditional house in Beijing, you will find it in Hutongs.

On the third day (our last day), we also could explore Beijing Zoo, Lama Temple, and Olympic Stadium. Although that was only a short stop, but we quite have a good knowledgeable of all and that was a really great. I cannot believe our tour in Beijing went so fast, I even cannot believe I actually went to China! Looking for another chance visit China next time!

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Impressive 3 Days Holiday in Shanghai and Hangzhou by Wendy


My friends and I, we did come to Shanghai together to vacation and shopping. A lot of leisure places in Shanghai that we could visit only by ourselves for example Nanjing Road and Madame Tussauds. Because I heard the taxi fee is really expensive there, in addition we also want to have an excursion outside Shanghai. So we decided to take this tour with us.

In total 7 people of us, we booked the trip online on the website and just directly called the agency because our time was little tight. Arrived at Shanghai, our guide picked us up at the airport and transferred us to the hotel which has strategic location so we could roam around the area with our spare time.

West LakePicturesque Landscape along West Lake in April

On the second day, our guide picked us up in the hotel on time then we went out from Shanghai to Hangzhou. We could visit Lingyin Temple, West Lake and Six-Harmony Pagoda when we were in Hangzhou. Our time in Hangzhou was very efficient and worth it. We did not waste too much time in each attractions and our guide guided us well and organized. She was also a very friendly and informative guide. She is very understandings and accommodating too. She explained all the attractions very clearly and answered all of our questions. We realized by the end of the day that having a smaller private tour was intact really beneficial. It was much more relaxed. I took quite a few pictures of the things I liked, especially when we were in West Lake. Returned to Shanghai and stayed overnight there.

Yu GardenYuyuan Garden in Shanghai

The next day, we continued to explore Shanghai famous attractions include Yuyuan Garden, The Bund, Jade Buddha Temple, Oriental TV Tower and Nanjing Street which located near from the hotel. Personally I like Yuyuan Garden. I love the atmosphere, landscapes and everything inside the garden! I could have stayed all day, just enjoying the views of the garden. Poorly, we only have limited time inside and should continued our way to explore others destinations. The tour is really recommended, especially for you who unfamiliar with China, Mandarin or Shanghai. Bring you to everywhere you must visit when you come to the modern city of Shanghai. Overall, I enjoyed the trip from the beginning till the end. Thank you for all the service.

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