Chengdu Tour Complete with a Panda Visit by Cynthia Lee


A visit to Chengdu should be known that could be a trip more than just an exploration to China Giant Panda Breeding Center or just admire panda. Might few visitors will know about other interesting attractions in Chengdu but after this tour we knew a lot about it. First place that I did visit during those 5 days tour in Sichuan Chengdu is surely Chengdu Breeding Panda Center. A chance to personally see Giant Panda in China comes when I visit Chengdu. Inside this site, there are plenty of excellent opportunities to get up close and personal with one of the world's most distinctive creatures.

Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding CenterChinese Adorable Pandas Playing with Others

On our second day of the tour, we got a whole day to spend inChengdu Panda Breeding Center. Better go at the early morning during feeding time to see these laidback creatures at their most active. For this whole day tour in breeding center, now at least we knew about the habit and life style of giant panda. We also knew about its growth, get so many knowledge about rare animals etc. And the most exited was we got a great chance to get really close with panda, even hold them in personally and took some pictures. That was worth it and memorable! I could not believe why they so adorable!

Mount EmeiMount Emei

As I said before, a tour to Chengdu should not be about just panda but the excursion to Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei was also breathtaking and a must! That was I did on the day three and four. Overall both attractions were so impressive. Did not believe we could visit three famous attractions which also listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO within less than 5 days! So I recommended this itinerary so much! If you love nature then this is the way!

On the third day, a trip to Leshan Giant Buddha makes me amazed by its beauty! From the ferry, we could see Leshan Giant Buddha whole figure including its guardian from river. The 1200 year old Buddha stands tall at 71 meters. Very huge and even regarded as the biggest Buddha statues on earth! Then travel to Mount Emei was like a dream. A great escape from the city to the sacred Buddhist mountain of China (Mount Emei) was really worth it. Had great opportunity to admire stunning sceneries as well as short trip to Buddhist temple on the mountain. Such a blessed after all!

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An Impressive and Complete Tour Explore Guilin! by Jaina


What a memorable trip! Guilin is the place where you could find the beautiful nature scenery of China! The river, karsts landscapes, clear water, fresh air all of the things in Guilin are my favorite. I love the environment and its scenery views! Just breathtaking!

Reed Flute CaveColorful Reed Flute Cave

From the trip began, our tour guide picked us up on time at the airport. We just directly visited Reed Flute Cave, a beautiful nature cave with multicolored lighting before transferred us to the hotel in Guilin. The hotel was comfortable, clean and full with advanced facilities. On the second day, we did visit Longji Terraced Field in Longsheng which located little bit far from the downtown.

Longji Terraced FieldLongji Terraced Field

The roads to Longji terraced field itself are narrow and winding. We took 2 and half hours to reach the area. We hiked up to the mountains, enjoyed our journey and saw stunning sceneries around. Words alone cannot really describe the scenery. It was so beautiful even I think I’m walking through a fantasy land. I have never seen rice terraces as impressive as these, a complete and huge one. Once you stand on the top, there you will see large green rice paddies as far as you could see. We did also can see a beautiful Pingan village. The atmosphere and everything there was just really great, far from the city, no car, no pollution, no bikes, just us and nature.

Sanjiang TownMinority Performance in Sanjiang Town

Longji Terraced Field is just one of the highlight of our trip. Besides, we also did visit Sanjiang town to see the old and unique building architecture of the local Dong ethnic minorities. We could see Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge and the Drum Tower which are the symbol of architecture from Dong ethnic people. And once again we could felt, we were back to nature. That was very relaxing trip! We only saw the village, terraces, old buildings, local people, without car and less crowded.

YangshuoLi River to Yangshuo Cruise Tour

In additional, the cruise trip through Li River to Yangshuo was memorable and enjoyable. Yangshuo is a beautiful country side with the combination of clear rivers and magnificent karsts peaks. Perfect landscape! Could not describe it by words. On the last day, we did also visit the symbol of Guilin, a must visit place of the city, Elephant Trunk Hill. The enjoyment of this trip is to exploring many natural beauties as well as to discover the local culture. I am just very satisfied with the service and our destination choice, Guilin!

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