Travel Ideas for Winter Vacation in China by Sarah


Pick China as your winter travel destination? Need some advice for interesting things to do in China when winter comes? Here the answer. China is a big country, home for lots of famous historical and cultural attractions. The country even offers plenty activities that visitors should not missed in winter. Get ready to infuse the long winter months with color, carnivals, and adventure. Find your favorite then make your winter vacation wonderful.

1. A Visit to Harbin, China's Coolest Ice City
Harbin is the most famous and most welcomed city to visit in winter in China. The city also famed for its annual Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival on January 5. The festival showcases the frosty craftsmanship of local carvers and international teams and includes a Snow Sculpture Expo at Sun Island recreational area and the Ice Lantern Garden Party at Zhaolin Park. During that period, visitors will appreciate kinds of amazing snow sculptures and colorful ice lanterns of animals, buildings, castles, etc. Lasting three months from December to February, a series of festival winter activities including ice lantern Show, ice sculpture competition, alpine skiing, ice hotel relax, dog sledding, Siberian tiger watching, winter swimming game, etc can be enjoyed in Harbin.

Harbin Ince & Snow FestivalHarbin International Ice & Snow Festival on January

2. Winter Escape to Hainan Island
Travelers could enjoy beaches, warm sunshine and clear waters in Hainan Island, one of the most favorite summer resorts in China. An escape to Hainan would offer a complete change of scene from the dreary cold and snow of winter. Visitors can enjoy its tropical climate (19-25°C in the winter) with swimming and its water activities. As the only tropical island in China, it makes the region a hot spot for winter vacations. Picturesque Hainan Island which has been dubbed China's Hawaii is also a popular destination for exploring nature and culture, from scuba diving and spotting tropical plants and animals, to river rafting and discovering the folk customs of ethnic minorities.

Hainan IslandSummer Resort in Hainan Island

3. Discover Chinese Culture in Beijing
As one of the most famous summer as well as winter destination in China, Beijing is home for lots famous and representative historical attractions. Those destinations include Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs etc. In additional, from late January to early February during Chinese New Year, there will be various cultural activities that held in the temples and parks in Beijing. It is the best chance for visitors to know about local traditional culture of Chinese.

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