Magical Spot at Jiuzhaigou Vallley, China by Alexandra


During my last vacation, I went to China especially to the Sichuan Province, saw the magical views of the famous Jiuzhaigou Valley. Among the several places of interest that I visited such as Chengdu city, Mt Emei, Maoxian, Leshan and Huanglong, I think the most beautiful, memorable and awesome scenery is at Jiuzhaigou. As one of the World Heritage Sites, Jiuzhaigou Vallley amazed me with its breathtaking scenery. If you visit it at the ideal time (I heard around October, on late autumn) then it will be your most stunning sceneries that you ever seen for the whole life. Avoid the Chinese Golden Week between the 1st and 7th October unless you fancy sharing the experience with half of China.

JiuzhaigouBack to the Nature at Jiuzhaigou

Arrived at Jiuzhai Huanglong airport from Chengdu, we should have two hours drive to Jiuzhaigou National Park. This 3 days Jiuzhaigou tour made my journey wonderful. We did not need to arrange any schedules during the tour. Jiuzhaigou has famous for its many multi-level waterfalls, colorful lakes and dense forest that are all encapsulated by snow-capped peaks that range in elevation from 2,000 to 4,500 m. Because of its high altitude, most people will have some form of altitude sickness when first arrived at the airport level so be prepared to move slowly if you spend first day in Hualong viewpoints. It happened with me as well. We need time for adapt till all comes back normal.

JiuzhaigouOne Spot With Amazing View around Jiuzhaigou

A private 3 days tour to Jiuzhaigou I think is the best choice that I took. They provide transportation, ensure your accommodation, English speaking tour guide, great itinerary and also ensure that your time within the Jiuzhaigou National Park's maze of valleys and trails is optimized to fit your time. Making the trip more worry free. It would be more guaranteed to join the local tour if you want visit famous tourist attractions in China.

All in all, in my eyes, a visit to Jiuzhaigou is rewarding almost any time during the year, with a few exceptions. Of course, winter will be so cold but the views were priceless and memorable. Took some photos for endless natural landscapes, admire the mother nature from the multi-colored lakes, to the lush foliage are the best experience. At last, I want to say thank you for the chance and help for arranging our China tour to Jiuzhaigou. That was a great vacation!

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