An Efficient Transfer to South Railway Station by Sisca


The whole tour we join in Beijing we got from this local travel agency including a transfer service from downtown to the railway station. After a travel in Beijing, since we got much time rest then we decided not only visit one city in China but also Shanghai. We did also interest with taking the high speed train from Beijing to Shanghai. So because of that, we just booked this transfer service. Since we got the tour before from this travel agency, then I did not have any problems or questions.

Beijing South Railway StationWaiting Room of Beijing South Railway Station

On the day, driver has picked us up in front of our hotel on time then helped us with our baggage. Even he cannot speak English but he was really helpful and reliable. Our communication and schedule we did tell our trip advisor. She helped us to arrange this transfer service, rechecking for our train departure time and make sure we did not miss our train.

For the van itself, it is great. Because we travelled in total of 5 people of us, so it kind troublesome if took the taxi to the train station. A van with big space enough for us and our baggage. The seat was comfortable. And our short transfer went smoothly overall. Our driver seems knew about the traffic in Beijing and we arrived on time. Nothing to be worried about, but it was such a pity about the driver that could not speak English. We did feel a little boring on the way and could not ask anything important about China.

Beijing South Railway StationInside Platform after Checking Ticket

Overall, all the service was organized and very efficient. The most important of all, we got to the Beijing South Railway station safely and on time, even we had some more time to have breakfast first. Very worthwhile for everything, oh and at the end we also gave some tips to the driver who helped us so much. Thank you so much for the arrangements. Our Shanghai trip was memorable and fun and now we just back home from our China travel. It was a priceless experience.

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