Tour From Indonesia to Beijing China by Gracia


At the very beginning I did not imagine that I could visit Beijing this year. So many problems that I should deal if I want explore China. My first and biggest problems surely will be the language. Since I clearly did not understand about Chinese at all, so it would be hard I think. But, not long time ago, I just realized that my long best friend, she has her study in Beijing, she asked me to have a short trip there and here I am, just came back from my tour to China.

So many factors about China that doubt me to not come visit Beijing. Besides the language, I heard from my friend, the toilet in some tourist attractions seems horrible, so be prepare to bring your own toilet paper and just drink less when travelling. Flight from Indonesia to Beijing took about 8 hours without transit. The airport in Beijing is very modern and huge. It is really different with in Jakarta. Since I did visit Beijing in autumn, so the weather should be cool. For Indonesian people, this weather is cool enough. I almost could not bear it only with jacket that I wore that day. By the way, I did visit Beijing with my other 2 friends. Three of us finally met my long friend called Diana on the exit gate of Beijing airport.

Forbidden CityAncient Palace of Forbidden City

Speak of Beijing, this city is different with my capital, there almost no motorcycle. The traffic seems organized with clean and comfortable public bus or MRT. Less traffic jams, different from Jakarta. Of course, a visit to Beijing could not be complete without hiking the Great Wall. Although it was located outside Beijing downtown, we can visit it only about 2 hours driving. It can be said as the Wall is the longest object or building ever built on earth. I could not believe how the people built it in ancient times. The Wall itself is beautiful and magnificent.

Mutianyu Great WallMutianyu Section of Great Wall

Besides Great Wall, I also visited other historical buildings such as Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven. All of them were impressive, offer breathtaking views. And about the language, because I did explore Beijing with English travel agency so it would not be a problem. It was unforgettableBeijing trip, and I am glad that my first visit in China accompanied with my friends and this local travel agency. Could not believe if I visit Beijing by myself and could not speak Chinese at all.

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