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Generally speaking, the best times to visit China are the spring (March-May) and the autumn (September to early November). During these times, there are less rain and clearer skies, the weather is most suitable for traveling. But speaking of which destinations that you will visit and your personal preference, here we give you some details about best time to visit Zhangjiajie depending on your preference.

Avoid the Crowds
Although the best seasons to visit China are spring from April to May and autumn from September and October, you may also take many other things into consideration, be it discounts or crowds. The most important, if you hate crowded then avoid those Chinese national holidays when lots of locals have the day off. Chinese national holidays like Labor Day (May 1st to 3rd) and National Day (October 1st to 7th) are the highest of high season.

Climate of Zhangjiajie
ZhangjiajieZhangjiajie National Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park which located in Hunan province, China is one of the most fascinating national parks in the world, even listed as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Situated in the midst of the semitropical climate zone, Zhangjiajie has a moderate climate, lots of sunshine and enough rainfall to keep the vegetation gloriously green.

Since it offers comfortable year-round temperatures (around 16°C), Zhangjiajie also being called as "city of spring". So here, it can be said Zhangjiajie providing a climate that is comfortable year round even when the winter get heavy snowfall, the park remains open. During that time, visitors can get a fabulous view of the national park covered with white snow. Although April and October are the best times to visit Zhangjiajie but different seasons of the year surely will provides uniquely different yet beautiful experiences for travelers.

4 Different Seasons Offer Different Beauty
ZhangjiajieScenery of Zhangjiajie in Winter

During spring (March-May), the flowers starts to bloom again and the forests are luxuriantly green. In May, tour to Zhangjiajie offer comfortable weather for travelling, it is also the peak season for tourism in Zhangjiajie. In summer (June – August), from late June and early July, Zhangjiajie starts its rainy season. The forest flourished and the air is strongly fragrant. During autumn (September-November), many of the trees have turned to a golden yellow color, offers unique and different feeling for visitor. The weather comes cooler, a symbol welcoming winter. And in winter (December – February), visitors could admire vibrant evergreen trees amongst the snowy landscape. Cable car still operates in winter and visitors also enjoy lower hotels rates in the winter season.

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