Seeking for the Soul of Lhasa by Margareth Cooley


Amazing 4 days Lhasa tour that we had last China vacation of us! The tour was very organized, include everything from the entrance ticket, Tibet visa travel, accommodation, and more. All that we asked to the staffs were come to real. We enjoyed the trip from the start and got very great experience after all.

So a vacation to Tibet was different to other cities in China. Lhasa can be said is a sacred religious place. It is also the place where people could see personally Tibetan people culture and its life style. My tour to Lhasa of course include some visits to plenty tourist sites including Potala Palace, Barkhor Street, Jokhang Temple and some famous monastery in Lhasa. Overall, my experience in Lhasa was good but what the most I hate is about the high altitude sickness. That was horrible. Although it did not happened in me but my condition and mood was not good enough first time arrived at Lhasa. A little bit tired! Fortunately it did not happen for a long time.

Jokhang Temple

Second day in Lhasa, we visit Potala Palace, The Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street. For me second day itinerary better than other day travel in Lhasa. We did see interesting and authentic building along the tour but most interesting while we exploring Jokhang Temple, the first Buddhist temple in Tibet, located on Barkhor Square (a great shopping street not to be missed) in Lhasa. For most Tibetans it is the most sacred and important temple in Tibet. We did saw authentic interior courtyard of the temple, but unfortunately tourists were not allowed to take photos of the temple's interiors where they house the Buddha statues. I suggest you have to visit Tibet to see it for yourself.

Barkhor Street

Next destination on the second day is to Barkhor Street/Square, which is the most famous shopping paradise popular among tourists. We could purchase some of Tibet traditional souvenirs or handicrafts there. Same as other places in China, we need to bargain for get the best price of good that we want, because same kind of commodities would be sold at different price in different vendors. If you want to get some original good thing then you need take your time explore the whole area. Based on our guide information, visitors need to walk in a clockwise direction along the street. It called as the best way to explore all the spot of the street.

My tour to Tibet was amazing and priceless! Everyone never can feel it before personally visit the region. Thanks for all the service!

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A Short Trip to Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet by Natania


For everyone who visits Tibet, they should know about Potala Palace, yes at least travelers must visit this place during their Tibet vacation. Similar with me, in my first visit to Tibet, I did visit Potala Palace too. Do not ask me what my feeling but just come by yourself. So, my Tibet trip highlight is for a visit to this huge Potala Palace, highest palace in the world, stands 3,500 meters above sea level.

Potala PalaceHighest Palace on Earth - Potala Palace

Okay, by the way since travel to Tibet need some additional travel visa or whatever it calls, so I just got a trip arranged by local travel agency. From then, with our guide guidance we could travel numerous religious attractions in town including to Potala Palace. Potala Palace can be said is one of the most mysterious places I have ever been in my life. It was first and foremost residence of the Dalai Lama but now the place was filled with Chinese and non-Chinese tourists who were visiting the palace.

Since Potala Palace is huge so I felt little bit exhausted at the end of the tour. I started to have headache as a result of lack of oxygen. I think the entire tour lasted about hour and half and it was a lot of stair climbing. So, what I found inside the palace? What a shame, I cannot show you them because inside it was forbidden to take pictures. But I could tell you, there houses rich collection of Buddhist art including gold, silver, and jade relics and structures as well as collections of rare artifacts and manuscripts. The main building of Potala Palace is over 370 meters long, 13 stories tall, and reaches a height of 117 metres. The architecture was a masterpiece and seems reflected its Tibetan palace architecture.

Potala PalaceClear Sky Above Potala Palace

On the top of Potala Palace, you could see the entire city-square of Lasha. It was an amazing view that I got on the top of Potala Palace, since the sky was clear with nice weather. Potala Palace was not just a historical place, but a spiritual place for Tibetans. It was a symbol of religious right for them, and hope for their future. Of course, there are other religious places we did visit when we were in Lhasa, but Potala Palace was my best. I am so proud and feel blessed since I can reach Tibet, the highest place on earth. It was such a priceless experience. 

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