Spend the Night on Cruise and the Bund Shanghai by Ehtesham Abdi


As everyone should do, a visit to Shanghai one must thing to do for every visitors is join a cruise trip on Huangpu River. I was lucky enough for had a great chance to sail through Huangpu River, called as the mother river of Shanghai. Before booked the tour, we finally decided would cruise in the evening. Shanghai is beautiful and modern during day, but this metropolis city truly comes alive at night.

The BundCruise along Huangpu River, Mother River of Shanghai

From Huangpu River cruise, we could see the old and new of Shanghai, it is best way to see the sparkling lights of this vibrant city. We go to on Shanghai night cruise tour during my last night in Shanghai. Despite that I went on a short cruise during winter time, I remember the exciting views more than the chilly night. We could choose to sit at tables inside the boat which looked out over the east or west bank or we could brave the cold and stand outside on the top portion of the boat.

The BundThe Bund in the Evening

Since it was winter, the boat was not at full capacity. There were camera flashes going off everywhere on the boat: some towards the buildings and some towards the people on the cruise. Everyone including me, we were tried our best to take the best caption along the river. Everyone had a great time including me and my family too. We could have a best view of Shanghai by taking this cruise. Travelers literally from plenty different countries around the world were coming together to enjoy what Shanghai offered.

From my experience or tour in Shanghai, the Bund surely stands as the symbol of Shanghai. I realized this most clearly when I was on the boat cruise. How the modern and old of China culture meet up in the middle of the river that we could see from our boat. After about 45 minutes cruise trip on Huangpu River, our guide took us to the Bund. A close look by wandered it was different from what we saw from our boat. Lots of magnificent scenes we could see along our way. Here, we also took some of pictures on the way. Although the weather was cold but it was not enough stopped us from got our best memory while travelling Shanghai. Arrived at our last stop at Nanjing Road, we decided to explore longer in this famous pedestrian street. As that was our last day in Shanghai, so we want to make that night to maximal.

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A Short Trip to Shanghai Famous Attractions by Selena


I heard from my friends that Shanghai is a nice city, relatively simple for anyone to explore the city by own. It will be more easier if stay in one of popular hotel which located in the center of the city. Yes, my friends and I, we go to Shanghai by ourselves. First, we booked the hotel online then just directly come to the city. Arrived at the city, I was like change my mind to explore the city by ourselves. We searched for some online tour then find your travel agency. Got the booking online, then just started our one day trip in Shanghai with your tour two days after booked.

Yu Garden

In total, we stayed in Shanghai for one week and joined your one day bus tour. Our bus trip started from tour guide picked us up right in front of our hotel which located not far from Nanjing Road. After all the tour participant gathered, our guide took us all to visit the Yu Garden, a beautiful classical garden in China combined ancient Chinese garden landscapes and its beautiful surroundings. During the tour, our guide always told us about the story behind the attraction and guided us to the place where we could have the best sightseeing.

Not only a visit to Yu Garden which was refreshing and relaxing, next we also did visit The Bund, Jade Buddha Temple, former French Concession, Shanghai Museum etc. The bund which also known as the symbol of Shanghai actually we already visited it on the first day when we arrived at Shanghai. On that time, we did visit the Bund at night and took the cruise trip along Huangpu River which was extremely interesting and memorable. The views along both banks of the river were so beautiful both day and night. We could enjoy the views and architecture of European buildings along the river more details and clearly.

Move Jade Buddha Temple, a famous and ancient Buddha temple in Shanghai. We met lots of local people who prayed and burned incense inside. The temple was so beautiful, lots of Buddha statues and filled with burned incense scent everywhere. At the end of the tour, tour guide also transferred us back to the hotel. A really nice pick-up and drop-off service, very accommodating and thoughtful! Great time even only joined your one day bus tour!

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