Strolling Around Metropolis Shanghai at Night by Mariah Adler


The tour that I took from Beijing to Shanghai has made our vacation memorable and organized at the same time. Shanghai as everyone knows is a modern city, metropolis city which become very elegant and beautiful at night. During several days in Shanghai, join 2 days tour including its night tour with China travel agency, made us realized the fact of beautiful Shanghai night.

First place that everyone should not miss is Huangpu River for its night cruise. I prefer to take a night cruise tour than the day time. Huangpu River is very quiet during night. Visitors could see both banks along the river both Lujiazui and the Bund, the soul of Shanghai. When the lights are all on, it is gorgeous.

Huangpu River CruiseView Before Huangpu River Night Cruise

In fact, Huangpu River divides Shanghai into two sections: Pudong in the east, and Puxi in the West, the old and new Shanghai which can be seen from the river. Next to the river on the Puxi side is the Bund where old beautiful European buildings still stand and on the Pudong side is the modern sky-scrappers. During the cruise trip, visitors could enjoy bright and elegant view along the river.

Another interesting place to go at night is Nanjing Road, is the largest pedestrian street in Shanghai. The street is spectacular at night as the stores let up after dark. Strolling around the street while shopping, with wide ranges of street food, snacks, and restaurants are accompanied with this night rhythm. Nanjing Road is one of the remarkable centers in Shanghai, very ideal for people enjoy nightlife of the city.

People Square ShanghaiPeople Square Shanghai at Night

More than that, Shanghai also offers its famous music fountain at People Square, political and cultural center of Shanghai. This square is surrounded by Shanghai City Hall, Shanghai Grand Theater, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai urban planning Exhibition Hall Shanghai Art Museum and many shopping malls. Music fountain performs every night in the center of the square and attracts lots of people, both locals and foreigners. The whole square turns on a perfect picture; people are happy enjoy the performance, kids playing around, etc. For me, I like this atmosphere, everyone happy together in the middle of sparkling night. We did enjoy all of my night experience in Shanghai especially the fountain performance. Actually, whether it is night or day, Shanghai has offers a lot activities for visitors. It depends on you to explore it the most!

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Spending Perfect Three Day Trip in Beijing and Shanghai by Pamela


My first flight to China this year was so interesting and memorable. That was my second time visit Beijing and I would like to recall my memories back. So last time I visit the city, I did not have a chance for visit Forbidden City so this time I would like to have my own personally experience see this ancient palace. With my family, I could have an organized trip visited Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Everything was so prepared, from the hotel, itinerary, driver, van, tour guides etc. The city was like last time I did visit it, same condition, clean environment, organized traffic regulation and nice weather. So happy I could back to Beijing this time with my family.

Shanghai Yu GardenStunning Old Classical Chinese Garden of Yuyuan Garden

Besides Beijing, this time I did have chance explored Shanghai. My wife and kids were so excited to enjoy the atmosphere and have fun in this modern city of China. So before the trip, I asked our tour agency about how long that I should stay in Shanghai then we got the answer. Since actually we did not have lots of spare time in China so I did stay only 2 days in Shanghai. Thanks to our travel agency for arranging the tour itinerary for us.

The BundThe Symbol and Center of Shanghai, The Bund

From Yuyuan Garden, a famous Chinese classical garden till the Bund, symbol of this modern city Shanghai, a travel explore everything representative in Shanghai was priceless. We had seriously fun vacation in Shanghai. My kids specially love the city and its environment. There are so many entertainment spots such as, The Bund, Nanjing Road, Xintiandi etc. A cruise short trip along Huangpu River was memorable and interesting. Although it was little bit cold outside, but from the deck we could have a clear views of Shanghai on both backs of the river. The varied old classical western architecture on the west bank of the Huangpu River and the towering modern buildings on the east bank present a spectacular contrast, increasing the beauty and magnificence of the river. At the same time, with this tour we can also catch a glimpse of many other famous, important and magnificent buildings on the Bund.

Besides its itinerary, with this tour we also could enjoy the well serviced from our guides and driver. What a great trip that should not be regret!

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