Ideal Destination for First Time Visitors visit China by Natalie


For first time visitors to China, Beijing, Shanghai and Xian are three options which most visited and must-see cities for tourists to visit China. If you want to enjoy ancient atmosphere and historical sites in China then a tour to Xian and Beijing will be ideal. But on the other hand, if you want some other feeling of modern China then Beijing and Shanghai could be the best combination. 

Since I did interest with the underground mysterious tomb of Terracotta Army then after Beijing trip, my family and I, we decided to continue our trip to Xian, ancient capital of China. So, our stories start in the early morning each day began in Beijing. A first visit in Beijing to the Great Wall was interesting. We arrived at the wall at around 10:00am to soon begin our strenuous hike up the side of the hills. Some parts of Mutianyu section of Great Wall were so steep, make sure to wear comfortable hiking shoes while hiking the Wall.

Mutianyu Great WallMutianyu Great Wall in Winter

The scenery was picturesque and breathtaking. In total we hiked for just over one and half hours till head back to the foot of the Wall and looking for some souvenirs. Lots of small stores on the foot of the Wall sell Chinese handicrafts, clothes, t-shirt, unique souvenirs etc. If in Beijing, there has Great Wall then in Xian, there has Terracotta Army. The reasons why I came to China which are visit both magnificent places.

Terracotta WarriorsImage of Terracotta Warriors

A trip to Xian began right after we spent 3 days in Beijing explored must visit historical sites in the capital. Right after we arrived at Xian, the first destination that we preferred to visit surely Terracotta Army. As UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of China's most popular attractions, Terracotta Army is one of the best things to do in Xian. We did saw amazing large tomb with hundreds of terracotta sculptures in life size with different postures and figure details. It was such an interesting and amazing fact since it was built in ancient times of China without modern skill and equipments.

Overall, I am so glad we could make it, visit two famous historical sites of China. In addition, we also found lots of interesting facts about China as well as got great memories back home.

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