Short Trip to Guilin after Beijing in China by Candice


From our trip to Beijing, we continue my tour in China to Guilin with my friends. From my first day in Beijing visited the great Great Wall till the second day did visit palace, ancient garden as well as sacred sacrificial altars in Beijing till had the flight to Guilin. Guilin was my second city after Beijing that I visited during that trip.

Li River Small Town Nearby, Yangshuo

Guilin is a lovely collection of lakes and rivers which connect the various areas of the town. This place can be famous because it has one of the best karsts landscapes in China. One of those famous landmarks is Elephant Trunk Hill. My friends and I, we decided to visit the Elephant Hill scenic area (it is actually a hill that looks like an elephant with its trunk), the icon of Guilin. With the tour arrangement, we did visit that place but found that area already covered with fog. Such a pity! We could not see clearly about that elephant version.

Actually, our original plan here was to visit Guilin for a couple of days and then move onto spend two nights in Yangshuo. But because we can speak just the simple Chinese so I prefer to take this tour from local travel agency that I booked in Beijing. With this Guilin tour, we did not only can visit the hill and fabulous natural cave called Reed Flute Cave but also can have a chance for cruise the Li River. The river Li has some stunning scenery and not surprisingly is very popular with the Chinese. The sights of some of the rocks feature on the 20 Yuan note so all Chinese people know about this place.

Li River Bamboo Rafting along the Small River

Cruised along Li River depart from Guilin then reached Yangshuo, a small touristy town near from Guilin. In Yangshuo, we could see great nature scenery around, few tourists, less pollution, not traffic and pollution. The highlight of the Yangshuo sightseeing trip has to be the Bamboo raft down the river. This river cruise was very short, but the scenery was beautiful.

Our guide was terrific, she was just out of tourism college, spoke really good English, very friendly and informative. We did experience lots of interesting experiences. It such a trip brought us back to the nature, to see the beautiful small town with stunning landscapes combines with river, limestone karsts hills, and blue clear sky.

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