Discover World Heritage of China to Terracotta Army by Layal Habbal


Start my tour to Xian from the early morning from Beijing, the capital city of China flight to Xian. I felt a little bit sleepy for sure but still have to continue our tour together. With my family, in total of 5 persons of us, we departed from our hotel to the airport in Beijing then took a short flight to Xian. Having served as the capital city of 13 different dynasties, Xian is listed as one of the four main capitals in China, and also marks the eastern end of the legendary Silk Road. And the city has its famous world heritage called Terracotta Warriors and that is our biggest destination for that day.

Terracotta WarriorsPit 1 of Terracotta Army

Arrived at Xian, our guide picked us up at the airport then directly transferred us to the huge tomb, Terracotta Warriors. Commissioned by the despotic Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, Terracotta Warriors was start its construction not long after the first emperor of China (Qin emperor) ascended to throne. More over 7000 Terracotta statues were constructed over 36 years by up to 700 000 unpaid workers. Terracotta Warriors built aimed to protect the emperor afterlife. Our guide even said that the Emperor was cruel to his workers and especially unpopular with farmers. I also heard, at last the emperor killed all the workers by buried in together with this project so they would not reveal any secrets. Such a mysterious story right!

Terracotta WarriorsIndividual Horse Drawn Carriages

By visit Terracotta Army, we could enjoy personally that amazing large tomb and took lots of photos as much as we want. When you look at the detail of all terracotta, then you will realize they have different facial expression with other, no one look alike. Just do not imagine how it built at past and how the emperor buried all workers down. Unimaginable fact!

Continue explore the complex, we did saw over hundreds terracotta sculptures in battle formation all along the way. It was great to see them all in close up. I loved everything about the warriors and how they were displayed. It is a big archaeological finding ever! Thanks for this Beijing Xian flight tour that gave us a chance to directly visit it. We seriously appreciate it and all was so worth it! Thank you for the service too!

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Trip to the Ancient Capital of China by Jessica


I got this tour from Beijing, the place where I worked lately. Yes, from Beijing, my family and I, we left the capital and took the high speed train to Xian, the old capital of China. This city has so much history and lots of landmarks to hit so I was very excited about getting here. From one month before we went to Xian, we already booked the tour via online or website. Yes, I did call the travel agency little bit to make sure our tour.

Terracotta Warriors

My trip in Xian began when tour guide picked us up in front of our hotel. We joined a bus tour or commonly said group tour, so we did visit landmarks of Xian with other visitors, foreigners same with us. First thought about our guide, she is a nice and polite person. Yes, our first day in Xian began with a visit to Terracotta Army. 3 hours we spent our time inside the ancient tomb complex of Qin Emperor or also can be said as the First Emperor of China. A visit to Xian would not be complete without explore Terracotta Army, it is the same condition for visit Beijing without hike on Great Wall.

Once we entered the huge tomb complex and I can personally felt some mysterious and sacred atmosphere around. There are 3 different pits to go and see, number 1 being the largest and most impressive. Hundreds of terracotta sculptures lined up in battle formation like they try to protect their emperor after life. Each sculpture of them has unique and impressive body structures. They are all hand crafted with different expressions, different hairstyles, they are all individual, different from one to another.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Then, with this tour we did also visit the Banpo Museum, an archaeological site of Banpo that belongs to the Yangshao Culture. There are display the unearthed production tools and domestic tools used by the Banpo people. Then another site is Big wild Goose Pagoda, a famous pagoda and one of the landmarks of Xian.

Overall, we are really happy with the service, our guide, the itinerary and lunch. Everything has met our expectation and we had a great day. Worth for every cent that we spent! Thank you for all the service!

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