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Travel Review
Should have been a group but we were the only people, so it was a private tour really! 6 days explore two cities in China was extremely memorable and interesting. We learnt a lot of culture and history of China by visit those remarkable sites. All in all very good tour covers plenty amazing place to see! Thank you for the arrangements, we really enjoyed the tour!
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China Tours

Different kinds of China Tours listed below for you to in-depth understanding the beauty and rich culture of the old country.

Popular China Tour Package

Top 10 China Tours

Top 10 China Tours

10 Itineraries

Join our hand-picked top 10 China tours, you would be lucky to appreciate top China highlights with unexpected service!

China Group Tours

China Group Tours

11 Itineraries

Hand-picked dazzling attractions and money-saving price, China Group Tours with excellent service will return you an incomparable holiday!

China Tours 2016 - 2017

China Tours 2016 - 2017

7 Itineraries

Join this well-organized tour to explore the most sought after sights and tourist destinations in China with the upcoming year 2016 to 2016!

Yangtze China Tours

Yangtze China Tours

29 Itineraries

Permeating in Chinese fairy land on leisurely pace! Yangtze River cruise takes you feel the closet experience!

China Tours with Tibet

China Tours with Tibet

6 Itineraries

Penetrating into the holy Tibet unique culture, mysterious attractions and sincere local ethnic groups, just follow us!

Yunnan & Guizhou Tours

Yuannan & Guizhou China Tours

6 Itineraries

Soak up diverse ethnic culture and immerse in fascinating art with a well organized trip to Yunnan and Guizhou to experience best of China!

China Train Tours

China Train Tours

16 Itineraries

Experience money-saving China tour to explore the most breathtaking Chinese highlights, saving money, harmonious safe journey, follow us!

Silk Road China Tours

Silk Road China Tours

5 Itineraries

Tracing back to ancient Silk Road to feel its glory, marvelous scenic spots alongside and deep rooted culture, fresh feeling and memory!

Travel Tips

Safety during China Travel

Single women can move about without too much hassle. In fact, worry less about criminals in China. Handbag-snatching and pick pocketing do happen in markets and on crowded buses or trains (crowded areas), so keep an eye open and your money safe, be aware of what is happening around you and you should have no problems.

Book Tibet Travel in Advance

Visitors should book Tibet travel in advance for make Tibet travel permit, a permit that lists your full name, nationality, age, passport number and your exactly travel route while in Tibet. For make this travel permit, travelers must contact a travel agency at least 3 or 4 weeks before arrive Lhasa. This permit is a must need for foreigners who want travel Tibet.

Best Time visit Yunnan

The climate is always pretty nice in Yunnan, except during the rainy season. The rainy season up there lingers into August, so September and October are fine. Kunming the capital of Yunnan Province for example has yearly mild weather with annual temperature around 15 °C. The best time for traveling Kunming is from March to October when fresh fruits mellow and flowers blossom and a dozen of minority festivals take place.

What to Bring on a Silk Road Tour

Bring suitable clothes appropriate for the hottest summer as well as clothing that appropriate for the chilliest evenings and early mornings, since the temperature swings considerably from day to night in arid, desert-like regions. Bring your comfort shoes is also an important thing. Moreover, bring along an adequate sunscreen, a good lip pomade, and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the intense glare.

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Travelling on Silk Road

Travelling along Silk Road will more like than a journey not a vacation. Every traveler need to be in a good and fit body to travel along this ancient trading road. There are some long drives and rough roads, and toilet facilities en route are not always of the highest standards. However, these are all small compromises when coupled with some truly outstanding scenery and the fascinating cultures that you will find along the route.

Train Ticket Booking Notes

There are various ways to buy train tickets in China although it is not easy for a tourist. Normally, you can book your domestic train ticket within 3 to 15 days prior to your travel time, but it may vary based on the city and the time of the year you want to go. Foreigners need to provide their exact name and passport number (as with plane tickets).

Dress Codes on Yangtze River Cruise

Casual dress would be fine. Depends on what season you join the cruise. Sweater from winter, cotton T-shirts alternatives for summer. For summer, hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are also recommended.
Comfortable sneakers or shoes are also necessary. Most ships will have two formal nights including the Captain's Welcome Cocktail Party and Dinner. For these dinners, formal dress is expected. Jacket and tie for men and dresses or pantsuits for ladies are recommended.

Buy Chinese Train Ticket

Reservations open 18 days before departure for all long-distance trains. You cannot buy tickets before reservations open. Apart from peak Chinese holiday periods, train tickets are best booked at least 3-4 days in advance. You can buy the train ticket directly from the train station or local train ticket agencies. Bring passport with you since the staff need your real identity. If you are not in China, then you can ask our staff to help book the train ticket for advance.

Clothing for Tibet Tour

When you packing for Tibet tour, then you should remember your destination sightseeing is at elevation of 3500m and your cloth must be warm enough and can be removed easy enough. Layering is the best way since mornings and evenings can be very cold, but warm up as the day wears on. Additional, wear comfortable shoes also properly during Tibet tour.

Tips for Avoid High Altitude Sickness in Tibet

- Check your health before travel to Tibet, physical examination is advisable before travelling to Tibet.
- Avoid catching cold before you go to Tibet and during your Tibet tour.
- Drink enough water or drinks and fruits, good rest also very important.
- Do not take shower at the first two days you are in Lhasa, avoid catching cold.
- Always travel together with your guide in order to always know your condition.

General Tips for Visit Great Wall

- Beijing is the best departure point for visiting the Wall
- Beat the tour bus crowds (especially if going to Badaling)
- Avoid Chinese National Holidays, weekend (especially during summer) or just go early morning or late afternoon
- Badaling is the easiest, less steep parts and closest from Beijing, best option if you have limited time
- Use the toilet first at the foot of the Wall, bring own toilet paper

Best Time Join a Yangtze River Tour

Best times to take a Yangtze River cruise are in April, May, Sept. and Oct (high season of Yangzte Cruise with high price of accommodation). As July and Aug is little hot, so it belongs to the shoulder season (lower price than the high season). Few cruises are available in winter time from later Dec to next Mar and it is popular for the Christmas days and New Year day.

Important Things to Bring During Great Wall Hiking

- Bring some cash and water. You will find local people who selling Great Wall postcards, book, maps, bottled water, beer and even snacks along the wall.
- Do bring some snacks, or sandwich for your lunch or for the case of getting hungry on the Wall.
- Bring your own toilet paper as it is not usually supplied in the public restrooms on Great Wall.

Essential Things to Bring during Train Travel in China

1. Pack your Own Snack and Drink. The food in the dining car on the train is expensive, as well as its beverage.
2. Bring your own toilet paper or wet wipes, because in all China train, toilet paper is not available for passenger.
3. Bring a book or magazine to properly waste time. Bring your iPod or mp3 player. Play games to keep your mind off the distance.

Tips for the China first timers

- Bring Chinese conversation dictionary with you. Learn and know about Chinese a little bit.
- Make your plan tour. Focus on your itinerary and make the schedule in details if you want to travel privately, without China local travel agency help.
- Make the budget and prepare everything essential you must bring.
- Check the weather, ensure your first travel in China not become a nightmare. Generally speaking spring and autumn are the most comfortable seasons, although not in all provinces.

Why Travel Silk Road?

Terracotta Warriors: Visit one of the nation's most haunting, the vast life-size army of soldiers, built to outlast death.
Tour Turpan: Discover the ruins of the ancient city-states Jiaohe and Gaochang, destroyed by Genghis Khan and his unstoppable Mongol hordes.
Discover Dunhuang: Satisfy your inner archaeologist at the magnificent Mogao caves and scale the shifting slopes of Singing Sand Mountain.
Kashgar: Explore Central Asia's largest and liveliest bazaar.
Seek Solace at Kumbum Monastery: Visit one of the six great monasteries of the Tibetan Buddhist sect known as Yellow Hat, reputedly the birthplace of the sect's founder, Tsong Khapa.

Things to do on Winter Vacation in Beijing

- Go Ice skating on picturesque outdoor skating rinks
- Go skiing to Nanshan Ski Resort, Snow World Ski Resort, Badaling Ski Resort, etc.
- Visit Beijing's Museums including Beijing Capital Museum and National Museum of China, two best museums in Beijing.
- Attend the Beijing Ice Lantern Festival in Beijing's Longqing Gorge from mid-January through Mid-February.
- Bathe in a Hot Springs. Chunhuiyuan Hot Springs Resort, Jiuhua Spa & Resort and Huaxia Hot Springs are your best deals.
- Eat Hotpot. Most love to eat in winter, recommendation place for you is Haidilao Hotpot.

Why China Train Trip?

- Money Savings. Cheaper compared to traveling by plane
- New experience takes the train trip through China
- Get close with Chinese locals
- Great views. See the lush green hills, the colorful cities, mountain, quaint countryside etc.

Popular Categories of Chinese Trains

Chinese trains are divided into various categories according to their speed.
G, C and D trains are all modern high-speed trains, and currently are appointed to the best categories.
Z - Direct Express Train (second best categories) is a direct train from A to B without a stopover, but in few cases they do have a few stops.
T - Express Train has limited stops on the routes, especially in the major cities. Mostly T-series of train is equipped with soft-sleeper, soft-seat, hard-sleeper and hard-seat.
K- Fast Train has more stops than the T-trains. It equipped with air-condition and the four classes of train berths.

Tibet Travel Tips

a. First of all, foreigners are allowed to travel to the Tibet Autonomous Region only when they get the Tibet Travel Permit. Visitors could only visit the places listed on the Tibet Travel Permit, or will be regarded as illegal.
b. Make sure take warm clothing with you as it is quite chilly during the night and early morning.
c. Take care of yourself while touring and bring some high altitude medication.

Brief Introduction about Three Gorges

Three Gorges along Yangtze River include Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge.
Qutang Gorge is the first of the three gorges of the Yangtze River and famous for its sheer and spectacular precipices.
Wu Gorge is the second gorge of the three gorges of the Yangtze River and gifted with exquisite peaks and lush mountains.
Xiling Gorge is the largest and furthest downstream of the three gorges along Yangtze River.

Highland Altitude Sickness in Tibet

Nearly all the tourists entering Tibet have to experience highland altitude sickness. For some the effect is strong, while for others it is just a little. The reaction may vary from person to person. Take care of yourself while touring and bring some high altitude medication.

Why China Groups Tours?

- It's a money saving way to travel in China.
- China group tour can offer the safety, comfort and companionship.
- Every tour has a knowledgeable tour guide in each city.
- Professional and courteous drivers ensure your safety.

Food in Guizhou

Due to the largest number of ethnic minoritie, Yunnan has a great variety of food. Yunnan dishes feature quite spiciness and much use of mushrooms. Yunnan food is also the prominent use of flowers as dishes.

Payment Methods for China Tours

a. Cash to tour guide (USD/CNY);
b. Credit Card through PayPal;
c. Western Union Money Transfer;
d. Bank Remit (Wire Transfer);
e. Credit Card.

Medical Treatment in China

We highly recommend all travelers purchase comprehensive travel insurance in their home country before departure.
Hotels in China usually have access to a doctor. In the event of a serious condition call 120 at first. The tour guide will do everything possible to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible.

Top Places must visit in Yunnan

: Visit the metropolitan city with wide, palm-lined roads and modern buildings.
: Taste of Naxi culture, ascend the top of the snow-capped Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
: Sandwiched by Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake and exporing Bai Culture.
: Enjoy a dream tour in a dreamy world.
: The center of the Dai ethnic culture, and the best place to see wildlife in China.
: Boat on the unspoiled Lugu Lake and meet Mosuo people of a matriarchal society.
: Feel the most fancinating and dramtic trek along the cliff and waterfalls.

Dishes in Yunnan

Due to the largest number of ethnic minoritie, Yunnan has a great variety of food. Yunnan dishes feature quite spiciness and much use of mushrooms. Yunnan food is also the prominent use of flowers as dishes.

Tips on Visit Local Ethnic Families

When the hosts treat you with their local food, it is considered impolite to refuse it. Thank your host and offer the reasonable explanation if you are really reluctant. When the hosts toast you, you should receive the cup and first offer your thanks to the hosts.

Important Notice on Airport and Train Transfer

If your flight or train departs from Beijing before 9:00am or after 11:00pm and arrives at Beijing before 8:00am or after 10:00pm, you have to pay the extra charge of US$10 for each car transfer.

Weather & Tourism Seasons in Tibet

Sun radiation is extremely strong in Tibet but the climate is not as bad as many people think it to be. It is suitable for travel to Tibet from April to November, and the best time for travelling is August and September.

Tips on shopping in China

Besides the scenery in China, there are also traditional arts and handcrafts famous in the world. In Beijing, we will transfer you to visit the Jade Factory, Pearl Market, Ceramic Shop and Silk Market. In Shanghai, never miss the silk carpets. In Hangshou, have a taste of West Lake Longjing Tea is the must-do thing.

Information about Tour Vehicles

Vehicles we provide are all regular travel vehicles with insured. All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning and enough luggage space with clean environment, on peculiar smell, no damage, no refueled during the transfer. The parking place of all vehicles is within a distance of less than 100 meters from the collection point.

Tips on visiting Temples along Silk Road

When traveling along the Silk Road, a temple is often an important spot visited by travelers. In order to ensure a pleasant visit, please remember the important things:
a. When meeting the monks, put your palms together and lower your head for greeting.
b. Do not touch or deface any religious artifacts, and be silent and respectful during religious ceremonies.

Different Tour Guide Languages

All the tour routes include English speaking tour guide, but other language speaking tour guides such as French, Japanese, Spanish, etc are also available. If needed, please contact our trip advisor to arrange for you.

Tour Guide for China Tours

Local tour guide in each city! All tour guides have the official licenses for tour guide service. Our English speaking tour guides or other languages tour guides in each city have received professional training in hospitality industry. They are ready to render their good service to you.

Travel Tips for Yunnan Tour

. Located on the Yungui Plateau, there is a big temperature difference between day and night. Also with strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, bring some sun cream with you.
. Yunnan food features spiciness and sourness, so prepared for the food on your trip in case.
. Respect for the faith and customs of ethnic groups.

Tips to find the tour guide on arrival and in scenic area

: Our guide will wait for you at the airport/railway station holding a sign with your name. If you cannot find tour guide, please stay in the exit and call at 86-10-51290900
: Since crowded, if you cannot find your tour guide, firstly, don't be panic, stay where you are, do not move far away and waiting for tour guide; Secondly, find the nearest phone and call at 86-10-51290900 for help.

Best Time to Join Silk Road Tour

May and October are the best seasons to join Silk Road China Tours with the average temperature around 15 centigrade. Along Silk Road, along the desert, the summer can be fairly hot while the winter is freezing.

Services of Group Tours in China

Join group tour is a money saving way to travel in China. Low price matches with considerate services including: airport transfers, hotel pick up and drop off service, English speaking tour guide explain the sightseeing along the tour, air-condition coach with driver, typical Chinese meals.

Most Important Thing for Tibet Travel

Foreigners are allowed to travel to the Tibet Autonomous Region only when they get the Tibet Travel Permit. Without Tibet Travel Permit, your flight tickets cannot be issued and will be called illegally travel in Tibet. On the permit, there written the places you will visit. Please remember, foreign visitors could only visit the places (attractions) listed on the Tibet Travel Permit, or will be regarded as illegal.


How about the driver for transfers?

All drivers are licensed and experienced with at least 3 years driving experience. Comply with local traffic regulations, they are familiar with destinations and tour routes.

Difference between bus tour and private tour?

Yes. Bus tour is a money-saving way to travel together with some other tourists in the same tour maybe from different countries. Private tour is more flexible and comfortable and travel with your family or friends, have your private tour guide, car and driver.

What should I care about for Tibet Tour?

First of all, you should apply for Tibet Permission in advance.
The most important thing in Tibet is to respect for their religious beliefs.

What to see along Yangtze River?

Yangtze River tour starts from Chongqing to Yichang or Vice Versa. The highlights along the river are: Three Gorges (Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, Xiling Gorge), Three Gorges Dam, Fengdu Ghost City, Shennong Stream.

I am a Muslim, could I get personal request for the tour?

Yes, you can. With the private tour, with no other travelers, you can arrange your own personal itinerary for the tour. Tell your special requests to our tour advisor by send an email to us. We will answer as soon as we receive your email.

Can I get Italian speaking tour guide in group tour?

No, in our China group tour, there only available English tour guide. Of course, if you still prefer Italian tour guide, we could provide it for you but with the private tour service. It will be more expensive but you could get more personalized service, not travel with other tourists.

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How long does the Tibet Permit application process take?

It usually takes 3 working days to apply Tibet Entry Permit. But it is better if you can confirm your tour at least 1 month before getting to Tibet to avoid any urgent cases.

What are the clothes that I must bring to Tibet?

For the clothing, we suggest casual attire style and layered clothing. In day time you may need only a T-shirt or at most a jacket, but at night you may need a coat. For further remote areas, you need warm coat.

Is it easy to find an ATM in Tibet?

In Lhasa and Shigatse, two remarkable cities in Tibet, travelers will not have any problems finding an ATM. But, you might hard to find one ATM in some remote areas or the smaller towns. However, this situation is changing, and ATMs are gradually spreading out across the land.

Is that travelling in Silk Road safety?

Yes, if you are travelling accompany by local tour guide, you should not worry too much. Areas around Silk Road might a bit remote with minimum access and facilities. But by join local tour, we can give accommodation and well transportation for traveler during the tour.

How many hours from Beijing to Lhasa by air?

There are two direct flights a day from Beijing to Lhasa with a stopover in Chengdu. It takes about 5 hours from Beijing to Lhasa.

Where I could find traditional Tibetan handicrafts in Lhasa?

Barkhor Street is a traditional Tibetan shopping center, where shopkeepers with small shops and stalls on the street supply more traditional and fascinating Tibetan artifacts and handicrafts. Same with other traditional markets, you should try to bargain with the shopkeepers so as to buy nice things at lower prices.

What activities available on board along Yangtze River cruise?

On this big cruise ship there is no lack of interesting activities. Apart from captain's welcoming and farewell party, there are some Chinese traditional cultures classes such as taichi clasess, Majong, Chinese traditional painting, Chinese dumpling-making and Chinese folk dancing are all available onboard with professional teachers will help.
Furthermore, you can enjoy Chinese traditional Massage and foot massages which are provided on the cruise ship at extra cost after land excursions in the daytime.

What can I do on ship during Yangtze River cruise?

It depends on the ship, but generally the ships will have the most activities. You may wish to lounge on deck by the pool with a good book, take a Taichi or dance class, attend a lecture, take one or 2 shore excursions at day time or enjoy the evening performs at night.

What kind of room we could get on Yangtze cruise?

Standard room with twin beds is well equipped with picture window or private balcony, central air-conditioning, 24 hours hot water, satellite TV, phone, small Refrigerator, bar etc. For more detail and reservation, feel free to ask our trip advisor.

Are children's fares free on Yangtze River cruise?

No, normally children under 12 ages will be travel at half of adult fare. For reservation or details, you may contact our trip advisor by email at

Is that true we cannot bring camera to sacred places in Lhasa?

Yes, most of attractions in Lhasa including Potala Palace are some religious place among Tibetan. Especially in Potala Palace, after enter the palace visitors only have 1 hour inside with no oxygen bottles, no photos, no wearing hats and sun glasses.

Do I have to participate in the Yangtze River cruise line's organized activities?

On a cruise, the choice is yours. You can do anything you wish. You can do it all or just relax on the ship deck, enjoy the views outside.

Is Yangtze River cruise available in winter?

Few cruises are available in winter season from later Dec to next Mar. It is popular for the Christmas days and New Year day.

Do we should stick together with guide in Tibet?

Yes, tourism to Tibet is strictly controlled by the Chinese government and all travelers must stay with an organised trip the entire time they are in Tibet. Visitors will not be allowed to travel on an independent basis. So for your safety and comfort, keep stick together with tour guide.

Can we get Tibet travel permit from your agency?

Yes, sure. If you join Tibet tour with our service then you will also get the travel permit to Tibet, full with your tour itinerary when you in Tibet. For more details, you can directly ask our advisor by email.

Any recommendation for how long should I stay in Beijing?

Stay in Beijing can be any length. But for the recommendation, a minimum stay can be said for 4 day and 3 nights. It allows you to explore must visit, the most famous landmarks in Beijing as well as know little bit culture of Chinese.

Is there any toilet above the Wall?

No, toilet is available on the Wall but at the foot of the mountain (entry points). So, you should take this advantage before hike the Wall. Bring your own toilet paper.

Is smoking allowed on train in China?

No. Smoking is not permitted in the sleeping-car compartments or corridors on any Chinese train, or anywhere at all on board high-speed trains or the pressurised trains to Tibet. But smoking is allowed in the vestibules between carriages and in some restaurant cars on the regular T & K category long-distance trains.

What is the best way to get Beijing downtown from airport?

Depend on your condition. The easiest and cheapest way to get from the airport into central Beijing is to take the Airport Express Line, which will get you there in about 20 minutes. While take taxi, you should waiting a long queue line then takes at least 40 minutes trip from the airport to downtown, sometimes much longer depending on traffic.

What to Eat along Silk Road Trip?

Yes, in Dunhuang when you visit Echoing Sand Dune, we will give you a chance to have a camel ride but you must pay an extra price to experience it.

How long to take flight trip from Shanghai to the Yellow Mountain?

Tourists can enjoy the best menu dishes of Shaanxi cuisine, Gansu cuisine and Xinjiang cuisine. When tourist travel through Urumqi, Turpan and Kashgar, they could taste authentic Xinjiang dishes which famous for many delicious foods such as grilled mutton, fresh naan, spicy kebabs, steaming pilaf, famous hand stretched noodles and much a variety of choices.

Are there any limits for luggage in Yangtze River Cruise?

There are no rules for the number of the pieces or weight of personal luggage on your cruise ship however closet space is limited. There is a luggage rack in every room and a luggage deposit service is also available.

How long is the train ride from Shanghai to Zhangjiajie?

It will take you about 18 hours to get to Zhangjiajie from Shanghai, via train.

Do the train stations broadcast in English?

Besides train stations in some big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Xian, most train stations in China only broadcast in Chinese. You should pay attention on the train or before the trip just ask for some details from our trip advisor.

Is there any restaurant on the train in China?

Most overnight long-distance China trains have a restaurant car serving full meals. Sometimes the waiter also will offer travelers for drinks, snacks & meals on the way. The best trains on key routes such as Beijing-Shanghai have menus in both Chinese and English.

When is the Best Season to Visit Silk Road?

The months between May and October are the best time to travel the Silk Road. During May, the average temperature along the route is around 15C. The scenery is most beautiful during May.

In Silk Road Tour, is that true if I could have a camel ride?

Yes, in Dunhuang when you visit Echoing Sand Dune, we will give you a chance to have a camel ride but you must pay an extra price to experience it.

Can I stay in Tibet after my tour is finished?

No, your travel permit is only valid for the duration of your tour. Once your tour is completed, you have to leave. Normally, the travel agency that you use will either book your flight/train ticket departing Lhasa or will ask for you to show your outgoing ticket.

What should I bring if travelling China by train?

Bring some of your own food, snacks and water. Food and drink are sold on board and at each major station stop but it is expensive and not that good. And at last, do not forget to bring your own toilet paper or tissue for your convenience.

Any luggage storage services at the train stations?

Yes, there is luggage storage service in or near every railway station. The rate varies, usually at 10 yuan per luggage per day. For safety, please take valuable belongings with you.

Why was the Silk Road Made?

The original function was to transport and trade silk. Later, many products from other areas and countries were traded here. It was regarded as an important route for exchanges of economy, politics and culture between oriental areas and the west.

Can I get on the Great Wall in a wheelchair?

Not every section of the Great Wall offers the wheelchair route. If you need, I suggest you to visit Badaling Great Wall in Beijing. There is wheelchair favored route/facility.

What about the traffic in Beijing?

The traffic in Beijing is very convenient, with subway, buses and taxis. But generally speaking Beijing has a heavy traffic, so it is better to join a tour group or rental a car for your travel.

What does the tour quotation include?

The price includes internal air tickets or train tickets, transfer fees between airport or train station to hotel, air-condition car/coach with deriver, tour guide fee, meals as listed in the itinerary, entrance tickets of sightseeing, accommodation (if listed in the itinerary).

Late October is the good time for China tour?

Yes, in October, the climate in China is great with comfortable temperature, much sunshine and blue sky. However, it is the high season, so the top tourist destinations must be crowded.

What about the dress on Yangtze River Cruise?

No special demand. It mainly depends on the weather condition.

Do you cater for muslim tourists?

Vegetarian in big tourist cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xian will be available. If you have special food requirements, you'd better take a private tour for more flexible.

Any Spanish-speaking tour guide for group tour?

Spanish-speaking tour guides are available in China but in private tour. However, if you take a small group tour, there will be an English-speaking guide.

Are there any dangers on Silk Road?

No dangers unless you are traveling alone in deserts. Following our tour guide, you will experience the fantastic tour along Silk Road both for viewing and culture understanding.

May we have 3 in a room during China Tours?

Yes, you can. But if you occupy one room and require an extra bed, then the extra bed charge will be needed except for the double occupancy rate.

Can we get vegetarian food on board the cruise?

There are buffet meals and set menu on the cruise. You could choose the vegetarian food to eat.

What are the hotels like in Tibet?

In Lhasa, the hotel facilities are ok, not much different from other major cities in China. But in some remote area such as Tingri and Everest Base Camp, hotels are only can provide basic facility and service for foreign tourist and the English-speaking levels of the staff are very poor.

Where does the Silk Road pass by?

The route of Silk Road passes through Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai Provinces, Ningxia Hui and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous regions and then stretches over the Pamirs, further extend to Central and West Asia and finally gets to the east bank of the Mediterranean Sea and Eastern Europe.

Is Train Travel convenient in China?

Yes, the railway transportation in China has developed and traveling by train in China is one of the cheapest ways. It is widely used by the locals.

Free bottled drinking water supplied on cruise?

Yes, most of cruises offer free bottle water and normally 1 bottle for each passenger per day.

Do I need a heath report travel by train to Tibet?

Yes, all travelers are required to complete a heath report on the train to Tibet.

Do I need a sleeping bag on the train in China?

Most trains in China are air-conditioned and each bunk is allocated a pillow and quilt. Soft-sleeper carriages are very comfortable and clean with an enclosed cabin. Hard-sleeper carriages have simpler facilities, but they are also ok.

Can I travel to Tibet by myself?

No, individual travelers are not allowed to enter Tibet. Government regulations require all travelers be accompanied by an accredited tour guide.

Is Disabled Friendly in China?

The major tourist cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, etc are all disabled friendly. Airport and train station accessibility; Accessible Van and Coaches with either ramp or Lift; Manual Wheelchairs; Luggage Handling; these services are available for the disabled.

Are your tour packages customizable?

All the private tour packages we offer are customizable to meet your satisfaction but the bus tour packages are not. Also if you like, you could tailor-made your tour all by yourselves. Our job is to help you design a perfect trip to China according to your requirements.

Does your tour quotation include the meals?

Yes, but according to different tour routes, there may be some differences. So please read the detail tour information of each tour route.

What happens if you do not reach the minimum for group tour?

Don't worry about that. As long as you confirm the group tour itinerary, then the tour will be guaranteed departures with even one person.

Are there medical services on Yangtze Cruises?

Professional medical services are available on almost all cruise ships and every ship has a doctor on call and two registered nurses in attendance.

Do you have hotel transfer service for all guests in Beijing?

Usually we supply hotel transfer service for guests who stay in Beijing downtown area (within third ring road).

Are there any tourist shops on the tours?

We do arrange one or two shops on the tour per day but shopping is not compulsory. The shopping stops are nice places for you to relax and at the same time to familiarize yourself with the local products.

When is the Best Time to Visit China?

The best time to visit China depends on which places you wish to visit. In China, usually the high seasons for tourism are Sep. and Oct. when the weather is comparatively comfortable, but prices are higher. The low season is from Nov. to Mar. during winter when there are fewer crowds and the prices are cheaper.

How can I meet my tour guide in the hotel?

Your tour guide will call you to your room when he arrives at your hotel. So please just wait in your room at the pick up time as the tour guide told you before the tour date.

How can I meet the driver for the airport transfer?

When you come out of the terminal, please find the pick-up staff waiting for you at the welcome area holding a sign with your name on the hands.

Are there any luggage storage services at train stations?

Yes, there is luggage storage service in every railway station. The rate varies, but is usually 10 CNY per luggage per day. Take valuable belongings with you.

Do I have to tip my tour guide and driver?

Tipping is not compulsory but it is expected by tour guide and driver. Here is the reference for tipping:
Tour Guide: 80 CNY - 100 CNY per day
Driver: 60 CNY - 80 CNY per day

What to wear when in Tibet?

Make sure take warm clothing with you as it is quite chilly during the night and early morning. Casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes are the musts during your tours in Tibet.

When is the best time to visit Tibet?

The best time to travel to Tibet is from May to October. The weather during other times will be quite cold and makes sightseeing difficult.

When will you pick me up from hotel in the morning?

Generally we will pick up guests from their hotels at around 7:30am in the bus tour and around 8:00am in the private tour.

What do I need to board the Yangtze Cruise ship?

The check in procedure is as the same as that in a hotel, just need to tell your name and show your passport. You do not need any tickets or vouchers.

Can I go to a restaurant as my favorite in the tour?

Of course you can have the lunch in your favorite restaurant and we will not collect the lunch money from you for guests in private tour. But for customers in bus tour, the price of the tour is fixed even though you will not have lunch with us.

In China, is it wheelchair friendly in major sites?

Yes, of course. China is a safe city and most of tourist destinations are wheelchair friendly, especially in the big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Do not need to worry about that and enjoy a great trip in China.

To Save Time, Can I Skip the Souvenir Shop?

Of course you can skip the souvenir shop in your private tour. But the tour without souvenir shop is more expensive. However the souvenir shops all have unique Chinese characters such as the tea house, silk shop & jade shop, etc.

What is the difference between private tour and bus tour?

The private tour is more flexible and comfortable and you have your private tour guide, car and driver, while the bus tour is traveling with many other tourists in the same tour maybe from different countries. It is an economic way to travel.

Could the driver pick me up even my flight is in midnight?

Of course, we offer airport transfer service at any time of the day. Bus if your flight arrives before 8:00am or after 22:00pm, departs before 9:00am or after 23:00pm, extra charge will be paid.

I'm Muslim, do you supply vegetarian food during tours?

No problem. We can arrange vegetarian food for you if you are Muslim.

How about the driver for tours and transfers?

All drivers are licensed and have at least 3 years driving experience. They are familiar with tour routes and the tourist areas and are able to comply with local traffic regulations. Drivers are all in clean dressed, no smoking or eating in the vehicle.

What do I need to provide for a tour reservation?

We could make a tour reservation for guests with the following information: guest's name, number of guests, hotel name and tour date.

How many people in the group tour?

The number of guest will not fixed until the tour day. Usually, we will supply 22 seats van if there are 10 people.

Does it cool off in Sep., or Oct. is more comfortable in China?

September is comfortable for visiting North China. It is not very hot with sunny day, blue and clear sky. But in South China, September is still very hot. So if you are planning to visit the attractions located in South China, we recommend you to come during October.

How big luggage can be taken on the bullet train?

Passengers are allowed to take carry-on luggage for free. For adult, the total length of each cannot exceed 160cm and rod-shaped luggage should not exceed 200cm in length and 20kg in weight. For children (with free ticket included), less than 10kg.

How to Book a Tour Online?

Just need 5 steps to book a tour. Firstly, select a tour you are interested in online and enquire; Secondly, after your enquire, you will get a quote for the tour from our trip advisors; Thirdly, if you have any new ideas, free for changing before the tour starts; Then, check all information you had put in, if it is correct, click "confirm"; Last, Final Payment.

When is the best time to travel along Yangtze River in China?

Yangtze River Cruise tour is available from March to November every year. And the best time for tour is from May to October with comfortable temperature.

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