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Top China Travel Destinations - Famous Attractions

Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, colorful Jiuzhaigou, Li River, mysterious Zhangjiajie and cute giant pandas show different beauty of China. Join and explore!

Top China Travel Destinations - China City Tour

Profound cultural deposits, innumerable historical sites, abundant picturesque natural scenery, mysterious minority manners, all here below!

Popular China City Tours

Xian Tour

Xian Tour

Xian Bus Tour from US $65
Xian Day Tour from US $63
Xian Tour Packages from US $143

Guilin Tour

Guilin Tour

Guilin Bus Tour from US $66
Guilin Day Tour from US $70
Guilin Tour Packages from US $142

Historical China City Tours

Luoyang Tour

Luoyang Tour

The birth-land of Chinese Kungfu

Tour Price from US$ 60

Datong Tour

Datong Tour

Breathtaking grottoes & temples View

Tour Price from US$ 55

Chengde Tour

Chengde Tour

Another pretty cool Imperial Garden

Tour Price from US$ 55

Pingyao Tour

Pingyao Tour

Experience the Shanxi merchant's culture

Tour Price from US$ 190

Memorable Discovery City Tours

Lhasa Tour

Lhasa Tour

The exciting homeland for inner heart

Tour Price from US$ 224

Dunhuang Tour

Dunhuang Tour

A mysterious city on Silk Road

Tour Price from US$ 337

Shangri-La Tour

Shangri-La Tour

The land of idyllic beauty in dreams

Tour Price from US$ 375

Urumqi Tour

Urumqi Tour

Special cultures in beautiful highlights

Tour Price from US$ 325

Natural Scenery Experiences

Huangshan Tour

Huangshan Tour

The most wonderful mountain in China

Tour Price from US$ 86

Zhangjiajie Tour

Zhangjiajie Tour

Leads you to stay in fairyland

Tour Price from US$ 410

Jiuzhaigou Tour

Jiuzhaigou Tour

Greatly subdued by most colorful views

Tour Price from US$ 350

Chengdu Tour

Chengdu Tour

The breeding base of lovely pandas

Tour Price from US$ 80

Yunnan Tour

Yunnan Tour

The only one haunting beauty of spring

Tour Price from US$ 110

Hangzhou Tour

Hangzhou Tour

Charming natural scenery on earth

Tour Price from US$ 70

Sanya Tour

Sanya Tour

Ornate vacation paradise in dream

Tour Price from US$ 181

Hohhot Tour

Hohhot Tour

Broad & Heavenly grassland on earth

Tour Price from US$ 254

Modern China City Tours

Hong Kong Tour

Hong Kong Tour

Fashion, shopping and catering paradise

Tour Price from US$ 200

Guangzhou Tour

Guangzhou Tour

Modern city full of fantastic elements

Tour Price from US$ 72

Shenzhen Tour

Shenzhen Tour

Attractive international garden city

Tour Price from US$ 140

Haikou Tour

Haikou Tour

Splendid tourist city with fascinating views

Tour Price from US$ 159

Xiamen Tour

Xiamen Tour

Coastal city full of bourgeoisie feelings

Tour Price from US$ 292

Harbin Tour

Harbin Tour

Dreamlike oriental small Pairs

Tour Price from US$ 262

China Tours Q & A

I have some free time in Beijing, which cities that could be options for travelling?

For most travelers, they usually like to continue their tour to Xian or Shanghai. But besides two cities, Beijing to Chengde, Luoyang or Datong also could be the great options because it located not really far from the capital.

Can I travel Tibet or Lhasa without tour guide guidance?

It better not. We will not allow you to travel individual even around the capital, Lhasa. Tibet is a quite sensitive place different with other regions in China. It is a remote place and I bet you will not risk your safety during your vacation with us.

How long in advance should I book Tibet tour?

For suggestion, one month before travel to Tibet is a great period of time. We need to make your Tibet travel permit (must have document while travelling Tibet) according on your tour itinerary as well as book your flight/train ticket to Tibet.

When is the best time visit Hangzhou?

The best time to travel Hangzhou is April to October. In additional, please avoid Chinese national holidays where many tourist attractions will get very crowded and busy.

When is the best time visit Yunnan especially Kunming?

Kunming has yearly mild weather with annual temperature around 15 °C. The best time for traveling Kunming is from March to October when a dozen of minority festivals take place and fresh fruits mellow and flowers blossom.

How many days I should stay in Zhangjiajie?

You can stay one of two nights in Zhangjiajie to get basic best views of the park. One week also a great period to stay to fully explore the most beautiful national park in China. I guarantee you will satisfy with beauty of Zhangjiajie and will want to return.

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How about Harbin temperature in winter?

Harbin known for its beautiful ice sculptures and for its very cold winter. Harbin has been the coolest ice city of China with winter temperature as low as −38 °C. So bring more clothes much than you think then you can layer it.

What are the must see sights in Hong Kong after the Big Buddha?

Since Hong Kong is a metropolis city so city's skyline is its biggest attraction. Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than anywhere else in the world that can be seen best from The Peak. Beyond that, the Star Ferry is a major attraction, as are Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland.

Can I stay in Tibet after my tour finish?

No, your travel permit is only valid for the duration of your tour. Once your tour is completed, you have to leave. Normally, travel agency will either book your flight/train ticket departing Lhasa, make sure you will leave Lhasa after the tour.

What can I do at night in Yangshuo?

Mostly visitors will enjoy the famous night show called Impression Liu Sanjie, the largest world largest natural theater which utilizes the waters of the Li River as its stage and surrounded by hills around. Or travelers also can stroll around popular West Street, the busiest and the most happening street in Yangshuo.

How long Harbin International Ice Snow Festival held?

The 30th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival will be held from January 5, 2014 and last for over one month. After visit the festival and admire winter wonderland there, visitors even can wander around Harbin city.

Does it snow in winter in Zhangjiajie?

Yes. In fact, it adds greatly to the unparalleled beauty of Zhangjiajie. Some describe the snow-covered scenery as being in a "dream world.

After a tour to Chengdu Panda Breeding Center, any recommendation places to go?

Yes, you can visit Mount Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha, famous attractions not far from Chengdu. Both places are seriously wonderful and popular among tourists. They even has regarded as the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. For further information for the tour, you can just find our Chengdu tours or contact our trip advisor directly.

Any recommendation or tips for visiting Potala Palace?

Yes, tourists are not allowed to stay in the palace. All visitors should finish their visiting within one hour. Moreover, visitors are not allowed to wear hat, or take pictures inside the palace due to respect this religious site. Visitors also should bring an extra coat with you because the weather is relatively cooler inside the palace.

How to get Yangshuo from Guilin?

Via bus or a boat. The boat will travel through Li River and one can witness the mesmerizing scenic view on the way. Take a boat is more expensive than taking a bus. Bus services can be taken from Guilin as mini buses on frequent intervals go back and forth Yangshuo and take about 90 minutes, as Guilin is only 65 kilometers away from Yangshuo.

Now I stay in Beijing for a while, can I get a flight ticket to Lhasa, Tibet?

Yes, sure. From China mainland, most travelers fly to Lhasa (Tibet's main airport) from Chengdu but it is also possible from Kunming, Beijing, Shanghai, Shangrila, Xian and Chongqing. Ticket can be booked from us. At the airport, travelers must show their originally valid travel document, including the valid passport, Chinese Visa and Tibet Travel Permit. 

When are summer sales/winter sales periods in Hong Kong?

Generally speaking, summer sales run from July to September and winter sales from December to February. However, the exact sales period may vary from shop to shop.

Is English spoken widely across Tibet?

No, besides the popular hotels and restaurants in Lhasa, English is rarely understood in Tibet. Most of Tibet is very remote and undeveloped and few people are able to speak English. But do not worry, join our Tibet tour and our guide will accommodate you with all the information that you need.

Where is the best area to stay in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong public transport system is extensive, reliable and affordable so it is easy for getting around Hong Kong. Most hotels are located close to the harbour-front in Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay and North Point on Hong Kong Island, and in Tsim Sha Tsui, Tsim Sha Tsui East and Hung Hom in Kowloon. You can also find plenty of accommodation within Kowloon busy areas of Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok. There are also a growing number of resort-style hotels in the New Territories and the Outlying Islands that offer more relaxing alternatives.

Can I take a train from Shanghai to Hangzhou?

There is a lot options for you to reach Hangzhou from Shanghai, such as by train, by public bus, taxi or hire a car. Take the train is the cheapest, safest and most comfortable way to travel to Hangzhou from Shanghai. High speed train is available, it is 45-minute to 1 hours ride for about 82RMB/way. The trains run every 30 minutes (at least in peak hours) from Shanghai Hongqiao train station. There are English-version ticket vending machines, the best solution to purchase tickets for foreigners. 

I do have lots of time in Shanghai for travelling, any recommendation activities?

Apart from tour in Shanghai, this modern city is also located close to many beautiful cities including Suzhou, Hangzhou etc. We offer lots of Shanghai side trip tour options to visit neighborhood cities nearby. Have a short excursion outside Shanghai!

Is Zhangjiajie accessible in winter?

Yes. Each cable car operates year-round. Recently, more and more people are coming to enjoy the fantastic views of Zhangjiajie in winter. Moreover, visitors also can enjoy lower hotels rates in the winter season.

How long the distance between Beijing and Chengde?

Chengde located approximately 260km northeast of Beijing. By car you could reach Chengde from Beijing for less than 3 hours.

I would like to travel to Xiamen in November, where should I visit?

Xiamen is a beautiful city in China and in early November the temperature is comfortable. Gulangyu Islet, Wuyi Mountain, Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, Hulishan Old Foruress, Nanputuo Temple are the highlights for tours in Xiamen.

Is that true that in Chengdu, we can hold a baby panda?

Yes. In Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda, there are two time periods which you can hold a panda – 10:30am and 2:30pm. You can start signing up to hold the panda at 10am and 2pm and pay the 2,000 yuan as the "donation fee" in cash. You will not regret it!

Are there interesting attractions in Haikou?

Yes, the city famous for its tropical climate as well as several tourist attractions including the huge Guanyin Statue, famous ancient Hairui Tomb, Nanshan Buddha Culture etc. For your convenience, you can book our Haikou tour.

Plan for visit China on January 2014, any recommendation city?

Harbin is one of China great winter destinations where also become the host for the biggest ice and snow festival in the world. Do not miss Harbin Ice Festival 2014 that will be held on January!

What's the weather from Oct 10th to Oct 15th in Zhangjiajie?

From Oct 10th to Oct 15th, the average temperature in Zhangjiajie is around 25°C. It is the best time to visit. If you are planning a tour there, visit http://www.chinalandscapes.com/zhangjiajie-tour/for detail information.

Who built the Terracotta worriers and Why?

The first emperor Emperor Qinshihuang built in about 246BC to 247BC. The emperor wanted to be protected after his death, so clay troops were used to guard him.

Do you cater and prayer times for muslim tourists?

Yes, Halal food in major tourist cities of China is available. If you have special food requirements, tell us and we will arrange for you. I suggest you take a private tour which is more flexible.

Are there any tips on shopping?

There are also traditional arts and handcrafts famous in the world. For tours in China, shopping is an important part. In Beijing, we will transfer you to visit the Jade Factory, Pearl Market, Ceramic Shop and Silk Market. In Shanghai, never miss the silk carpets. In Hangshou, taste of West Lake Longjing Tea is a must-do thing.

When is the best time to travel along Yangtze River in China?

Yangtze River Cruise tour is available from March to November every year. And the best time for tour is from May to October with comfortable temperature.

I'd like to have 3 days Beijing tour from October 6th, is that possible?

Yes, of course. Please contact us through email: service@chinalandscapes.com. From Oct.1st to 7th is the National Day of China, so during that period, the attractions in Beijing will be crowded.

Why were the terracotta warriors built?

The emperor wanted to be protected after his death, so clay troops were used to guard him. Besides, he wanted to have similar life condition, so many daily used things and decorations were used.

Are Yangtze Cruise tours offered 3 Gorge Dam?

Yes, all the Yangtze tours will pass the dam and have a shoal visit to the dam site.

Is photography of the terracotta soldiers allowed?

Yes, it is allowed. And I would suggest getting a wide angle lense to capture the vastness of the display.

Currently what cities does the wall cover?

It passes through nine provinces or cities in northern China, including Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Ningxia and Gansu.

Are the hotels in Tibet comfortable?

The hotel facilities in Lhasa are complete and comfortable. But in some remote area such as Tingri and Everest Base Camp, hotels are only can provide basic facility.

Are there toilet facilities at Mutianyu Great Wall?

Yes, of course and please do not worry about it. Any major tourist destination in china will have toilet facilities.

When is the best Time to Visit Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong?

Different seasons have different beauties, you can visit Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong at anytime you like all the year round.
Spring in Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong is still a little cold but pleasant with the bright mountain flowers are in full bloom.
Summer is also a busy time to visit Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong. The whole Jiuzhaigou is in the shadow of the brightest green.
Colorful waterfalls dances freely and expressing their passion in autumn.
Winter is not bad and Jiuzhaigou looks quite spectacular with ice and snow.

I want to hike the great wall with less crowds, which section should I choose?

Mutianyu Great Wall is the good choice for you and if you are full in energy, Jinshanling Great Wall will be your right choice. Although not famous as Badaling Great Wall, the two sections above are good for hiking with few tourists.

What are the must-sees in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the international metropolis and the following destinations are the most popular places among tourists: Victoria Peak, Repulse Bay, Ocean Park, Stanley Market, Nathan Road, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tsim Sha Tsui, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Lok Ma Chau, Tian Tan Buddha Statue.

What to See in Pingyao

Pingyao is the best preserved ancient city in China. There are many cultural relics in Pingyao, such as the city wall, which was made of bricks and stones and built in the early days of the Ming Dynasty; China's first Rishengchang Draft Bank; Ming and Qing Street......

Which section of the Great Wall offer the cable car?

The cable car is available on Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanling Juyongguan and Simatai (temporary closed). We suggest you hike up the Great Wall and take the cable car down the wall.

When to Start Chengde Tour?

Chengde belongs to the continental climate and has distinct four seasons. April to May is the best months for spring outing. Cool than Beijing, summer is the peak seasons for visitors to go Chengde. Autumn is also a nice season for traveling to Chengde, however winter in Chengde is cold and dry.

Which languages do your tour guides speak?

In the major tourist cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Guilin, English, French, Japanese, Spanish etc. major European languages are available. But in smaller cities we cannot guarantee a full range of these services.

Where can I learn Chinese Kungfu?

There is a Kungfu school at Shaolin Temple which is located near Zhengzhou City in Henan Province. There are also many Kungfu schools all over China where you can easily find them in Beijing, Shandong Province, Henan Province, etc.

How to Enjoy Nightlife in Chengdu?

Famous for its thick characteristic of leisure and enjoyment, from traditional teahouses to modern pubs, Chengdu offers a variety of ways to enjoy its colorful nightlife. Jinli Street is the ideal choice for first time visitors reflecting the diversity and beauty of Sichuan folk customs and culture.

Do you offer hotel pick up and drop off service for all guests in Beijing?

We offer the hotel transfer service for guests who live in Beijing downtown area (within North 3rd Ring Road, East 3rd Ring Road, South 2nd Ring Road and West 2nd Ring Road).

When is the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou?

For most travelers autumn (Sept and Oct) is the best time for touring Jiuzhaigou with comfortable temperature and beautiful scenery. Actually, different seasons unfold different kind of beauty in Jiuzhaigou and it all depends on your personal interests.

What should I notice before visiting ethic family in China?

The hosts of local ethic families in China are usually very hospitable. When the hosts toast with you, you should receive the cup and first offer your thanks to the hosts. It is considered impolite to refuse it when the hosts treat you with their local food. If you are really reluctant, thank the host and offer the reasonable explanation.

Are there any tourist shops on the tour packages?

Usually we arrange one or two shops on the tour per day but shopping is not compulsory. The shopping stops are also the nice places to familiarize yourself with the local products. If you want to skip the souvenir shops, please contact us in advance.

When is the best time to Lhasa?

Lhasa experiences a large difference in temperature from morning to night. For most travelers, April to October is regarded as the best seasons for traveling in Lhasa. May, June, September and October are much more comfortable since July and August are rainy months.

To Save Time, Can I Skip the Souvenir Shop during the tour?

Of course you can skip the souvenir shop in your private tour if you want, but the tour without souvenir shop is more expensive. In China, the souvenir shops all have unique Chinese characters. This is also a good way to understanding the culture and art of China.

What happens if you do not reach the minimum people for small group tours?

As long as you received the confirmation from us for the group tour, then the tour will be guaranteed on departure time even if there is only one person.

Is Beijing Disabled Friendly?

Yes it is. The following services are available for disable people in Beijing: Airport and train station accessibility; Accessible Van and Coaches with either ramp or Lift; Manual Wheelchairs; Hotels with guaranteed accessibility; Luggage Handling; Personal Carers. Besides Beijing, the major tourist cities such as Shanghai and Hong Kong are all disabled friendly.

When is the best time to Visit in Hangzhou?

Hangzhou enjoys a humid subtropical weather with sticky summer and chilly winter. The best time to visit Hangzhou is April, May, September and October. During these seasons the weather either not too hot or chilly and the trees and flowers of this garden city are green or in full bloom.

Is the cable fare included in the Great Wall Tour?

Cable car fee is excluded in the tour price, if you would like to use the cable car the tour guide could help you to buy it and you could pay the cable car fee by your side, it is about US$13 (RMB80) for round trip.

How to Enjoy Nightlife in Guilin ?

With city light reflecting on the water beneath, the charming night view appears. Take advantage of the view from the water by boarding the Li River, an evening boat with dancing ballroom and bars. Strolling along Yangshuo West Street, you can not only to enjoy the Chinese traditional cultural but also relax yourself in all kinds of bars.

When is the Best Time to Visit China?

The best time to visit China depends on where you want to visit. The low season of the most tourism attractions in China is from November to March when there are fewer crowds and the prices are cheaper. In China, the high season for tourism is from April to October when the weather is comparatively comfortable, but prices are higher.

Can we visit some local village after Great Wall hiking?

Yes. Of course we can arrange the visits to some local villages on the spot when you are interested in mixing with the locals.

We four people want to hire a car to Jinshanling Great Wall, what about the price?

Your group has 4 people, so we suggest you to hire the Mercedes MB100 (suitable for 3~6 persons). The price is US$ 198 per vehicle per day (within 8 hours). Please notice the car rental price exclude tour guide. If you want an English speaking tour guide with you, you have to pay extra US$ 66.

How to Enjoy Nightlife in Xian?

If you prefer a night performance, Tang Dynasty Show will be your best choice. Another place to feel the night in Xian is Defuxiang Bar Street (a street of Cafe, Tea House and Bar) like Sanlitun in Beijing. Besides, the fountain and music show at the Gig Goose Pagoda Square starting at 8:00pm is also the thing that you should not miss.

How long we will stay in the Great Wall, Forbidden City ... ?

For tours in Beijing, you will have about 2 hours to climb and enjoy the beautiful Great Wall or the Forbidden City, about 1 hour to visit the Temple of Heave, about 1.5 hours to visit the Summer Palace.

Do you have hotel transfer service for all guests in Beijing?

Usually we supply hotel transfer service for guests who stay in Beijing downtown area (within third ring road). But if you leave far away from Beijing downtown, we could not offer the hotel transfer service. You have to get to the designed place by yourselves.

Which section of the Great Wall is touristy and less touristy?

Badaling Great Wall is most famous and crowded section in Beijing. A better choice to hike the Great Wall is during the weekdays instead of weekends. Jinshanling Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall and Simatai (temporarily closed) are less touristy. Strongly advise you not to visit the Wall during China public holidays.

Do you offer Jiankou Great Wall Hiking Tour?

We don't offer any Jiankou Great wall tour at present because it is not legally opened to the public yet, so risky and treacherous as well.

How is the Weather like in Tibet? When is the comfortable season for Tibet Tour?

Sun radiation is extremely strong in Tibet and it is quite cold during the nights and in early morning. It is suitable for travel to Tibet from April to November, and the best time for travelling is August and September.

What to wear during Tibet Tour?

Casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes are the must for your trip to Tibet. Make sure take warm clothing with you as it is quite chilly during the night and early morning.

What about the traffic in Beijing?

Of course the traffic in Beijing is very convenient, with subway, buses and taxis. But generally speaking Beijing has a heavy traffic, so it is better to join a tour group or rental a car for your travel. This will save you a lot of time.

Can I ask a tour guide escort me to Beijing shops and market from you?

Yes, we can arrange a tour guide to escort you for shopping in Beijing. The working hour of the tour guide is from 9:00am to 17:00 pm. If you want this service, welcome to contact us for detail information.

How can I meet the driver for the airport transfer service?

When you come out of the terminal in the airport, please find the pick-up staff waiting for you at the welcome area holding a sign with your name on the hands.

Are the Lhasa tours you provide including the TTP?

Yes, all the Lhasa tours we provide include the Tibet Travel Permit. Without the permit, you will be called illegally travel in Tibet. And you could only visit the places (attractions) listed on the Tibet Travel Permit.

I'd like to cruise in Guilin, when is the best time?

Due to the comfortable weather and charming natural scenery, the best time to visit Guilin and enjoy the cruise tour is from April to October. Winter is relatively a low season. But the fact is that it all depends on your budget and your personal interests.

How to enjoy Nightlife in Shanghai?

As a common understanding, Shanghai has the most colorful night life in China. Participate in it and you may feel it is probably the most colorful one in the world! Here are the places you should not miss: night scenery of the Bund (the landmark of modern Shanghai); Nanjing Road (the most famous pedestrian street of Shanghai); Acrobatics Night Show (an interactive art) and Hungpu River Cruise (best way to see the perfect night scenery of Shanghai).

When is the high season for China tours?

Due to the weather and holiday periods, high season means the most popular times for China tours. Therefore the prices of hotels, airlines and travel agencies are higher than other times.
The tourism seasons are usually defined as follows:
High season: April 1st to May 31st & Sep 1st to Nov 15th.
Shoulder season: June 1st to Aug 31st.
Low season: Nov 16th to Mar 31st.

When is the best time to visit Xian?

Xian is an ancient capital city in China. Unlike other cities, the attractions in Xian are mostly historical relics which have little influence by different seasons. So as a matter of fact, Xian is a place where suitable for visiting all the year round in China.

When is the best time for Great Wall Hiking?

In Beijing, all the popular sections of the Great Wall are open to tourists all year round. It is hard to say when is the best time to visit Great Wall because different scenery in different seasons. For hiking, the spring (March- May) and autumn (September – October) are good with comfortable temperature.

I am visiting Jiuzhaigou, what sort of food can I expect during the tour?

Unfortunately the food in Jiuzhaigou area does not match the scenery there. Because of the high latitude, the fresh vegetables are no picnic to transfer from other areas. Also there are only a few good restaurants located in Jiuzhaigou area, so there usually full of visitors especially during the high season.

Are your tour packages customizable?

All private tour packages we offer are customizable to meet your satisfaction. Also you could tailor-made your tour if you like. We know everyone wants something different, so our job is to work with you to design a perfect trip to China according to your preferences.

Are there any accessible section of the Great Wall in Beijing for wheelchair users?

Badaling Great Wall is the only accessible section for wheelchair in Beijing. There built a special flat lane for wheelchair users to get to the third watchtower of the Great Wall. There even equipped two elevators for easy ascending if you book the elevator service in advance.

Does it cool off in September, or October is more comfortable for China tours?

September is comfortable for North China tour, not very hot with sunny day, blue and clear sky. But in South China, the temperature in September is still very high. So if you are planning to visit the attractions located in South China, we recommend you to come during October.

What is the difference between bus tour and private tour?

Bus tour is traveling with other tourists in the same tour. It is economic and you can make friends with other tourists. The private tour is much more flexible and comfortable. You and your friends have your private tour guide, car and driver during the tour.

How can I pay for the tour charge? Do I need prepayment?

You can pay the tour charge to the tour guide directly in cash on your tour day. If you need airport pick up service, the transfer fee need prepayment.

Do I have to tip my tour guide and driver if they offer good service?

Tipping is not compulsory, but the driver, tour guide and porter are hoping to get your approval and tips. Just for reference, the amount of tips under normal circumstances:
Tour guide: 80RMB~100RMB per day;
Driver: 60RMB~80RMB per day.

Prepare the tour of Yunnan, what should I take or care about?

The temperature is difference between day and night in Yunnan due to the Yungui Plateau location.
With strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, please bring some sun cream for sunburn protection.
Respect for the faith and customs of ethnic groups in different areas.
Don't forget bargaining before you decide to buy some souvenirs.

I want to visit the Great Wall, does the cable fare included in the Great Wall Tour?

Cable car fee is excluded in the tour price, if you would like to use the cable car the tour guide could help you to buy it and you could pay the cable car fee by your side, it is about US$13 (RMB80) for round trip.

When will I receive the confirmation letter?

(a) – if you just book the tour itinerary without airport transfer service, you do not need prepayment. Provide all the information we need (your full name, members, hotel and itinerary), we will process your booking order immediately and send you a confirmation letter within 24 hours.
(b) – if your itinerary includes airport transfer service, or you book the flight tickets, you need prepayment. Once we have received the 'Payment Guarantee' Fax from you, we will process your booking order immediately and send you a confirmation letter within 24 hours.

Does the tour quotation include the international flight tickets?

Tour quotation doesn't include international flights tickets, but the internal flight or train tickets during the tour are included. We Chinalandscapes provide special discounted airfares. Welcome to booking flight tickets online.

How long before the tour beginning do I need to make the reservation?

Tours during the high season, usually the late reservations cannot be guaranteed. However, we are capable of making last minute reservation (the night before travel day). We recommend you to make a tour reservation more than 15 days prior to the departure date.

What information do I need to provide for a reservation?

To give you the best service, we need to know the followings:
a. Where do you come from?
b. How many days will you stay in China?
c. How many travelers join the tour and what are the names of them?
d. Where do you want to visit?
e. If there are children with you, please tell us their ages and height.

What does the tour quotation include?

The price of our tour routes includes internal air tickets or train tickets, transfer fees between airport or train station to hotel, air-condition car/coach with deriver, tour guide fee, meals as listed in the itinerary, entrance tickets of sightseeing, accommodation (if listed in the itinerary).

I'm interested in Great Wall Tour, what are the differences between the Great Wall of Badaling and Mutianyu?

Both Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall are very famous. They all have their own features. Badaling section is the most famous and earliest opened part of the Great Wall. Mutianyu section has the most beautiful natural scenery and it is less crowed than Badaling.

I'm interested in the Great Wall and Terra Cotta Warriors, can I visit the two places in one day?

Only one day you could not visit the two places since the Great Wall is located in Beijing while the Terra Cotta Warriors is in Xian. From Beijing to Xian, it costs about 2 hours by air and more than 5 hours by high speed railway. So travel to the two destinations, at least 2 days.

I'd like to travel to Beijing and Xian for sightseeing, how many days will it take?

If you are interested in the historical sites and want to have a deep understanding about the two cities, at least 5 days (3 days in Beijing and 2 days in Xian).

We will help you tailor your own China Tour. Click here without hesitation NOW!