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Travel Review
Best Treatment Staying in Yangtze River Cruise :" 12 days China wonderful trips was the most exciting experience in my life. Besides the world famous Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, the Tibet gave me a special feeling. It is said the Tibet is the holy land and is the closest place to paradise. Different with the ordinary provinces in China, Tibet has its unique culture, religion and history. "
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Top 10 customer voted tours showcase the most famous and beautiful attractions in China, offering a flexible and unique tour experience.

Best China Tours Top 10

No. 1
Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China

Essence of China Tour price from $1010

8 Days Beijing - Xian – Shanghai Flight Tour

What's the Feature of this Tour?

1. Embracing three golden cities of China - Beijing, Xian, Shanghai.

2. Varied experience covers historic wonders and modern marvels.

3. Flexible private travel with the most competitive price.

4. Considerate service including hotel accommodation.

5. Best time for traveling - All the year round.

No. 2
Xian Ancient City Wall
Xian Ancient City Wall

China Leisure Experience price from $1350

10 Days Beijing – Xian – Guilin – Shanghai Tour

What's the Feature of this Tour?

1. Includes four most popular tourist destinations of China.

2. Discover the historical sightseeing in Beijing and Xian.

3. Cruise on Li River to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guilin.

4. Experience the picturesque charming natural landscapes under the heaven in Yangshuo.

5. Tasting the bustling atmosphere of Oriental Paris - Shanghai.

No. 3
Yangtze River Cruise
Yangtze River Cruise

Memorable Tours of China price from $1610

11 Days Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Yichang - Shanghai Tour

What's the Feature of this Tour?

1. Pay a visit to the world wonders in Beijing and Xian.

2. Enjoy a luxurious Yangtze River cruise.

3. Cruise along Yangtze River to appreciate natural scenery of Three Gorges and huge Three Gorges Dam.

4. Tasting the bustling atmosphere of modern Shanghai.

5. Best time for traveling - From April to October.

No. 4
Picturesque Guilin
Picturesque Guilin

Dreams Tour of China price from $1920

12 Days Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Guilin - Hong Kong Tour

What's the Feature of this Tour?

1. Covers famous historical sites and stunningly natural scenery.

2. Harmonious blend of historical and modern atmosphere of China.

3. Relaxing cruise trip on the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo.

4. Travel at your own pace in thriving duty-free city Hong Kong.

5. Well-designed itinerary with the service guaranteed.

No. 5
The Bund in Shanghai
The Bund in Shanghai

Ancient & Modern China Train Travel (Group Tour) price from $610

8 Days Beijing - Xian - Shanghai Train Tour

What's the Feature of this Tour?

1. Best-selling money saving China Tour.

2. Group tour covers 3 golden representative cities in China.

3. Experience the essence of Beijing and feel the world heritages.

4. Taste of real ancient lifestyle in ancient capital of China, Xian.

5. Addicted in the tempo of a modern metropolis in Shanghai.

6. Lowest price with service guarantee.

No. 6
Forbidden City in Beijing
Forbidden City in Beijing

Impressive China City Tour price from $2036

14 Days Shanghai - Yichang - Yangtze River - Chongqing - Guilin - Xian - Beijing Tour

What's the Feature of this Tour?

1. Lose yourself in bustling night scenery of modern Shanghai.

2. Pass through the longest and most spectacular river in China.

3. View marvelous hills and caves as well as beautiful river in Guilin.

4. Go to Xian to see the world heritage - Terra Cotta Warriors.

5. Numerous historic wonders and treasures, and magnificent modern man-made marvels is waiting for you in Beijing.

No. 7
Potala Palace in Tibet
Potala Palace in Tibet

Essence China & Holy Tibet Tour price from $1860

12 Days Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Shanghai Flight Tour

What's the Feature of this Tour?

1. Intimate encounter with ancient and modern Cities in China.

2. Full insight view of China's highlights tourist destinations.

3. Personally discover the mysteries of sacred Lhasa.

4. Visit the magnificent Potala Palace and meet local Tibetans.

5. Get acquainted with the profound Tibetan Buddhist culture.

No. 8
Guilin Li River
Guilin Li River

Classic China Tour with Yangtze River Cruise price from $2778

14 Days Hong Kong - Guilin - Yangtze River - Shanghai - Beijing Tour

What's the Feature of this Tour?

1. Discovery the vibrant harbor city of Hong Kong.

2. See the "most beautiful scenery under heaven" with dramatic rock formations around the picturesque Li River.

3. Exciting Cruise on Yangtze River for sightseeing.

4. Taste the flavor of modern Shanghai and ancient Beijing.

5. Best time for traveling - From April to October.

No. 9
Silk Road Discovery
Silk Road Discovery

Silk Road Adventure price from $2899

14 Days Beijing - Urumqi - Kashgar - Urumqi - Turpan - Dunhuang - Xian - Shanghai Tour

What's the Feature of this Tour?

1. A defining flavor of Chinese history and culture.

2. Discover the most "inland" region in the world.

3. Appreciate the spectacular and awestruck desert view.

4. Follow in the footsteps of ancient merchants along this mysterious ancient trade route.

5. Encounter with Uygur minority culture in China.

No. 10
Beautiful Shangri-la
Beautiful Shangri-la

In-depth Yunnan Experience price from $1118

9 Days Yunnan Kunming - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-la Tour

What's the Feature of this Tour?

1. Good way see real minority lifestyle of China in Yunnan.

2. Experience the romantic atmosphere and appreciate the natural wonders in ancient Dali and Lijiang.

3. Wandering and viewing on the land of marvelous 'Eden in dream' in China - Shangri-La.

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