Love My Trip to Terracotta Warriors Xian! by Taylor Kent


I just love my 1 day trip to Xian. Different from Beijing, this second time visit China to Xian was extremely interesting. It might because I did travel with great companions not alone like last time to Beijing. Surely everyone must know best place to visit when come to Xian. It is Terracotta Army. Like everyone said as the biggest archeological finding, I just want to believe that sentence is true and not thinking much about the real truth by the way. The day I came to the site, I just want to enjoy what showed in front of us.

Terra Cotta Warriors

The Terracotta Army is a whole army, current estimates say 8,000 man strong, constructed by Emperor Qin around the year 200 BC. Most of the figures are full sized and every figure is unique in shape and facial features. Fascinating project with huge idea! From this trip, I did also know that Emperor Qin (First emperor of China) ordered people built his mausoleum. It has been estimated that construction the whole mausoleum involved some 700,000 workers and took several years. I don't have any idea why would someone want to build such a mausoleum for himself, right? But it was said, the main purpose of the Terracotta army was to protect the emperor after death. So, what are you thinking now?

By the way, till now, three pits of Terracotta Army have been excavated but some archeologist believed that even more pits wait to be discovered. The site consists of a museum and three excavation pits. We started at the museum, which contained examples of what was found in the pits as well as explanations on how all the stuff was made, why it was made and by whom. We knew all the things about its history, and structures of this huge mausoleum.

Terra Cotta Warriors

After visited all three pits, we were very impressed with the whole site and really happy that we came to see this world wonder. Everyone true, a visit to Beijing should not miss Great Wall, and visit Xian should not miss Terracotta Army. It was very impressive to see all those soldiers lined up like they were ready for battle! Like they really to protect their emperor after life! It is such an incredible site, worth for visiting and you will personally discover its sacred atmosphere once step enter the site.

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My Experience of 3 Days Visit to Xian from Beijing by Elena


I can't believed during a short time, my family and I, we were able to visit the ancient capital city of China, Xian from Beijing. First, this is not my first time visit Beijing so this time I would like to explore more outside Beijing and my choice is Xian which very famous for its Terracotta Warriors. Widely regarded as one of China's top three historical sites, the site was seriously amazing. I never doubt it the fact that Terracotta Army become very famous since I did visit the site by myself and discovered it. The feeling once you step inside the site will be seriously different. All of that you can experience it only by yourself.

Terracotta WarriorsImpressive Terracotta Warriors of Xian

By the way, apart from how magnificent Terracotta Warriors in Xian, here I would like to tell about some part of our memorable vacation. So, with this 3 days tour we could get round way flight tickets with all the accommodations when we were in Xian. Those accommodations including hotel, tour guide, private van, lunch, breakfast, transportation etc. Overall, the tour was really organized and went smoothly till the end. So arrived at Xian Airport, the staff picked us up from the airport and directly transferred us to our hotel in Xian which already arranged by our local travel agency.

Tang Dynasty ShowRich Performance of Xian Dynasty Show

Privately for me, booked the travel agency to arrange all our needs in China was a benefit. Since I don't really understand about China and the cities so I think it is better to join a tour, right. So many times travelled and everything went well, very efficient by booking the local tour. So, in Xian besides Terracotta Warriors for sure, we did also visit Great Mosque, Bell Tower, Big Goose Pagoda (an important Buddhist pagoda built during the Tang Dynasty), famous Ancient City Wall, etc. On the second night of the tour, we also could enjoy a rich and fabulous Xian Tang Dynasty Show. It is a wonderful performance of China ancient dance and music with stunning costumes and colorful settings. We did also enjoy authentic dumpling buffet while watching a Tang Dynasty Show, combining beautiful poetry, dance, music and stunning choreography and costumes to portray China's rich past. It is a must to see this show when come to Xian.

Overall, our experience during the tour was memorable and fun. So much new and nice things to see, to do and got lots of fresh experiences in China which were priceless! Thank you for the service.

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