Most Adorable Reason for Visit China Chengdu by Samantha


After my 3 days tour in Beijing, we continue to have a quick and best trip to Chengdu. This is also the main reason why I did come to China last vacation. Chengdu as the best place to see China's black-and-white icons actually offers lots of interesting spots to explore. But because my time was limited then we cannot make a tour to see the detail of the town.

After arrived at Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, we had a good night sleep. In the early morning after one night rest, the tour guide picked us up right in front of our hotel then directly transferred us to the breeding center. A long way to go but the journey was nice with comfortable van and friendly English speaking tour guide. She gave lots of information and tips while we are in Breeding Center. Speak of this one day Chengdu tour, we got this tour line online, booked it online and get the confirmation soon. So it was nice and reliable.

PandaChinese Giant Panda Playing with Others

This day we spent only on Chengdu Breeding Panda Center. Yes, full day view of looking those adorable creatures Chinese pandas. Chengdu Panda Breeding Center is a non-profit research and breeding facility for giant pandas and other rare animals that strives to simulate a natural environment for these creatures. All the animals here lived and stay happily like in their nature habitat.

Tour guide first took us through the center to get a full overview of a panda’s development. Everyone must know about how pandas life right? They live so relax, just eat and sleep. During one day tour in Chengdu Panda Breeding Center, we could see different ages and sizes of Chinese pandas. Admire the actions of these small and delicate creatures as well as took so many pictures of these endangered species eating bamboo, sleeping and playing with one another. You cannot even begin to imagine how many photos we have of pandas now!

PandaCute Poses of Giant Pandas

The tour was excellent as it meant I was able to ask lots of questions and get more time to do exactly what I wanted. I recommend go to the centre in early morning (to see the Pandas get their breakfast) - later in the morning they fall asleep! In winter, we also could take excellent photo with less crowded. I did not hold the Pandas because that was very expensive, but overall I have a great time for the whole day!

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