Shanghai Night Guide for Tourists by Mira Daley


Based on my experience travel Shanghai last time after Hong Kong last time, here I would like to share best night place to visit. Shanghai is a vibrant city which will shows its best night view to travelers who give their best effort to find it. For they who do not have any ideas what to do in Shanghai at night, then this blog could be help.

First that cannot be missed is Huangpu River cruise. Huangpu River cruise is the best way to get full view of Shanghai night scenes. It is also the ideal way for visitors to know history and development of Shanghai. Huangpu River goes through the downtown Shanghai and divides Shanghai into Pudong and Puxi, is also very important part in tourism. The west side represented by the Bund is the classical zone of old Shanghai, and the east side embodied with the towering skyscrapers is the fashion zone of modern Shanghai. The past, today and future of Shanghai can be seen all in here.

Yu GardenCity God Temple at Night

Second favorite of mine is explore Yu Garden and City God Temple, surrounded by these tall ancient-looking well preserved area where you are bombarded with temples, pavilions, halls, hanging lanterns. There’s also a famous xiao long bao (Shanghai steamed soup dumpling) restaurant here. The complex is not popular attraction in the day but also attractive when the night comes. Personally for me, I rather visit this complex at night, for enjoy its atmosphere.

XintiandiXintiandi, A Center of Entertainment in Town

The third favorite of mine is Xintiandi, interesting spot in Shanghai to hang out and enjoy the night. Located in the narrow alleyways, the complex filled with numerous entertainment areas, such as cafes, bars, restaurants, souvenirs shops, etc. This area is definitely prominent for foreigners and mostly ex-pats. It is done up really nicely, clean, trendy, different from typical China and also lots of great spots for photography.

Then at last but not least, come to Nanjing Road (same iconic as The Bund) at night with bright lights along the street. Since this is a pedestrian street so no cars are allowed on this street and everywhere you turn there is some sort of shopping. Always crowded all hours of the day, but at night visitors surely enjoy different atmosphere. Once you have experienced it all yourself, you will come to understand why Shanghai is dubbed the city with the most colorful nightlife in China.

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Best Activities to Do in Shanghai by Sarah


Last vacation after a short visit to Hong Kong we continued our vacation to the mainland. My family and I, in total of 4 persons of us, we did come to Shanghai. If you want to make a plan of Shanghai vacation and do not have any ideas what to do or what are the best activities can be enjoyed in this metropolis then let me give you some recommendation tips based on my experience.

1. Stroll along the Bund
As the symbol of the city, the Bund is not only a place offer its long history but also a spot where you will see 'the whole Shanghai'. It is not means the whole but when people imagine Shanghai, they usually think of the Bund, right. It might be a little bit crowded at weekend by try a good chance by come visit on the weekdays. A walk along the Bund is an introduction to the essence of big, bold, fashionable, commercial Shanghai.

The BundStrolling along the Bund

2. A visit to Yuyuan Garden
Might travelers will only know about shopping and entertainment area of Shanghai, but do you know about the famous Yuyuan Garden? Yuyuan Garden is a well-contained classical Chinese garden, a must-see for every tourist. It is a maze of Ming Dynasty pavilions, elaborate rockeries, arched bridges, and goldfish ponds. Yuyuan Garden can be reach by metro (line 10). The least crowded time to visit is early morning. The entry ticket costs 40 RMB. Come to the garden which located in the heart of bustling Shanghai and enjoy garden charming and pleasant views.

Zhouzhuang Ancient TownA Spot at Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

3. Shorty Excursion to Zhujiajiao Ancient Water Town
Mostly China travelers who traveled Shanghai may know that Zhujiajiao is one of Shanghai's most accessible water towns. Located in the suburb of Shanghai, Zhujiajiao regarded as Shanghai's Venice and standing history can be traced back from hundreds of years ago. Zhujiajiao has all a water town can offer bridges, water canals, local eateries, art shops, hand crafts and even coffee houses. The cheapest way to reach Zhujiajiao is by bus from the Southern side of People’s square at the Puan Road, which costs us 12yuan per person. Admire Chinese old water town and feel the charm of the old ways in the tiny shops, narrow sidewalks and the picturesque stone and wooden bridges. Escape hustling bustling Shanghai to the calm and peaceful Zhujiajiao, no traffic, less pollution.

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