Brief Introduction of Jinshanling Great Wall by Sarah


Besides Mutianyu and Badaling which more famous from others section of the Wall, there is Jinshanling Great Wall. The section of Jinshanling retains its original Ming Dynasty outlook and outstanding nature scenery.

Description about Jinshanling Great Wall
Jinshanling Great WallPanorama View of Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great Wall lies in the mountainous area of Luanping County, Hebei Province, and has a total length of 10.5 kilometers. It was first built in the sixth century during the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589) with 5 passes, 67 towers and 2 beacon towers. Along it are 67 watchtowers, all in different styles, at average intervals of 150 meters.  Poems and tablet writings are also can be found on the Jinshanling Great Wall left after the Wall rebuilt. 

Hiking on Jinshanling Great Wall
Jinshanling Great WallJinshanling Great Wall in Winter

Jinshanling is also best for its photograph and hiking route. Jinshanling to Simatai hiking route is the most popular which takes about 4 hours. If you like hiking then you can train your hiking skill here as well as get the best capture of the stunning views. Jinshanling is also a best place to go as there almost no people.

The steps of the Great Wall at Jinshanling are rather steep and rocky with loose stones at times with parts getting quite narrow. For some tips, you should wear comfortable shoes and clothes for hiking. Prepare your best physical condition to finish the hiking route. Bring only your important things like water on your way.

Original Features of Jinshanling Great Wall
Jinshanling Great WallOriginal Walls on Jinshanling

Located about 110 kilometers (68 miles) northeast of Beijing, Jinshanling offers a great view and its original structures. It is one of the most interesting Great Wall sections which offer many original features. Relatively less crowded and fewer visitors, Jinshanling features with breathtaking nature view and fresh air. In the morning, visitors could also see a sea clouds from above. Together with Simatai, both are the most remote and least restored portions of the Great Wall near Beijing.

The entrance fee to Jinshanling cost 50 RMB. A cable car has been constructed to take visitors to the highest point along the wall (40 RMB one way). Then if you want to explore Simatai, there is an additional admission charge of 50 RMB to continue on to the Simatai section, and a 5 RMB fee to cross the suspension bridge.

So be sure to wake up early if you interest get a hiking trail from Jinshanling to Simatai. Explore untouched Jinshanling Great Wall and create your priceless hiking experience!

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