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Great Wall has been famous all around the world and regarded as one of the China historical heritages. Located in Hebei, here it is Shanhaiguan Great Wall.

Short Brief about Shanhaiguan Great Wall
Shanhaiguan Great Wall is located in Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao, Hebei. It is one of the major passes of the Great Wall besides Juyongguan Pass and Jiayuguan Pass. In 1961, Shanhaiguan Great Wall which also called Shanhai Pass became a site of China First Class National Cultural Site.

Shanhaiguan Great WallMain Tower at Shanhaiguan Great Wall

Shanhai Pass which also means "The Pass of Mountain and Sea" is nearly 300 kilometres (190 mi) east of Beijing and linked via the Jingshen Expressway that runs northeastward to Shenyang. Situated at the south of Yanshan Mountains and north of the Bohai Sea, Shanhai Pass got its name due to its position between mountain and sea. This 600-year-old Shanhaiguan Pass was also used as a significant frontier defence at past against outside threat.

Some of the famous highlight along the Wall includes "First Pass Under Heaven" which located in the area between the sea and the mountains at Shanhaiguan. It has also being the place where the Ming dynasty Great Wall began. And another highlight is called "Old Dragon's Head" where the wall itself meets the Pacific Ocean (at the Bohai Sea).

Features of Shanhaiguan Great Wall
The pass of Shanhaiguan is a square, with a perimeter of around 4 kilometers long. The wall stretches 26 kilometers (16 miles) long. The average height is 12 meters (39 feet), its width over 10 meters (33 feet). The east, south and north sides are surrounded by a deep, wide moat.

Shanhaiguan Great WallShanhaiguan Connect with Sea

Originally all four sides of Shanhaiguan had a gate include Zhendong in the east, Ying'en in the west, Wangyang in the south and Weiyuan in the north. Due to disrepair over the centuries, only Zhendong gate still remains today. Zhendong Gate is the most important gate in Shanhaiguan due to its position, which faces outside the pass.

The scenery around Shanhaiguan Great Wall itself depends with the season. All year long is filled with beautiful views around. Shanhaiguan also has relatively convenient walking path, not too hard to hike it.

For you who want visit Shanhaiguan, you can only go up on the wall by buying a ticket for the First Pass under Heaven. If you love to see the Great Wall different view where it meets the sea (Bohai Sea) then come to Shanhaiguan Great Wall to enjoy it.

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