Short Trip to Enjoy Picturesque Guilin Highlights by Chamara Peiris


From this bus tour, we could have an interesting way to enjoy the best Guilin has offered. Guilin is famous for its breathtaking nature scenery, a home for plenty stunning iconic tourist attractions. We did mostly all travelers (tourists) come to Guilin must do. Explore Guilin famous destinations with one day group tour took us to visit Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill and Reed Flute Cave. Not without a reason Guilin is perceived as one of the most beautiful places in China. Right after Beijing, it is the second most visited travel destination and we can assure you that this picturesque region will take your breath away.

As Guilin has been famous for its tourism industry, the city offers wide ranges of accommodation with less crowded and nice atmosphere. First, Elephant Trunk Hill located in a park is the most representative icon of the city. A short trip to this site gave us a whole view of this huge karsts formation, shape like an elephant drinking water with its trunk. The arch that separates the trunk from the legs of the elephant is known as the Moon Water Cave, visitors can rent a boat visit it. In site, you can find several people offering you boat rides, pictures with traditional clothes, food, etc.

Elephant Trunk HillView of Elephant Trunk Hill from the Best Spot

Besides Elephant Trunk Hill, next in this Guilin day tour we also could visit another representative hill called Fubo Hill. There is a garden at the south foot of the Fubo Hill. The garden is a quite interesting place with full of bamboos, palm trees and flower. At the foot of Fubo Hill, we did visit a cave where we could see the Thousand Buddha Cave which boasts over 200 Buddha’s statues made during the Tang Dynasty.

Reed Flute CaveThis reflective pool in the heart of the cave makes for a breathtaking spectacle.

Then after Fubo Hill and Elephant Trunk Hill, here I keep the best at last. Reed Flue Cave is a brilliant and magnificent cave offers spectacular world of various stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations. Walking through along this 240-meter-long cave, you will amazed by its scenery. Illuminated by colored lighting, the fantastic spectacle is found in many variations of stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations in weird and wonderful shapes with different sizes. Tour guide took us to explore the cave for almost one hour. Pictures were hard to take but we keep give our best to capture it. All in all, it was great to see Guilin highlights within short time. It was very worthwhile for visit and best for its nature scenery.

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Explore Best China Karsts Landscapes in Guilin by Werner


A trip to Guilin was really memorable and enjoyable. We did enjoy the whole trip itinerary from the start till the end. Pick up and drop off service were so nice and accommodating too. Private tour is really suitable for us. I visited China with my families, in total of 6 people of us. First, we arrived at Beijing then transfer to Guilin by air. Arrived at the airport, the staff picked us up at the airport then transfer you the hotel that we booked by ourselves.

YangshuoLi River to Yangshuo Cruise Tour

The trip in Guilin took us to visit lots of interesting and famous landscapes around the city include a cruise to Yangshuo. The cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo along Li River was so relaxing and interesting. A short trip with lunch aboard, we would able to enjoy stunning views along the river. Clear and deep river, fresh air and luxury cruise facilities make our journey more comfortable and fun. We took lots of photos as memories although the sky was not clear enough but the panorama still the best.

A trip to Yangshuo, I personally think is the highlight of the tour. Wished could stay longer in that small town near Guilin. Interesting local custom, stunning natural landscapes, friendly local people, authentic daily life and many others aspect of Yangshuo attracts me to stay and explore more. Yangshuo is kind of a tourist town surrounded by beautiful karsts landscapes. The air still fresh, no pollution and the environment is also so peaceful, less crowded.

Reed Flute CaveBeautiful Reed Flute Cave

Come to Guilin I should recommend take the cruise to Yangshuo and stay longer there. Nice vacation that you could have there. Poorly, we only have limited time in China, so we can just stay in Guilin 2 days. But all that we had and experienced there are memorable and priceless. Besides visited Yangshuo, we also did enjoy the unique landscapes of Guilin. Tour guide transferred us to Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, and Fubo Hill. All of that attractions are offers incredible and breathtaking sceneries. Reed Flute Cave is a hilarious and huge cave with colorful LED lighting. It makes the stalagmites inside that cave colorful and more beautiful. My first experience saw that kind of cave.

At the end of the tour, we did feel satisfied about all the service and greatly thanks to all the staff who help us arranged this tour.

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