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Gubeikou Great Wall located in Miyun County, 140 kilometers away from downtown Beijing. It was first built in the Ming Dynasty 1368 and has become one of the most important fortress of the whole Great Wall without any repairs. It is one of the original Great Wall sections that always keep its structures without less renovation. It also has known as one of the Wild Great Wall sections which popular for its hiking activity.

Gubeikou Great WallGubeikou Great Wall

The main part of the Gubeikou Wall was first built in the Ming Dynasty 1368. It goes for over 20 kilometers and comprises of the four parts: Wohushan, Panlongshan, Jinshanling and Simatai.

Gubeikou Great Wall Condition
Gubeikou Great Wall stretches about 20 kilometers with 14 beacon towers. In total, it has 143 watchtowers with an average interval of 156 meters and the nearest two are only 30 meters apart. Each tower consists of two floors, six archways, and ten arched doors, allowing garrisoned soldiers to advance and retreat freely. From ancient times, Gubeikou has an important function as a road of strategic importance, connecting the southern and northern parts of the Yanshan Range. The highest point of Gubeikou is Wangjing Tower, 986 meters above sea level.

In Gubeikou, there are two main attraction called Wohushan Great Wall and Panlongshan Great Wall.

Wohushan Great Wall
Gubeikou Great WallWohushan Great Wall

Located in the western section of the Gubeikou Great Wall, Wohushan has a total length of 4.75 kilo meters. Wohu means 'Crouching Tiger' in English with its highest peak measures about 665 meters. Hiking to the peak of Wohushan Great Wall, visitors will see Wuling Mountain hidden in the clouds in the east, meandering Maliling in the west, Miyun reservoir in the south, and Tao Mountain in the north. There are also many historical sites near Wohushan Great Wall, for example, Linggong Temple, Taiping Temple, ect.

Panlongshan Great Wall
Gubeikou Great WallPanlongshan Great Wall

The Panlongshan or Coiling Dragon Mountain Great Wall lies between Jinshanling to the east and Gubeikou to the west. With a total length for about 13 kilometers, it has over 40 watch towers and the famous one called “General Tower. West of Wohushan Great Wall, it is located in the middle section of Gubeikou, where used as the most place of the historical wars took place.

A popular hiking trail is to hike from Gubeikou to Jinshanling. Enjoy the wonderful scenery and adventure original hiking trail of Great Wall.

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