Favorite and Complete Great Wall Excursion! by Fedora


Come to China will not complete if you are not visit Great Wall. With this 8 days Beijing Xian Shanghai tour, we not only had a chance to have a short excursion to Great Wall but also others favorite cities around China include Xian and Shanghai. We did visit lots of representative attractions in three favorite tourism cities of China.

I booked the tour online one week before my arrival in Beijing. Our first destination of course was Beijing, the capital city. In Beijing, yes for sure we did see lots of impressive historical sites include Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven etc. Our first trip to China and Great Wall is always everyone must!

We did visit the Wall on the weekday, yeah our guide said the Badaling on the weekend could be so crowded with visitors because it has located closest from the downtown. Our journey to Badaling was not too long, for less than 2 hours through the suburb outside city, we finally reached the Wall. Great Wall was interesting, huge and magnificent! I could not clearly describe what I felt when I am stand right on the foot of the Wall. It has become our priceless moment that I could not forget all of time.

Badaling Great WallShort Excursion to the Famous Badaling Great Wall

Lots of people come to Badaling but not too crowded I think. We could climb the Wall comfortable, without problems. Oh and we decided take the cable car to take us to the above of the Wall. The view from the cable car was amazing and worth to see. All was very green and stunning. Looked from above, Great Wall was like a small wall or path which encircle around the mountainous areas. We took many photos and joke around if we felt tired. Relax a bit and continue our way till our time was up. We had 2 hours to explore the Wall and should meet our guide in the foot of the Wall.

Badaling Great WallCable Car on Badaling

Besides Great Wall in Beijing, in Xian we also did visit another World Heritage Site and world famous historical sites, Terracotta Army. And at last in Shanghai, we could enjoy the modern city of China. The night view is the best and Yu garden was stunning! 8 days going so fast and very worth! All of my experiences were great! We love the itinerary and services! Thank you for all the staffs. 

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