A Trip Back to Nature to Guilin by Jennifer White


Actually, that was my first trip to Guilin. Last trip from Beijing, we decide to explore other famous cities like Guilin which famous for its nature landscapes while visiting China. There was an old Chinese saying "Guilin's has the best landscape in the world!" and heard from my best friend experience, it was a beautiful place. I had high hope for this.

Since we are unfamiliar with China and its domestic transportation, less English information then from Beijing we used the same local travel agency for visit Guilin. Based on my experience in Beijing which was good, so we believed great times also would happened when we were in Guilin. We pre-booked the tour in Beijing then got it easily by phone for more detail.

YangshuoYangshuo with River and Karst Hill as Background

So it was only a couple of hours flight from Beijing to Guilin. Since Guilin is famous for its Li river then we could not leave the city without a short trip along the river right? In fact, Li River so famous that if you are familiar with traditional Chinese paintings, you will find that many has used these mountains as subjects or backgrounds. So we did take the boat and enjoy the view along the river.

The 90 km journey from Guilin to Yangshuo took a good two and a half hours. The boat trip itself was quite pleasant, tour guide always guided us along the way and at the same time gave us a little explanation about the view. We had some camera were ready to capture amazing nature landscapes that we did see along the river. After a boat journey, we arrived at the dock where everyone got off. We arrived at Yangshuo, a small town nearby Guilin.

Yangshuo West Street West Street, Most Popular Street in Yangshuo

We walked through villages, along the rivers and everything we was look just perfect. This was what I always wanted to see, unspoiled landscape and locals. Although the weather was a bit cool but we enjoyed almost everything we did in Yangshuo within limited time. Really want to go back next time for spend and explore more in near future without join a local tour, just travel independently. I could image that Yangshuo was just THE place to see, whatever the weather. If I was summarized our Guilin tour, I would say a trip to Yangshuo by boat passed through Li River by far the most fun and scenic tour ever! Yangshuo has lived up to my expectations and more. Next trip, I would like hire a bike and cycle around, enjoy the beautiful backdrops and fields.

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Great Escape from Beijing to Guilin! by Stanley


Last weekend I escaped my worries for a while on a family trip to Guilin, somewhere I had never visited before. With this tour, we could have a nice and convenient tour from Beijing to Guilin. From the first start, the staff has picked us up right in front of our resident in Beijing then transferred us to Beijing Capital Airport for domestic flight to Guilin. On the first day, in the morning, we could directly visit Guilin famous attractions such as Elephant Trunk Hill and Reed Flute Cave. My first impression about Guilin as I exited the airport was that it reminds me of my hometown in back. There has fresh air, no pollution, great landscapes, more nature and extremely calm.

Reed Flute CaveOne of Our Great Shots in Reed Flute Cave

So, my trip began as we did visit Reed Flute Cave, first attraction that made me shocked. Not far enough from the city, we took about one hour tour explore the cave where we could see many beautiful stalagmites and stalactites equipped with an artificial lighting system. So beautiful indeed but it was so hard to capture it by camera, might be because of its lighting system. We should take some shoots first till we got the pictures that we want. Next stop is Elephant Trunk Hill which can be said is the symbol of tourism in Guilin. But for honest, I could not find something special with the stone, it is just about the stone which shapes like an elephant drinking water from the river. Unique form, but nothing more!

YangshuoBack to Nature, Back to Yangshuo in Guilin

And on the second day, last full day tour in Guilin, our guide took us for a visit to Yangshuo, small town near Guilin by ship. Cruising along Li River, have sightseeing in surroundings was relaxing. Great escape from the crowded city Beijing to the nature, I had a nice vacation. Yangshuo is a beautiful town surrounded by stunning karsts mountain landscapes. Very impressive! Tour guide brought us to visit many important spots in Yangshuo and explained everything interesting about the town. From her explanation, it makes me have some other plan for create our own trip privately to Yangshuo another time. Since I have a job in Beijing, so we have lots of time in China, we can travel Yangshuo again next vacation. Thank you for this organized trip, we enjoyed every detail of it from the beginning till the end of our holiday.

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