7 Days Interesting Ethnic Culture Travel by Maggie


Could not believe we took the tour to Yunnan province in China. 7 days tour explored the stunning and beautiful sceneries around Yunnan, Kaili, Rongjiang and many other ethnic villages around the area. We did see a lot of Chinese ethnic minority performances and we really loved it. I love our fresh experience to see such a great show and ancient architecture of the real ethnic villages of China. Well worth experience!

Right before we decided come to China for the third time, we booked the tour from our home. The service was so reliable and trustworthy. Lots of information we got only by asked the trip advisor via email. My family and I, we were really excited even before the trip began.

Kunming Stone ForestStone Forest in Kunming

From Beijing, we took our flight to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan. The trip began when we arrived at Kunming. Lots of nature attractions we did visit after that, including Stone Forest. Stone Forest is a big complex where large numbers of stone with different sizes and shapes stands become a forest. From far away, we could enjoy its majestic and gigantic stones complex. That was really breathtaking!

Not only that, after the visit to the famous Stone Forest, we continued our travel to admire some Chinese ancient villages around. In ancient villages of China, we did see authentic buildings architecture as well as learn local people culture and customs. Very interesting knowledge and fresh things to know.

Kunming Stone ForestExcellent Minority Performance

Different from last time we had come to China when visit Shanghai or Beijing, big cities in China, this time, the trip that we had more like brought us to some deep place of China. We saw lots of nature scenery, less touch of modern buildings or even car, without pollution and less visitors. It was a really nice place to have a great vacation from modern aspect of the world.

At the end of the tour, we visited Tangan Dong Village to see a nice view of terraced paddies. We hiked up to the mountain till could see the best view of large rice paddies areas. Interesting trip that we could not believed we could make it. I would recommend the trip to everyone who want experience and admire remote places around China, especially in Guizhou or Yunnan. Great service and tour agency with breathtaking destinations. Excellent!

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