A Nice Excursion from Big City to the Grassland by Kevin


It was not my first time come to China, I had already visit Beijing for more than 3 times. That time, last month, I did come again to China but this time together with my family, two kids, and two adult and two elder. In total of 6 people of us, we visited Beijing and the air was so humid and hot. So because of that, I decided to escape from the heat of Beijing top another place that cooler than the city. Got the travel agency from online then asked the trip advisor where can I go, then she suggested this tour for us.

Overall, that was our first experience stayed overnight right on the grassland at the local typical residence. That was very interesting night, little bit cold but memorable. Like stay under the sky and just right above a huge grassland. If I got the chance, I would like to accompany my friends to do it again. We did take horse for extra price and explored the main spots around the grassland at the day. It also a very nice feeling when I woke up at the morning in the grassland. Like we breathed only fresh air, with no pollution and just united with the nature. Glad because I joined the tour.

Xilamuren GrasslandXilamuren Grassland

And because it is a private tour then no other people could join our tour schedule. That was a nice pick since I imagined the whole tour could be not comfortable if we joined other visitors tour. Besides visit the famous Xilamuren grassland, we did also could enjoy the huge dry desert. Very different with grassland that was so green and nature, the desert was so dry. But both places have the same points which are really peaceful with fewer visitors and less crowd, the reasons I like the most of those places.

When arrived at the desert, we also could ride a camel which did bring us roamed around the desert for about half hours. We also wore special shoes to walk around the desert and took lots of interesting pictures. My young kids were so excited and happy. At the last of the tour, we had a chance to visit Genghis Khan Mausoleum, a famous mausoleum of one greatest warrior in the history. Everything was so organized from the beginning, a nice tour and well worth of money.

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