Start to Know Chinese History from Beijing by Miranda Porter


After a tour in Shanghai, it was the time for us moved to Beijing, other modern city of China where plenty of historical sites stand. So our tour in Beijing should need some period of time for explore all of them, at least longer than 3 days (time when I did stay in Shanghai). So, here we go, we did reserve 4 days Beijing tour from Shanghai, guaranteed all of the accommodation, transportation and schedule of the tour. All organized and went well.

So here I would like to share my experience while travelling Beijing. My decision to take this local tour was great. No hassle around and truly impressed with the service. We did visit almost all cultural and historical attractions including Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Hutong, etc. Of course hike on Great Wall was priceless experience for me, first time come to Beijing could not say it complete without hiking trip to Great Wall. But for me, personally I really like these two attractions among all, which are Forbidden City and Summer Palace.

Forbidden CityCrowded Forbidden City

Forbidden City was used as the imperial palace in Ming and Qing Dynasty of China, so because of that, it really has a significant place of historic importance. Here is the place where foreigners could find treasures of China. The palace which is more like than a city has even known as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world. Tour guide brought us to explore several important sites around the palace for about 2 hours. Actually, it was a really quick trip but we satisfied enough. Tour guide explained some stories behind while exploring.

I think a little bit boring travel Forbidden City with travel agency but however there are a positive and negative for choose a group tour. By travel independently, I might enjoy the detail of palace architecture more. Another place I like most is Summer Palace, is the largest former royal garden, and is extremely peaceful and charming.

Summer PalaceOne Cultural Relic inside Summer Palace

The photo above is one of my best photo when explore the garden. The garden was like a living place when summer comes in ancient times of China. Emperor and his family moved here and escape from summer heat, handled court business here. What a perfect garden! Filled of beautiful sceneries, garden, lake and cultural relics combined into a great best preserved classical Chinese garden.

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Short Wonderful Trip from Shanghai to Beijing by Christella


Hey guys, this was my first time visit Beijing, the capital city of China. My first time in Beijing with my family comes to China and I was very happy to have a nice and memorable trip in Beijing. What the most favorite thing we had in Beijing? For me, join a local trip in Beijing is an ideal choice. We did not only get impressive experience but also great service from each tour guide guided us during that time.

Mutianyu Great WallAutumn on Mutianyu Great Wall

From Shanghai, we got a flight ticket to Beijing then arrived at Beijing, we did see the tour staff who already waiting for us right at the exit gate of the airport. At that time, from the early morning, we did start our trip. A short excursion to the Great Wall surely was unforgettable and interesting. We did take a cable car ride to above on Mutianyu. For save energy and time, took the cable car was a nice option. Our guide gave us only 2 hours time to hike on Mutianyu. The view around Mutianyu was stunning and impressive. I could not believe how the ancient people of China could think about built this feature of Wall.

Forbidden CityLarge Courtyard of Forbidden City

Not only Great Wall, the highlight of our trip in Beijing from Shanghai I think when we were in Forbidden City. It was used as the living and administrative area of emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. As one of the World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO, Forbidden City offers a breathtaking ancient architectural style. From our guide, we could know that the palace was separated into two big parts of that including Inner Court and Outer Court. During the trip, our guide brought us to explore numerous important halls and buildings which hidden lots of stories and histories behind it. All of them were seriously impressive and had a remarkable historical importance for China.

Not only visited both of those famous places in Beijing, there we also could have a short visit to the large Tiananmen Square, learnt lot about sacrificial altar of Temple of Heaven, etc. From this tour, we got much from what I can imagined before, experience more than I thought, and saw lots of new things about China. Thank you for such an organized trip from Shanghai to Beijing which was really accommodating and priceless.

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