Short Break to Hong Kong after Tour in Beijing by Mitchela Finch


Hong Kong as everyone know is a year-round destination. But the best time for visit is from the end of September to early December, when the weather is warm, the air is relatively dry and it seldom rains. Different from me, because my family and I, we did our vacation to Beijing last month then we thought that was also a great opportunity to visit Hong Kong.

We got our flight which took about 3 hours from Beijing. Hong Kong again is very high rise but not as clean as Beijing and Shanghai. After a Beijing tour, we got a couple of days here to do some touristy things including strolling around the night market, visit the Peak, and did some fun activities.

Actually, we joined 2 days Hong Kong tour from China local travel agency same with the travel agency who helped us arranged our tour in Beijing. We did visit lots of iconic sites in this vibrant busy city including Stanley Market, Repulse Bay, Lantau Island, Aberdeen, Victoria Peak etc. But among all of them, my favorite is Victoria Peak.

AberdeenBig Fishing Village in Hong Kong, Aberdeen

In fact, the Peak can be said as the most famous tourist site. If you are visit Hong Kong then come to Victoria Peak is a must thing to do. Many will take the historic Peak Tram up Victoria Peak. The tram ride is breathtaking. As a must experience in Hong Kong, taking the historic train ride will put you in a time tunnel transferring you back into Hong Kong colonial times. Feel and imagine how it would have been to travel up The Peak more than 120 years ago by this engineering masterpiece. Because the Tram Peak, travelling up and down The Peak became more efficient and comfortable and as a nice side effect visitors could enjoy the remarkable and wonderful views while taking the Tram.

The PeakThe Victoria Peak, Hong Kong from Above

While taking the Tram, we passed many skyscrapers that seem so close together. The views from the top are breathtaking and you can see the whole of the city, the harbour and the other side of the island. All of the skyscrapers look more clearly from the top. Overall, all of sightseeings in Hong Kong were fabulous. I do really go back to Hong Kong next time, in nearly future for sure. I am looking forward to that time and will explore the city independently without travel agency help. It might happen because mostly people in Hong Kong can speak English, so it will be a nice and fun trip!

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Short Break to the Famous Lantau Island in Hong Kong by Belinda


A few weeks ago, I experienced Hong Kong for the first time, spending five days there on my way back home. For real, I just came back from my first trip to Beijing, in mainland China. Since, my mum wants to see China then I just loved accompanied her. And on our way back home, I was like to have a short trip to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is full with impressive and interesting place to visit. Lots of night markets, small shops, intriguing food (some more palatable than others), there were certainly thousands of industrious and friendly people, and boy, was there tropical humidity. The city is exhilarating to walk through and there are new and unusual things to see on every corner.

Victoria HarbourCapture the Yellow Duck on Victoria Harbour

When I was in Hong Kong, I did visit two big and famous attractions, one is Lantau Island and Victoria Harbor. Strolling around Victoria Harbor which located between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon was a great way to take a break from the intensity of the city. Another highlight is Lantau Island (largest island in Hong Kong) to visit Big Buddha and Polin Monastery. We took the MTR there, it is a very easy way to get the island just from Hong Kong. As one of the outlying islands Lantau is much greener and sparser than areas like Hong Kong island and Kowloon.

Buddha on Lantau IslandThe Big Buddha on Lantau Island

Big Buddha which has known as the Giant Buddha or Tiantan Buddha is the biggest Buddha statue on earth. The statue reaches more than 111 feet (34 meters) high, making it the world's largest seated, outdoor bronze Buddha. To reach the base part of Big Buddha statue, we should hike up about 260 stairs. After climbing on these stairs, I reached to a giant bronze statue of Buddha sitting on a lotus flower on the top of 3-platform altar. It depicts Sakyamuni who sits on a lotus pedestal in meditation position. The statue is named Tian Tan Buddha because its base is a model of the Altar of Heaven or Earthly Mount of Tian Tan, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The statue was so magnificent and majestic.

However, it is well worth climbing the 260 steps for a closer look at the statue and surrounding views, which was breathtaking for city visitors like us. Before back to Hong Kong, I did visit Po Lin Monastery which just situated across from the base of the statue. It is the centre for Buddhism in Hong Kong and of course the atmosphere was very sacred. Locals come to pray and burned incense everywhere around us. Overall, I just love my first visit experience to Hong Kong, especially visit Lantau Island.

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