What to Do in Yangshuo? by Sarah


Speak about Yangshuo, a small town located not far from Guilin, is a calm and peaceful place away from the noise and pollution of the city life. Surrounded by Li River, karst peak and mountain, this town has become more and more popular tourist destination in China. This article will let you know what Yangshuo has to offer for the visitors.

1. Rent a Bike Cycling Around Yangshuo
While travel Yangshuo, mostly visitors will have some interest for explore this small county. Rent bike is the best and popular option among tourists. By bike, visitors could discover some of the most dramatic Yangshuo scenery. It is an excellent way to get deep into the countryside and see a lot in a short space of time. With many choices of bike routes, visitors can choose their interest spot around Yangshuo. Get close with nature by exploring it from your bike.

2. Bamboo Rafting in Yulong River
Yangshuo Bamboo Rafting Along Yulong River

Yulong River is quiet and less crowded than Li River. Taking a bamboo raft ride is an excellent, relaxing way to take in the amazing views of the Yu Long (Dragon River) and watch the countryside just drift on by. There are different access points for rafting depending on how long you want to spend on the river. You can always negotiate the prices as particularly in high season, they are likely to be steeper. Here you can enjoy the stunning scenery and views of county life on a non-motorised raft, sitting and enjoying the peaceful countryside, of the beauty limestone mountain as well as its clear winding river.

3. Rock Climbing in Moon Hill
For visitors who love adventure then a rock climbing activity might be your interest here. Moon Hill is one of the most famous kart limestone formations in the world, ideal spot for rock climbing. Because of the diversity of peaks, climbers of all levels can practice their climbing skills here. If you are an absolute beginner or an expert climber looking to do some traditional climbing Yangshuo has it all. Yangshuo tour bring you to admire stunning views of Yangshuo as well as its rock climbing site.

4. Short Break to the West Street
Yangshuo Strolling around West Street, Yangshuo

The west street is the busiest and the most happening street in Yangshuo. Majority of hostels, hotels, cafes and bars owned locally or by foreign residents are located here. Visitors could wander around the street at night for enjoy exotic nightlife of Yangshuo. Apart from its café and bars, hundreds of shops with many amazing variety of local crafts, antiques and souvenirs also located here, make this street a shopping paradise. Mostly visitors also choose to stay overnight at nearby hotel for convenience.

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Picturesque Yangshuo in Guilin by Tina


Guilin is famous for its karsts mountains, hills and caves and the trip will not be completed without joining the boat trip to Yangshuo, a small town which located close from Guilin.

Short Introduction about Yangshuo
YangshuoPicturesque Scenery in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a popular tourist city which located near from Guilin. The city is surrounded by karst mountains, winding rivers and beautiful scenery. Not only popular for its karsts peaks, Yangshuo is also well known for the beauty of its rivers, caves, and temples as well as its laid back cafes and bars. Many highlight you should visit when you come to Yangshuo includes Moon Hill (favorite for its hiking activity), West Street (popular tourist street), Xingping Village and Yulong River (bamboo rafting) and others.

The main reason why Yangshuo can be so famous among tourists is because this small city has offers variety of leisure and entertainment activity include explore the local countryside by bike, try the world class rock-climbing sites or take a bamboo raft down the river around.

Tourists are not only able to enjoy beautiful sceneries but also can breathe fresh air, escape from the crowded city and find peaceful environment by roaming the village.

Transportation to Yangshuo
YangshuoBamboo Raft along Yangshuo

As Yangshuo has no railway stations or airports, the whole visitors should have a visit to Guilin and then depart from there to Yangshuo.
By Bus:
There are frequent minibuses and express buses from Guilin to Yangshuo. Minibuses depart from the square in front of the Guilin railway station (80-90 minutes, 18 RMB). Express buses depart every half hour from the Guilin bus terminal off Zhongshan Zhong Lu (90 minutes, 20 RMB).
By Boat:
Mostly all visitors will take a boat trip from Guilin to Yangshuo. Many local travel agencies could prepare the trip for you. You will travel down the Li River and then enjoy the scenic landscapes along the way before reach Yangshuo.

Get Around the Village
YangshuoStreet in the Town of Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a small place. The town can easily be covered on foot in just about half an hour.
Besides that, visitors also can rent the bike which is become the popular choice among foreigners. It is very safety and fun.

In additional, the village has over 50 battery-storage cars serving as its public buses. They are clean, comfortable, free of pollution and quite cheap. It shuttle around explore the small town bring you to favorite parts of Yangshuo.

Come to Yangshuo, you should not worry too much. Discover the charm of this small town which will give you fabulous experience.

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